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  1. the electronic signal would be fairly easy when you stop to think about it. it could be run like some of the cars these days. they use magnetic sensors to measure the speed. sheet medal and paint is easy. i was thinking of hiding it behind the grill but with the performance oriented motor im going to need all the air i can get to it. i think getting it close to the windsheild is a good idea but now that im thinking about it it would be kinda cool to make the pnumatic raising hood scoop. even if i had to go against the idea of using speed to lift it. all else fails i do a quick job using servos and a few small motors.
  2. 351w. biggest small block ford.
  3. shouldnt if the scoop fits around the air cleaner. scoop will stop when it hits the hood. like that idea may work
  4. any recommendations as to how to go about that?
  5. this is a simply odd question that with my knowledge i dont have the proper answer for. my project is for a 69.5 ford maverick. what i would like to do is to mount a hood scoop that will sit beneath the hood until the speed begins to accelerate at which time the scoop will begin to rise out of the hood. i was thinking using the air flow to regulate the height but i am unsure of what i would need to do this. i would much appreciate the help.
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