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  1. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/12/pro-wikileaks-vigilantes-down-visa-com/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wired%2Findex+%28Wired%3A+Index+3+%28Top+Stories+2%29%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher Apparently there is now anon support/hacking retaliation for wikileaks. So this just went from wikileaks being illegal but more like a nuisance fly, to something very freaking illegal that could affect billions. This quite obviously shows the lack of infrastructure and security on the web. sure anyone can connect to it, but there needs to be some better controls and infrastructure within the Internets Architecture. Also it shows a need for a government agency to do some net patrolling/policing. sure you will still have hackers, but just like society and the physical world we live in, without police you have anarchy. i see the same should be applied to the incorporeal internet.
  2. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/12/wikileaks-domain/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wired%2Findex+%28Wired%3A+Index+3+%28Top+Stories+2%29%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher Article has plenty of good info.
  3. http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20024517-264.html?tag=topTechnologyNews;topTechContentWrap Now that is just a plain attack on the US. To me it seems perfectly reasonable for a dns provider to drop a website that is under DDOS attacks. Why would they want to loose other businesses by providing most of it's time and effort to wikileaks. Seems like good business sense. Also it seems that if a company has ties to the United States they are somehow in the wrong. I don't see where wikileaks needed to mention the "US connection", for anything other than a directed attack at the US itself. BTW, Anarchist is a really good term to describe Assanage, not terrorist.
  4. Certainly, if he was actually only going after transparency and anti-corruption. Then he would be leaking documents regarding everything. Oil companies, banks, senators, legislators, car companies, the department of energy, diplomacy, military, everything. It wouldn't matter what country the documents are from. He would publish them all. But instead he has so far proven to be pursuing a very specific goal on very specific institutions. Personally i am somewhat surprised he has not yet attacked the House, legislator, and lobbyists. Considering that these three do more with the decision making than the military or diplomats do. Hell, they are the ones that tell us what to do. Also being the decision makers, that is the most likely place you will find the deepest seat of corruption. War logs, diplomacy cables, and bank memos would mean nothing in comparison. Israel is our ally, Iran not so much. I'm not surprised that we have plans on how to deliver such things to them. Also i wouldn't be surprised if we have war plans with many countries against many countries. To me it seem logical to prepare for anything, especially if i was in control of a this country in the current times, with the current world/political opinion of us. Personally i am biased against WL and Assanage. What if he publishes some classified intel? some classified documents that directly impact what i do. WL then puts my life in danger and the lives of 100's of others. I don't stand for what he does, because he does it in such a haphazard and sloppy way.
  5. First sorry for my terrible formatting, i tried to copy and paste from a txt document. Isn't the government included in a populace. he is still bullying people? if we don't consider what he does as "terrorism" we need to reformulate either the word or create a new one. Though he may have no real contact with the information at it's source, he is still using his means to collect and distribute classified information for use that is not in accordance with the classifiers of the information. aka espionage His website is his company, it is his way to garnish classified information and release it to people he sees fit. surely with the amount of traffic visiting his site and the amount of data he has, there needs to be at least a semi sophisticated infrastructure. And that costs money. Where did he get his startup money, who is investing in him so heavily. yes, because the information he is leaking is use able by other powers against us, or against anyone else. No, i don't believe it is worse to try to destroy corruption and make it better. However i do believe that corruption is inevitable. I believe that based upon history. Even if we never find out his true goals, He is still working to unsettle and destroy the credibility the people have in their government. Almost as an inciter would incite a mob to go and riot. From my point of view his goal seems to be to destabilize the government by making the people loose faith in it. Or i could be so wrong. Well actually, classified documents aren't really classified by the agency producing it. The classification follows guidance from a independent agency, The NSA i believe. They have many rules and regulations regarding on what and how information is classified. Any agency that has classified information follows those regulations. What if we were to remove Assanage from everything into a totally unbiased point of view. Lets look at him from both ends of the spectrum. Lets say that he is in fact in the employ of an organization, to acquire information for them. Under the guise of a whistle blower he is able to: A) collect classified information. B) transmit the information in the clear to his employer without leaving any sort of trail. C) Do so in a very public manor to keep from being able to be assassinated. Ok now the opposite, Lets say he is acting of his own accord to leak any classified information he can. 1) Why does he want to leak any classified information 2) What purpose does the leaked information serve 3) What is the reaction he is hoping to garner
