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  1. ' I'm going to make French Bread today for a change!'

    Creates an unholy abomination..

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    2. geordief


      My last one was 3/4  whole rye and 1/4 white spelt

      I put a little oil in the mix and some poppy seeds top and bottom.

      Rose quite nicely  and the oil made the crust less dry.

      Have made bread every day or so for the past 40 years or so🙂

    3. Endy0816


      Will have to try :)

    4. geordief


      Yes ,with rye I think  you have to   add enough strong flour (ie make up for the missing gluten in rye) to get it to rise enough to get you a light loaf

      Otherwise ,you could try a very long ,low temperature bake to give you a pure rye but very heavy loaf.

      I think caraway seeds might be traditional with rye


      I have only just started adding oil to the mix...makes for a different kind of a crust


      Have never tried baking bread with baking powder instead of yeast but you could try that too .





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