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Barriers to equal opportunity in education

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1 hour ago, naitche said:


By reducing obstacles to qualification in Education.

Not by singling out who should benefit more based on characterisations of their diverse conditions.

That redistributes the obstacles, with out understanding the effects that might have, but doesn't create any greater potential for humanity as a whole.

You are not qualifying Equality. You are qualifying more Humans, for education.Their equality doesn't come into it. Thats assumed.

Some time's, more words explain less... 🤔

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  • 2 weeks later...

The language behind Critical Race Theory  tells us that characterisations of human conditions are essential for equality. We must be responsible for actively upholding that ideal in all facets of our lives.

Refusing space, standing or recognition of value to those who refuse to recognise in-equality. Characterising that as a 'set apart' from Human values on the basis of racism or bigotry, in  broad terms that affect every area of our lives..

That assigns a negative or contrary value to a broad range of people who may display 'Characteristics' 

Language is altered to reflect the new definition of bigotry more accurately. And allows its perpetration on the 'set apart' to enforce conformity. Assigning a negative or contrary value to broad range of the population based on characterisations.

It looks to me this allows  the idea of a biological space, and prediction based on mathematical laws. Equality comes at the expense of diversity. Diversity is our environment.

You reduce environment and keep dong that as long as you try to measure its value by its diversity, rather than its fitness for purpose.

It creates belief that clouds reason and an enemy of humanity if we look to discredit its parts.  When we could contribute to them instead.

Alter perspectives,  instead of removing their positions in space.



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