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Is this some organism ? In urine, 400 and 1000 magnification

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1 hour ago, Qwerty2022 said:

Does no one else have an opinion or is 'it's a pube' the consensus ? lol

It could be a uric acid crystal. Here's a picture I found of some on the internet:



To me, your picture does not look biological, but more likely chemical. But I am prejudiced, of course.😀

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Without a good indication of scale, it's very hard to identify things.

(I know you say 400 and 1000 magnification, but is that on my phone or on my widescreen telly?)

Comparison with a hair at the same magnification might be informative.


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Definitely not helminth, given the size.  Given the segmentation in the closer image, I have doubts about the uric acid crystals theory.  If it's a fiber, I would lean towards something that got into the clothing and transferred to the outlet opening.  It's not cotton, though.   Might be worth checking micro images of mineral wool (fiberglass, in the US) or other sorts of batt insulation, if the donor was working around a building site, that kind of thing.

Might be a help if @Qwerty2022 could update with a little more info on the pee source.

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As a former medical technologist, I don’t recognize the structure as any of the usual crystals or hyaline casts found in urine and it doesn’t look microbial. Unless there are more similar structures, I would guess it is a bit of foreign material that drifted into the sample. Technically known as microscopic junk.


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