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  1. More odd-shaped rocks that look like something when viewed from afar. Lets pretend that its aliens that shaped the rock/structure and that they are grays and they have fleets of spaceships ready to invade somewhere like, ummm, can't think of a place, oh, yes I can, they are going to invade EARTH! And, we must get ready to receive our new overlords and to work in mines to mine diamonds for them.
  2. Many animals are sensitive to infrasound. Elephants can hear it and they can also feel infrasonic events through their very big feet. Tidal waves (tsunami is not the right word - it means 'harbor wave') produce infrasound (IS) in huge volumes and the IS continues ahead of the tidal wave in the air and under water. Many animals would hear the IS and realize a big frightening event is approaching from the sea, so they'd naturally run from it and that means going inland away from the danger so making safe many animals but the humans would be quite mystified I suppose. Many animals also sense magnetic fields, electric fields and ultrasound. Although I believe humans are able to sense magnetic fields too in the same way that birds do but 99% of us never know or use this. Some people think that there is something 'mystical' about animals sensing tidal waves or there is a 'sixth sense' thing going on. Nothing of the kind. I've been thinking about a simple and cheap way to detect tidal waves and I think I have a method, but cannot try it yet.
  3. It's a good idea. Let us hope it is actually effective in use. Genetically modifying foods can be done in a huge variety of ways and although the greeny-nutter tree-hugging crowd will claim we'll all have three eyes etc., no harm can come of modified foods.
  4. Silkworm is the one who is being petty and being extreme about it. As for Mel Gibson, the topic of this thread. Who cares really what he said about jews. Jews are constantly attacking everybody else, especially Christians but suddenly someone speaks out about jewish attitudes and the jews go ape about it... Ok, so what? Go Mel, you let it all hang out. Ignore the petty twits and go for it.
  5. Get some peltier effect devices. Connected to 12 volts they will cool (or heat) depending on which direction you pass electrical current. You'll need a fan to blow the heat away from the other side of the peltier device. You can easily mount a couple in an insulated box and if you wanted to go real hi-tech you could organise a temperature controller using a simple 555 timer chip and a couple of MOSFET's. Do you sell the plants? What is the value of such plants in the market place?
  6. Thanks lads for your assistance. The blimp is for aerial photography (AP). It's just a modest sized blimp for sailing around during the day to take pics of real estate. It doesn't need to be 15 metres for AP but I intend to put it to other uses. Thanks JCM for that equation... got the equation somewhere in metric too?
  7. I'm designing a blimp - a non-rigid, helium filled airship of about 15 metres (45 feet). Diameter about 3 metres (9 feet). I'd like to know what drag the blimp will produce so I can select the motor sizes and consequently battery sizes - all of which reflects into the payload ability. How can I calculate the drag? I know that it is largely done experimentally using a wind tunnel, but what is the draq equation that I am to begin with? What is a good way to measure drag in a wind tunnel?
  8. All you need is a spring loaded push rod to raise the scoop. You can organize the scoop's push rod to be released with a speed sensor either collected from the speedo or from the wheel sensors. When the pulses rise to a certain frequency the spring loaded push rod is released. To translate pulses (speed) to a suitable output for activating a push rod you could use a simple 555 timer chip (30c) and a few other bits of electronics. See one of your electronics friends for the electronics side of things.
  9. scicop has got it right... patents = lawyers because if you have a patent that is worth anything then someone will steal it and that's when you need the lawyer. If you have an invention, then keep it quiet until you have it patented.
  10. Just a few thousand people would be nice. The planet would be pristine. The worst polluters aren't the biggest consumers, it's the Asians who pollute most. China's waterways and aquifers are mostly polluted, the air is a nasty mess and with 200 million unemployed crime is rampant.
  11. m4rc... very nicely done with your statistics on sea rise.