  6. Julian Assanage is a terrorist. He is not the conventional terrorist that uses violence or other means to get his way. but he uses information, classified on some level, to get what he wants. He breaks the barriers and guards that have been set up to protect governmental interests. He is a digital terrorist in a digital age, He is hurting governments and destroying trusts. Sure he may be killing off a few bad trusts and a few really corrupt politicians, but he is also destroying the trust intrinsic in politics between nations, and he is destroying many many people. He may not be working for a single government, but he is not working for the people either. When he leaks documents he is in fact conducting espionage, he is giving documents that are sought by one nation or another from a nation to them. He is hurting all nations and all governments, and in turn is hurting the people themselves. It does beg to question where he got his financial backing to build his company. surely he didn't just have millions laying around. How can he just fly where he wants, how is he paying his bills. Someone somewhere is paying him. Enough about wikileaks, what is more surprising than the leaked documents, is just how ignorant the people are in general. If you didn't know that there were backhanded deals between diplomats, countries, and between agencies then you seriously need to rethink yourself. I am sure that you could model the actions of every nation's corruption with a mathematical model. If you were surprised to find out that there were torture chambers, than you need to read about the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam. Korea isn't the only country with a chamber or hundred. every country has them, every country has corrupt deals in getting information they want. What about the prisoner transfer you ask, that is much more common than you think. Prisoners are a sort of chip used in all sorts of negotiations. Politics is much like gambling, the more chips you have the better off you are probably. Each nation has gambling chips and they are worth something different to every other nation, they are also betted on a supposed and real value between nations. Everyone wants as many chips as they can get, which means they will be willing to trade what they think are less important chips for your chips. However the chips they trade may be extremely valuable to you, time also diminishes or increases the value of the chips. It's a constant gamble on what chips mean anything and what chips mean nothing, its a gamble on gambling the chips. Chips can represent just about anything, from political prisoners to bits of info. everything is a chip in the political world of gambling. If you don't like these real facts about politics, then you shouldn't be in any country with a government. you should be in a commune where the people share everything they have for an equal share in the community. Otherwise in a government, greed and pride take place and now you have governments trying to get leverage to position itself in prominence over others I think it should be worthy to note that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a fairly good example of what actually goes on in a government, in the show they deal with an informational terrorist who leaked a government secret to the people. it also shows the impact it created, the incidents, and the corrupt deals between governments. The show accurately portrays many of the things we are seeing today. the whole series is on netflix, if you are really interested in wikileaks and its implications/impact i would suggest watching Gits:sac to better understand the complexities involved. The laughing Man plot line is what this is. I wonder if Assanage views himself as a sort of Peoples hero, as the laughing man.
  7. original sound library, freaking cool. those "remixes" not so much. i thought remixes took the original sound tracks and modified them. these kinda use the sounds as a background noise at best.
  8. Exactly, opportunity can be created by anyone willing to lift the slightest of finger. It's just why is there no motivation to do so, when there is alot of motivation to strive toward getting money through the persons job, via better jobs, or advancement in the ranks.
  9. yes i already thought of that, and I am currently working on a patent for an idea related to the field. Utilizing the moon in such a manor would provide many things, aside from electricity. on the ring you could install space stations, between them you could have a maglev type tram system. it's all dependent on what you want to do. the electricity on the moon could also be used as a propulsion method to launching spacecraft. the electricity could be used to create/refine new metals under different pressures. and so on.
  10. no it wont. the machine has no moving parts and there is no interaction between the moon and the ring. and yes it will generate "copious" amounts of energy due to the immensity of everything. energy generation is extremely dependent on size. also i'm not generating electricity, the moon is already falling to the earth in a slow controlled sort of fall. this concept just uses that fall to generate electricity.
  11. Why is it, that everyone has the potential to do or be an icon. I have encountered in my short time, many people who had nothing and became the stuff of history books and records. people who have become generals, entrepreneurs, millionaires, rappers, musicians, presidents, and congressman. But what is it that makes a common man? why would some one with potential to do anything, aspire to be a grocerie man, a truck driver, a box boy, a McDonald manager? What causes man to loose his ambition and settle down with debt, a small house, maybe a car? we all know that we need everyone to make the world go round. we need the baggers, truckers and average workers, just as we need the managers, presidents, and generals.
  12. New tech idea in the Lounge. Check it out.

