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  1. The auto parts should have an additive more viscous than water with available data, which you could dilute, also available pre-mixed.
  2. It is the issue, because that's where I'm drawing the analogy. I recognize you disagree. The monies were not disclosed for their actual purpose, they were screened as legal fees. So far, the go-between in an extortion scheme and the deceptive reporter have been found in the wrong. I do not know about Cohen's case and yes I'm pleading ignorance. I'm not drawing an analogy between the Cohen and the Clinton campaign cases I'm drawing an analogy between Clinton's campaign paying Fusion GPS and Trump paying Stormy Daniels, obscuring what they were doing by vaguely billing legal fees--paying "fixers". I think Barr was giving his opinion, and the result of Mueller's report, despite his opinions, was no actionable fault finding. So I agree with Barr's opinion.
  3. What I'm arguing is that the research too was paid for using lawyers as a screen to pay a private company for campaign adjacent activities. It was improperly described precisely because they wanted what was oppo research to appear independent. The hush money was not disclosed because that's the point there, being extorted by two parties to silence their disclosures. Neither one was disclosed and both involved lawyers's fees as fronts to hide payments. So a smidgen more transparency with HC, it having been tied in and reported as part of the campaign's finances, whereas the two pay-outs for DT were mocked up as business deals--it being a campaign finance violation apparently is not sticking, as the charges are for fraudulent business practices. Some similarity if not entirely analogous. More to develop, thought, and from the AP article there is money going back and forth between Cohen and the Trump organization, which may muddy the waters. Apparently Judge Walton made those statements because he was in the dark--he didn't think Barr could say what he did without having read the whole thing himself, which seems fair. The reporting here says that the portions that remained redacted, after having reviewed the whole report, were sections on people being investigated for false statements who hadn't done such, i.e. they were slandered at some point in.. whatever it was the Mueller probe was based on. Walton may've claimed that before he hadn't read the report, but that claim seems to have fizzled over time and by my read Barr was correct. That last bolded paragraph statement by Walton doesn't make a lot of sense--it's from the same 23-page order where he requested the unredacted report, and yet he's already claiming the redacted material is contrary to Barr's statements? Walton's claim fizzled out.
  4. I heard there was a Federal attorney who resigned in Georgia rather than be strongarmed by what FPOTUS or his team were asking. And there was a call to Raffensberger IIRC trying to coerce votes or not certify the election.. Sorry, yeah I ought to read more on this. Again, if that issue with showing classified documents to donors or foreign nationals is real, that seems like the potential nail in the coffin.
  5. Perhaps set new account registering pending approval. Maybe have some questions about science interests to screen for a human-esque reply. I don't think the forum is really burgeoning with new registrations(?), so it might be less work to approve members one by one if the spamming continues to be a problem.
  6. Trump's lawyer used an LLC to make the payment, Clinton paid Perkins Coie to pay Fusion GPS. I don't know the details on what Cohen's said, so I don't see how it's related to campaign finance at this point, unless this business fraud is somehow tied together with campaign funds.
  7. I don't recall Barr going out of his way to help Trump, but I don't have all those details. The DOJ has a lot of hands, some of them are busy continuing to shield likely Federal incitement of Jan. 6th, and 'deleting' communications about destroying evidence and violating client-attorney privilege by 'hiding' columns in spreadsheets, with said criminal evidence handed from prosecutors to defense then appallingly barred from admission save for one iota. The hush money payment looks analogous to the misdemeanor crime H.R. Clinton had to pay a fine on for financing the Steele Dossier. So you think that'll be RICO-federal, or a GBI case? It looks like all 34 New York charges are on falsifying business records, and were bumped to felonies for being done in context of another crime. Unclear what that other crime is yet. DOJ pursuing Federal obstruction of justice charges related to non-compliance with document recovery at Mar-A-Lago. I'll have to look around for info on showing off secret documents to foreigners, that is a bombshell if true. Still unclear what other crime New York is claiming bumps the counts up to Class E felonies. From what's been disclosed, I don't even think this is couched as an election law violation, rather fraudulent business practices. It occurred to me that swansont and Phi For All are probably enjoying such soft targets here on the board. I thought it was showing documents to foreigners, but like I said I'll have to look into that, I'm not familiar with that. I have read that they are pursuing obstruction of justice charges for how the document recovery was handled.
  8. Bravo, +1. T. gondii is also notable for changing behavior of the host. Infected mice will make themselves vulnerable to predation by cats. Infected humans have behavioral and psychological symptoms. And, A brain parasite is making wolves into pack leaders, scientists say. Effects of Toxoplasmosis on human behavior Toxoplasmosis and behavioural changes Though contact with an infected cat's feces is a risk factor, infection is more likely transmitted by consuming undercooked meat or soil exposure, according to this study: Sources of toxoplasma infection in pregnant women: European multicentre case-control study
  9. Should be interesting. As far as I know, the Stormy Daniel's payoff may've involved moving campaign contribution money, hence should've been picked up and run by Federal attorneys. Wtih capabilities to indict a ham sandwich, a narcissistic Orangutan should've been duck soup. What this case is doing filed in New York looks like wait and see material. Hopefully soon. If they don't have it nailed down, it's a 'Uge nothing-burger', and he walks without time, I think it's a huge mistake.
