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Well who'd a thought...


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"The wavefunction of the universe" ??? ... Please.
All models have a range of applicability.

Two people I have had great respect for, on this forum, Dr. Rocket and AJB, agree with Dr. Swanson ( whom I also respect greatly ).
Brian Cox's first reply included a pitch for his book.
Don't need to say more about where priorities lie.

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42 minutes ago, Holmes said:

Please delete my account, this is quite ridiculous.


This is how Tom Swanson conducts himself in public, apparently Prof. Brian Cox if full of XXXX



Just scroll down to see Cox's own responses to Swanson's waffle, e.g.


It seems that if you want to make a Grand Trampling Exit (for the second time now, is it?) , you have to do it without help. 

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