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Well, I emailed CERN


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1 hour ago, thethinkertank said:

If you conscientously perused my journey from lepton through quark to inglorious meson you will have availed yourself of the disposition of the pitfalls and perils that besought me at every corner and the steps I took to overcome them.



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You’ve been here what? 3 days? You’ve posted nothing but unabated nonsense, and you refuse to accept that maybe your ideas are not scientifically sound. Your grand proposal is to pump a gas into salt water to solve global warming. How do you propose it stays there? It won’t all turn into carbonate salts. And do you really think that destroying entire ecosystems is a good solution?

You need to put at least a little thought into your posts, and a good deal more into your ideas. I am closing this thread since you have virtually nothing to support your hypothesis and you refuse to do anything to change that. You may not reintroduce this topic on this forum. 

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