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  13. So while thinking about the oceans i had a wondrous idea on space. I though of a near impossible way to get unlimited free(ish) energy that could power everything on earth for the entirety of earths existence. Upon pondering the idea it also came to me to use a similar system as a way to travel or move materials between different celestial bodies. So hear i will discuss the first idea. >Using the Moon's motion as a conduit to change gravitational energy into electrical energy.< We know and can predict where the moon will be relative to the earth at any given point in time. we can model where it was and where it will be for many many years. This idea can be built with current technology. This idea is built upon 3 different pieces, the ring, the moon structure and magnets. If we built a metal ring around the entire orbit of the moon, where the moon follows the ring. The metal ring will be freaking huge covering thousands of miles and i don't believe it will have to be very thick. On the moon there will be a structure built that has the ring going through it. Imagine it similar to a pole holding up a ski lift. the moon following its orbit will also follow the metal ring. on the moon in the ski lift structure there will be a structure similar to the magnets in maglev trains. Because the moon follows its orbit around the earth, the motion caused by gravity will move the magnets around the ring, the movement will produce electricity in the same way that any dc current is produced. the ring is stationary. Now you may be wondering how the ring will stay in geostationary orbit. it could stay by making the magnets on the moon stronger than the magnets on the ring, thus keeping the ring in tandem to the moon. the transmission of the electrical energy from the moon to the earth could be done simply by transmitting it via microwave technology. or we may use higher frequencies. IDEA 2 Now you are obviously wondering where we would get all this metal from, and my answer again is just as extraordinary as the idea presented here, the previous idea, and the answer itself. The answer is, other planets. Mars it is a giant mass of red. so by doing some radiospectronomy we should be able to discern whether or not there are metal deposits on the planet. and i'm sure there is. why don't we mine the iron on the planet and ship it back to the earth to build the ring. Now you are obviously wondering how the hell are we going to mine on mars. well robots. robots that have humans in them and an AI that records all the human actions during mining. eventually the AI Linked to all the other robots will evolve enough that it can mine itself without a human. We could develop the AI here on earth. then send the robots with no humans in them onto mars. Due to the lessened gravity i would theories that any metal mined and refined will have different properties than the metal refined here. If you were to heat up and cool a metal into a form or mold, due to the decreased gravity, i would suggest that the cooled metal will be lighter and have more space between its atomic particles. Also it might require less energy to refine the metal on mars. But that is not the second idea. The second idea stems from the problem of transporting items from mars to earth. Why not use a similar concept from the ring and maglev trains in space? this is a sort of celestial tram. lets build a strait metal track and put a maglev on it. of course it would only be accessible at only one time frame a year. but the track could just float in space. the propulsion system of the train could be the maglev tech, or something else. idk yet. but a sort of celestial tram is the idea. magnets would be an energy efficient way to transfer everything. So what do you think?
  14. finnaly i have internet access again. though limited