  12. Gyros have been used to maintain stability in aerial vehicles for many years. Most often they have a rate detector attached which measures rate of rotaton of the gyro body about an axis and that rate data is sent to a navigation computer, always in 3 axis'. But you want to use a gyro and force-turn it's body to bring about a turn in the aerial vehicle. I seem to recall that this was done during WW2 by the Germans for some of their guided rockets. A sensor was attached to a motor which forced the gyro to a new position. The sensor was heat seeking. But the gyro was quite heavy and required quite a bit of electrical energy to run up to speed - about 50,000 RPM.
  13. You could try going to the www.WeDon'tUseAnyThingForEvil.com website
  14. That's nicely thought out Externet and should work to reduce the noise level somewhat. Lengthening each pipe and placing heat absorbing material inside will reduce the final gas temperature and reduce the noise as a result.
  15. Well, you can use a mousetrap to catch a mouse, then train the mouse to crank a propeller and steer an aeroplane. Next inane question please!
  16. Data is passed in 'packets'. Each packet has an identifier and a start and stop portion to the packet. Recievers know when a packet starts and stops and whose it is from the identifier. When a microprocessor recieves data (or instructions) it arrives at specific times identifed by the 'clock' and in specific sequences. The processor knows which is data and which is instructions, because the previous instruction told it what to expect next. A microprocessor is essentially an extremely fast adder/subtractor and data mover. If you study one of the more simple microprocessors like PIC you'll get an understanding of how a microprocessor works. Wikipedia is good for learning the basics. Try there.
  17. Here's 20-Sim's website if you are interested. There's a free download there too. Can't remember the price, but it's a nice bit of software. It does control systems too. http://www.20sim.com Thanks all for your assistance on this. I'll check out your suggestion engware, thanks.
  18. By the way, abortion means this: The baby's arms are first severed and withdrawn from the womb, then the legs are cut off and then withdrawn, the head is cut off and withdrawn, the trunk is now small enough to be withdrawn. Each of the 'pieces' are dropped into a bucket and the doctor pays a business to dispose of the remains of the baby.
  19. If a child is concieved either through rape or in the natural way why would the child want to be murdered? Thank goodness your mother did not abort you. You are here with us. Most people do not consider what the child would want. The child would naturally want to continue it's existence and be born and become like us. But some mothers want to kill and they find every reason to do so. If, unfortunately, a child is conceived through rape, allow it to be born, and give it the usual love and care and maybe it could be adopted to alleviate the pain that the mother might feel in the presence of the child. In any case, who amongst us, the living, has the right to say that a mother should kill. A child has the right to be born. Allow this.
  20. Power supplies are expensive to home-build. Just buy one. They are only $100 for what you want. Components (if you build your own) will cost you that, at least. As a rough rule, for each watt of a power supply expect to pay retail about $1 to $2, depending on quality of build and accessories (like a built-in voltmeter).
  21. I am an electronics engineer and author. I am very scientific and logical in my methods but I experience 'synchronicity' quite often. It's bizarre at times. I won't go into detail here but there is something going on. I have never bothered to conduct any investigation of it. Some events are quite odd, all are 'protecting', some don't seem to have any use at all other than simply alerting me to new ideas. I really can't explain it, nor will I try. Also, apart from a few friends, I never normally speak about this. If anyone wants to know about my experiences then just message me and I may tell. But I am really sure that there are odd things out there. Sunspot produces nice insights. His/her attitude is a good one and explores in a few words many ideas.
  22. Thanks lads. I'll check out sourceforge. I have been trying 20-sim which does electrical, mechanical and hydraulic sims, but cannot find anything else that does all three. I already use Protel for electronics simulation.
  23. Does anyone know what is good in simulation software? I'm looking for something that will model electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems.
  24. Data 1's and 0's which is binary arithmetic, are stored on a rotating disk using a magnetic 'head' which writes magnetic domains to the disk. It's all done with high speed and high density so that thousands of megabytes can be stored on a hard drive that may contain only 2 disks and therefore 4 surfaces.
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