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Christians disprove Christianity+Gut instinct as a valid scientific proof.

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Christians disprove their own religion. The Bible says that Heaven is infinitely better than Earth and that Earth is miserable suffering. Shouldn't all Christians want to get to Heaven the promised land? There are some rules though: A christian may not commit suicide or it will go to hell. A christian may not murder another christian to send them to heaven, because murder is a sin, and if they commit a murder, but die before God forgives them, they can go to hell.


But there are some options. Christians could be firefighters, and that would increase their chances of death, as well as give them good God points for saving them from fire. Or Christians could go to God-hating countries and teach Christianity. Or christians could take high-risk dangerous and deadly jobs. For instance, Christians could get a job clearing land-mines for third-world countries, to save the children. This would be a godly cause, as well as increase the chance of them going into heaven.


So...why are there are not Christians in lines competing trying to get the riskiest, most deadly jobs? (Being a soldier doesnt count, it violates the Bible law of do not kill.) Well the answer is simple...Christians are life-lovers. They do not, deep down, want to die...And why do they deep-down...not want to die?...Well it is because...deep down...they do not believe Heaven is real...Gut instinct. Get to know some Christians...you will find out the obvious...that they are death-fearing people....But if someone really believed in Heaven...they'd be fearless, like Eval Kaneval...they'd have no attachment to this world. Christians tend to be very attached to this world.


Now, the second part of my argument is to explain how Gut-Instinct can be used as a scientific way to validate something. Lets take the equation c=3-1...You know c=2. Why...? How do you "know" c=2??? Because our consciousness is actually located in two regions at once...When we see c=2 we aren't conscious of c=3-1...even though we were conscious of c=3-1 a few seconds ago...It is still active in our subconscious somewhere. I mean, when you say the words "C equals three minus 1...C equals two" You cannot possibly say, or think, both phrases at the same time. But you are still conscious that they are the same phrase...because either your consciousness extends in two temporal regions (present and past) at once, or two brain regions at once (subconscious and conscious) but I say it is a mix of both.


Now here is a thought experiment that will revolutionize how you think about Time. The question is...How do you know you are not stuck in a time-loop, repeating the same day over and over again? I mean, you'd have no way of knowing, because you'd have a long stretch of memories...leading up to that day, but no future memories, to tell you otherwise...It would...feel like a brand new day...Everytime...But yet...we know we are not in a time-loop...I mean we know it...We must have some kind of subconscious, 6th sense of the future...it really is the only explanation...And that is how we know to a certainty, that we are not time-looping...you get it? And this is another example of gut-instinct heroically saving us from paradox.




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Since this seems to be primarily an ill-informed attack on Christians and Christianity, in violation of rule 2.1, I am closing it pending review to see if other mods see any redeeming qualities that I am missing.

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