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I can my self move any megalithic stone on hundreds of tons with physics


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On 7/1/2022 at 12:21 PM, J.C.MacSwell said:

Can you now understand why it does not follow that "500 kg of mercury (a little less than 100L) will not float anything over 500 kg"?

Edit: I missed the double-negative and only now see I'm agreeing with you, but I can't find where/if the statement you're quoting was resolved in this thread...

How can you one possibly think that it follows, when you can do experiments in the kitchen sink with water and glasses that show that it's complete nonsense?

You're Others are forgetting (but it looks like mistermack pointed it out long ago) that the space displaced by the mass that you're floating, does not need to be filled with mercury! So for example, say you have 700 kg of mercury in a container, filled right to the top, and you put in a 600 kg weight and it floats, displacing 600 kg of mercury. This is acceptable, agreed? However, the 600 kg of mercury has spilled over the top, so now you have a 600 kg weight floating on 100 kg of mercury, in the space that can hold 700 kg of mercury.

Having tight seals or an "already floating" mass doesn't matter. If you have a stone sitting in a container that is just a little larger than the stone, you can float it using as little mercury as it takes to fill up the space not taken up by the stone.

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14 hours ago, J.C.MacSwell said:

Rocks were much newer back then. A new ton could readily be moved with 102 gram force.

Plus one, more for the brave attempt than the result.  With puns, an ounce of prevention is worth 4.45 newtons of cure.

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Unfortunately, this weakens the idea of moving rocks with mercury, because it provides an alternative explanation for traces of mercury being found. There's no doubt that liquid mercury thousands of years ago would have seemed highly magical to anybody who came across it, and it wouldn't be hard for the reigious con-men of the day to weave stories around it.

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