  15. I Torrented Dungeon keeper gold edition. Oh and it doesn't run in dosbox
  16. I recently had an itch to play some of those old -oldtimey games. but there is a problem, windows 7 doesn't support old games very easily. So naturally i downloaded various sorts of emulation software to play the games. However i am currently trying to play Dungeon Keeper, and emulation just isn't working so far. I can actually enter the game either just using the .exe or by running it in an emulator. But the graphics of the game aren't displaying properly. I tried to run in 256 colors mode, that didn't work. I though that it might be possible that the graphics aren't working because this netbook doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. Is there anyway i could emulate a graphics card? Also, does anyone have a personal proxy... my companies blanket/whitelists are getting annoying.
  17. cybernetics wut wut?

  18. Zolar V


    So i have an HP netbook with 1 gb of memory and win7 professional. Can i upgrade the computers memory with laptop memory or are the memory modules in the net-book different? could i also change the cpu ? it is a intel atom. the model number on the computer is: mini 110-3030nr
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    I havn't done stoich in such a long time so bear with me. i was thinking about taking my silver oxide and reacting it with the sodium cyanide. the result should be silver nitrate and the byproducts of the sodium oxygen and carbon. should look like this H2O+ Ag2O + NaCN ^-> AgN + CO2 + NaCO + H2O i don't care about the CO2 so that can be rid of. the sodium carbonate should precipitate and leave the silver nitrate dissolved. or the other way around.. or both stay dissolved.. If one or the other stays dissolved i can easily remove the other via filtration. if both stay dissolved then i can do an electrolysis. if electrolysis is the answer then the probable solution will be + AgNa & - NC + O this should be a wonderful experiment to do. im so excited.
  20. I doubt the value of linking so drastic a study. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. Whereas science, and in this case physics, rely not on mere thoughts and ideas. But rather physics relies on statistics, analysis, and hypothesis founded in measurable and testable data. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy
  21. What if giant metaphysical alien balls took over the fake structure and theme of govermnet?

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      Would we notice?

    2. Zolar V

      Zolar V

      probably, I'm sure the alien balls would try to screw with our economy/laws to make it worse. But when they do they make it better.

  22. Ok, so obviously i like science but everybody else doesn't.. I was bored and on FB. but i thought this was freaking hilarious, but apparently no one else got it. Tell me what you think. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >Someone else< I know I wanted it to rain, but I would also like a mystical umbrella that floats over my head to keep me dry. Getting out of the car after I post this. Come on mystical umbrella!! >someone else<Well, no umbrella, but the rain did slow down enough that I didn't get soaked through on my walk. Optimism makes the world go round >me< thought it was internal geophysics and moment created by gravitational waves induced by the immense mass of the sun......... >someone else< English please Skip! >me< OMG NEW SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH! Earth, rotational velocity once thought to be the byproduct of the sun's gravitational waves DISPROVEN. Now replaced with Optimism! That's right kids, the harder you think about getting that Popsicle the faste...r earth spins along its axis. >>>New study<< >Scientists say high concentrations of optimism soon to doom the planet! One scientist says, "With increased amounts of optimism you increase the axial velocity of the planet. This in turn causes the earth's wobbling to become ever increasingly unstable. After you hit 4 20 GiggaClowns of optimism the precarious balance between the wobble and other planets gravity wave propagation fails. You then have the earth spinning and partying all the way to the sun. When this happens Mars breaks out the disco ball, and Venus turns up the jams. >me< hmm, i missed putting in hookers and blow. maybe they will be at the party. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. I am pretty sure the point of the baloon was to achieve an altitude to reduce the amount of propellent needed by the rocket to achieve orbit or outerspace. But what i really cant figure out is why they have the rocket sitting on the platform. why don't they just have it in a sort of hanging configuration. i think less energy would be wasted if they do it that way. I'm not sure.
  24. I live in omaha, and the traffic at peak hours: 6-9, 11-1, 4-6 is absolutely terrible. The entire highway system gets clogged for 20 to 30 miles every day.
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