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Address changes the typical www...


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It comes from a sub'domain of the main domain.


Are WWW1 websites safe?
The number indicates that the data your web browser is accessing is being sent from a different webserver than the one serving the main WWW domain. These kinds of subdomains are often used for secure webpages, which is why you'll see it more often on internet banking than anywhere else.


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On 1/15/2023 at 1:07 AM, Externet said:

Good day.

Trying to visit a website typing only the domain and .com;  the address appears as ww12. ------ domain.com and shows blank contents.

What is happening ?  Seen before a ww1 long ago but was able to access it.

Some scripts check if you are entering from the correct referrer and if not, do not allow you to view the content.

Some scripts check whether the user is logged in (i.e. typically proper cookies must be sent).

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