  10. I don't know. What is phylogenetically older than bacteria? *uncited references
  11. Upon review I concur with the latter part of your statement that there was little or no accumulation of gasesous forms of molecular oxygen in the early atmosphere. I meant transmutation, having read your statement to say there was no oxygen, but you didn't say that. I have been trying to maintain this as an homework exercise, so I'll restate my point in disagreement with your cited premise that there are bacteria, which likely predate cyanobacteria, that can use another electron acceptor to respire anaerobically.
  12. I am not up on this thread, and if the discussion has gone towards sourcing materials locally I suppose that's what you're saying? Boron, California mine operations I think there is another large natural deposit in Turkey.
  13. 6.5% interest rate should be in red with blood dripping off it for effect. As far as I know, the Magician is involved when the mortgage (dead-hand) is created: the bank creates a fictitious deposit as an "escrow", then you service that "loan" with interest; though I don't actually know about "escrow". "Have you seen the cat?" is an old slogan from Georgism or "Geoism"--the question about who owns the land. From wiki, Maybe I brought my own axe to grind here, but I think what he's talking about is how gonzo the real estate market is, and I think the reason it is so is because speculative capital can and is leveraged or created to "purchase" land or dwellings that are then rented in a fashion that is inherently unfair, largely unexamined, and profitable to some. I think the "rentier class" should have their rent incomes taxed differently, and from what I understand that alone could serve to finance government and simplify the tax code. No sage answer, but financial literacy seems a must. Avoid debt, unless it's taken on to finance what becomes an income stream? Though that would incude the kind of rentier capitalism I'm talking about under the current state of affairs; maybe refuse that on principle.
  14. Yes, reproductive fitness, which AFAIK was the only show in town there. Though "making poop" could be supposed to be the purpose of organism as much as reproduction. As it stands I will stop shit-posting, or coming up like a fish out of water for off-topic debate; though I do appreciate the work-up and perspective!
  15. If it reaches phenotypic expression I infer the mutation in question was in a gene coding for a protein. How could any difference in phenotype be neutral to fitness?
  16. Thank you to you and mistermack, I do need a refresher course. Genetic draft it seems is hitchhiking--along a selection sweep that is carrying a beneficial allele to expression frequency of 1? Genetic drift is an accounting for some randomness in allele distribution, but I still think it can be thought that the alleles in question arose and persisted because they were beneficial under the rubric of evolution? I think we would agree the question here makes assumptions. I would posit it'd be equally flawed to discount panspermia and Lamarckian inheritance of ruggedness from space microbes. However, I recognize that those, and catastrophism (as opposed to the gradualism that studiot alludes to) are not thought of as the "best opinions so far from the people who are currently most informed". Are you implying biological transmutation? Tip o' the cap to Ringer and his 'bumbling' assistant's 'solution'. To try and get back on track, though of course studiot is on track, because of what I think the question is asking after, there is a reason I did not put it as CHNOPS. +4
  17. I disagree that the question is flawed. First, are you positing spontaneous generation? Second, "once evolution starts", it enitrely conserves forms with alterations on prior template only arising through advantageous mutation, as I understand that theory. Third, what is the theory regarding "life" as something other than a cellular from, and could you provide a link to information about that?
  18. Thanks, but that is the famously well-received paper by Yitang Zhang, which earned him a university position: Unheralded Mathematician Bridges the Prime Gap . See here for a new recent result from Zhang, Mathematician who solved prime-number riddle claims new breakthrough: He is Chinese-American. Whoever was mentioned as an Indian mathematician publishing on Riemann's hypothesis ca. 2013 is likely someone else--I may have to investigate what you're pointing to in the podcast to find out.
  19. The square root may be considered a multivalued function. Example 1: a=-2 a2=+4 Example 2: a=+2 a2=4 The square operation should be applied first once a number is input to evaluate the expression. In distinction from the algebra convention when solving for variables where the power is simply removed. Squaring of course gives a positive value. Once the square root is applied, plus/minus is appended in front of the operator, for the equivalent reason absolute value is used here. ; because there is ambiguity (multi-value) output from the square root... relation. Nothing in the question remarked about limiting the domain of input or codomain of output to ensure a single-valued function.
  20. Hi Trurl, I found this slideshow presentation informative Prime numbers and the Riemann zeta function, Carl Wang-Erickson, Nov. 12, 2019: There is some difficult math, but if you go through the presentation I think it can clear up how the Riemann hypothesis points at a pattern in prime number's average, logarithmic distribution. I would like you to describe that to me. I think of the argument (angle) for a complex number as rotating around. Can you refer me to that document or paper, please? I haven't gone through links or the paper you've provided, and I don't much understand the odometer question, but I read you're working at cryptography applications, so I'll think about it.
  21. I see splodge was banned as sockpuppet of JustJoe, but this mention opens up a line for investigation. The Moon and the Magnetotail, NASA.gov: emphasis added.
  22. The issue with post numbering--there was a thread where you, Genady, and some others were discussing how you can put links to specific posts within threads inside a reply as a way to refer back to prior material. Discussion there about the issue with posts not being numbered, and you mentioned someone else had tried to explain it to you. This should probably be PM material, but, anyway, did you get around to where you can identify specific posts by their forum-wide post number? You can see that number is contained within a URL/web address that is attached to each post?? The time stamp at the top of a post is a hot-link on my computer. If you copy the link address and paste it the post number will be displayed. Other than that just saying thanks for reading and participating in my rambling speculation here.
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