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  1. Those Foolish colonials. They are hopeless without someone to look after them. Mmmmm. Yak knob.
  2. 1) Are you participating because you have suffered from stress? 2) What is the subject of the show, I'm assuming it's not as vauge as just 'Stress'? 3) What are you hoping to gain from participating?
  3. Con - No more games. Pro - You can do more work. Con - What's that button do? Oh, sweet jesus, no! Pro - Geeky Con - Geeky
  4. Does the US actually produce tea, or just import and blend?
  5. Electronic Sports League? Eastman Savings and Loan? Electronic Shelf Label? Emergency Service Level? Energy Systems Laboratory? Engine Speed Limit? Enterprise Software Licensing? Expected Service Life? I give in. What does it stand for?
  6. Ah. You feel that you should dominate the women mentally. Well, that just makes me feel warm and smushy inside*. *not really, you are a freak.
  7. I'd report it right now, the police will be better at getting details if they get the account fresh. I think they have departments for this sort of thing. Sounds like serious fraud, which is something Police put a lot of effort into preventing.
  8. Not for the origin language. It's debatable that verbal communication came out of Africa, or indeed that language had a single source. It's the Holy Grail for linguists, and just as elusive and intangible as Gods socks.
  9. Yes. Way to keep the humour alive. Witness the mirth O_o
  10. 'The Band' was always my favorite.
  11. Lollyroffles. It gaves me the Huggable Maniacs. Aces.
  12. I too suspect there is more of the devil in the advocate.
  13. Where is 'here' incidentally? Just so I can keep out of the way when you are spreading your love on innocent people.
  14. Pangloss, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk..... ice cream. Ice cream, Pangloss, children's ice cream.
  15. Sure it is. Consciousness exists in humans. Humans exist through evolution. The only method open for the development of consciousness is evolution. What you have presented is convoluted supposition, and the whole concept needs a decent shave with occam's razor.
  16. You have confessed to inhaling random chemicals, that have odd side effects. Do you see any links between that and this?
  17. atinymonkey


    Well, you know. It's because of the crazy stuck in your skull, isn't it?
  18. atinymonkey


    Jesus was a zombie. He had to have been. Raarrgggg
  19. Superman! Can you hear me? Superman! Where are you?
  20. Yes, I do. The two top careers my UK School test came out with were the two I tried, and one of them I'm still doing. Pretty accurate, in my experence.
  21. It's the symbol of Thoth, the all knowing and all seeing, who by coincidence was the master architect of the Pyramids. Which leads me onto an interesting point, how does your idea fit in with the building of the Ziggurats?
  22. atinymonkey


    It was used to describe the viscus material that supposedly emanated from spiritualistic mediums during a trance. It was not used to describe the body of the Ghost until after Ghostbusters' date=' who's scriptwriters just chucked in spooky sounding words. I never purported that it did. You are just being silly. I do, however, have a better recollections of colloquials usage than you, and a more impressive collection of dictionary's that detail the origin of word use.
  23. © 2005 This article is subject to completely ineffectual copyright laws and may be reproduced without any acknowledgment from the writer (who is a tiny monkey), and is dated July 15th 2005 for no particular reason. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPRACTICAL WAY TO BUILD THE PYRAMIDS? Some people have spent a couple of years looking at how they made pyramids. Some built elaborate rolling systems which they impishly named "wheels" and systems of ramps, visual tricks to publish books or sell TV shows. Well here's no answer at all to an age old mystery, if it's a mystery at all. The pyramids could have been built using a canal system. Look at the amazing lack of logical evidence. The Egyptians invented the Archimedes screw, and then invented Archimedes. They also built amazing water and sewage systems, although I might be thinking of the Mesopotamians. Actually, I think I'm thinking of Romans. The Egyptians just had irrigation, now that I think of it. Well, more of a river with buckets to be honest with you. Canals have a very long history, with the earliest example of one being a river. It would have been very normal of those wacky Egyptians to float those huge rocks down the Nile then unload them only to drag them 100's of yards to their final resting place. They simply had to build a bizarre canal with rhinestones studding it all the way to the top. Carrying the water into the rising channels to raise the stone to the top, float it into place unload onto a pile of sand shuffle into place and washout the rest of the sand. Then do a little dance. Make a little love. Although that would need locks on each tier of the canal, and bloody great amounts of water pumping up. Not to mention the rhinestones. The Egyptians avoided the huge engineering problems involved in creating the canal on top of the pyramid by denying gravity with large magical wands. The canals did not hold the water all the time, they were only flooded when moving blocks. This helped to make the idea even more pointless, as the canals would have taken years to fill with the technology available. The pumps worked all the time to move water to the top of the structure and the water was dropped down to flood the channels as the block was moved up. A bit like a massive water fountain that would be impossible to build with simple bricks and mortar due to the massive tonnage of pressure per square inch. They liked a challenge. Almost as much as they liked complete obliterating a building technique from the national concisenesses with a 2 week cous cous and beer bender. The reason the canal isn't still there is that they used the canal stones at the top for pure economy of time, they used slaves to hold back the water as they did his. By the Gods, they were dumb! And we are still trying to figure out how so many people (according to the evidence) build so few pyramids in such a massive period of time. Using the trebuchet method they couldn't! Still stuck on the trebuchet theory? Well, who can blame you, it was bloody terrific. There is a considerate lack of clear evidence which I'll be happy to provide. Clear, but obviously unsubstantiated. It involved massive leaps of faith and the ability to ignore rather large swathes of existing research, but if your drunk and high it just might make sense. I would like anyone interested to pleaser send me the number of their pharmacologist, and a price list. Random facts!!!!1111221 In many hieroglyphics there are images of small boats being punted along the Nile. Boots were often buried with the Pharaohs to aid the travel on the river styx. Some Egyptians lived quite close the the Nile. All of Egyptian society needed water from the Nile to survive. Egyptians were smarter than you'd think, if you confused progressive civilization with genetic evolution Cheese was not used as a substitute for good solid rock
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