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  1. I might suggest that the human mind doesnt read at all, rather it recognises patterns. that is perticular shapes and sizes of words, and phrases. If you have ever read unfamiliar text with archaic or otherwise words and phrases that aren't oft read, it is harder to read and much harder to understand at the pace you would normally read at. can you raed tihs: wtih, wsah, wcih, wcyh. hmm might be better to try for longer words. can you raed tehes: wllaah wrmath walteh weehsh wairth wetrch wenrch. The words are all scrambled following a pattern. may want to try to scramble words that only change a few letters, or even scramble them following a pattern equation, such as every 2nd letter + following every next word the 2nd letter (+the last letter from the end) some sort of patternized equation mgtih aecfft everything.
  2. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/02/110222140544.htm Following the read, I would assume that the structure is utilized not only for sight, but because you internally visualize different things. even if a blind person is blind, does that not mean he/she cannot visualize what they feel, smell, taste? thoughts?
  3. I think the answer to your question on why a unpopular leader should adbicate is solely founded in our custums. We as ruled people have always had ceremonies and other events that legitimize what the ceremony is about. For instance marriage, is two people undoubtly in love, the perfect match, married in spirit even before the official ceremony? what then is the point of the ceremony? The same concept applies to such custums and ceremonies as abdicating power, and gaining power. These ceremonies legitimize in the eyes of the people, the intent of the subject of the ceremony. Lets say that the unpopular official neither abdicates his rule or gets killed. Why does he still have power? Why do the leaders of the military still follow the rule of the unpopular official? why do the common soldier follow the rules of those in power over them? If the people sufficiently popularize a perticular figure, how does he gain the support of the military? how would he suceed control over the government when the unpopular official has not adbicated power? I suppose we could look at previous examples in history to infer how these concepts correlate with each other. Hitler, he rose to power by the peoples popularity. Did the previous leader adbicate to hitler? If so why did he? what happened to him?
  4. damn, i was under the impression thar the somalian coastline wasn't too horribly large. if it is indeed that large, then we could just station troops/ nato police forces on land to act as the deterrance. Better port authorities, inspections and so forth would stimmie the flow of pirates to and from land. I understand that they can dock in places other than ports, but it would be much harder for them. In essence greater vigilance and policing will deter pirating. You don't see any pirates based in US ports,or UK ports, or FR,GR,SW,SP or any ports really that have a moderately democratig goverment.
  5. Why is it that light passing through a space does not interact with other forms of light passing through the same space. IE (from feynman: light from you appears to me as color X, but passing through the same space light from person Z to person A. the light waves do not interact with each other.) Yet if we were to put up a small colored lense light interacts so heavily with it.
  6. He did answer the question, however he may not have done it in a very strait forward manor. Instead he did it in a much better manor. In order for Feynman to accurately explain the idea of why magnets repel to the layman he had to first build a framework of accepted ideas. Then upon the framework he can build and describe the properties of the forces at work with a concept that is understood by both. imagine trying to sell a foreigner an apple. first you need to build a framework of agreements so both sides are understood clearly. then you can proceed to sell the apple.
  7. Why dont we just park several countries navies around the somolian coastline? in effect there wouldn't be any vessels leaving somolia for other than fishing activites. We would also have our marintine policing forces on station and actively participating in hindering any pirate activity. No matter who you are, your going to need to port sometime. if we have a near "blockade" in effect, pirates who are in port wont be able to leave and pirates who are out of port wont be able to dock. this of course is going to naturally lead to modifying and smuggling of arms through our proposed blockade in a similar fasion to how drug smugglers get drugs across the US MEXICO border (top side) using vehicles.
  8. Why dont we just park several countries navies around the somolian coastline? in effect there wouldn't be any vessels leaving somolia for other than fishing activites. We would also have our marintine policing forces on station and actively participating in hindering any pirate activity. No matter who you are, your going to need to port sometime. if we have a near "blockade" in effect, pirates who are in port wont be able to leave and pirates who are out of port wont be able to dock. this of course is going to naturally lead to modifying and smuggling of arms through our proposed blockade in a similar fasion to how drug smugglers get drugs across the US MEXICO border (top side) using vehicles.
  9. I was reading the topic title to, http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/55130-does-a-black-hole-singularity-have-size-within-the-black-holes-event-horizon/ Which was, "Does a black hole singularity have size within the black hole's event horizon?" This inspired my intrest as a question to the topic title itself. Does a black hole's singularity have size? I know that there is the type of black hole singulartiy where it is a one dimensional ring within the black holes inner event horizon. How do we describe the one dimension singularity in a three dimensional world? could you in fact pass through the event horizon by traveling along a perticular x,y,z path? Or because the singularity is one dimensional as soon as you pass from x+1 to X+0 you pass through the singularity. However the singularity doesn't exist or effect the x<1 or x>1 plane. idk just some thoughts provoked by the topic.
  10. To honestly understand much of what you question, you need to look at the background politics involved between the major economic contributors to the world. These major contributors play an important role in who and how other countries develop, by discriminating against other countries with goods and services. Often these politics are corrupt and severely unjust
  11. I wonder, what draws men/boys to digging holes or tunnel systems? I remember from my youth that i wanted to accomplish the same goal.
  12. i actually had a similar problem not to long ago. the rootkit wouldn't allow me to delete it. I was/am running windows 7 (sooo that made it all the harder to do ANYTHING, especially with such low ram on this netbook) Anyways i was on microshits tech support for around a few hrs when i finally convinced the guy to ftp me the original unadulterated file. we deleted the infected file and put the original file in its place. when i rebooted windows came to a repair console for a quick second, we weren't sure if the original file took, or if windows had reverted to a previous save point. either way it worked. I tried many different anti rootkit programs and was coming up with a similar dilemma to you, except the rootkit programs weren't able to delete the file, so i had to do it manually. might be a point to add that my windows 7 pro is umm, how you say "torrented." it seemed microsoft was non the wiser either. i was getting regular updates and everything it was totally legit.. but build 7600 found out much to my dismay >.>
  13. When calculating Wave Power: [latex] P = \frac{\rho g^2}{64\pi} H_{m0}^2 T \approx \left(0.5 \frac{\text{kW}}{\text{m}^3 \cdot \text{s}} \right) H_{m0}^2\; T, [/latex] Where on the λ is the calculation taking place? is the calculation the result of a point on λ relative to the resting point? Does the calculation take into consideration the energy at various points along λ? Or is it just calculating the power of the resting point to the max magnitude of the wave? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_power
  14. Just wondering what the average day to day wave height is of oceanic waves. lets say in the Atlantic away from the coast in the open ocean. I am looking for the average wave height on calm days with no weather, and the average wave height for stormy days. i found NOAA and their wave height and period forecast over a period of days. It appears that the average height = 4m and the average period = 10 But that is just in an area that didn't change much. the height and period would be greater if i chose an area that had a greater change, ie closer to the shoreline. using those figures i did a quick calculation of the average power of the waves. i came up with 80 kw.
  15. Seems they need new blood in their researching fields then. some real people that want to invent for the sake of people and inventing rather than money.
  16. I just read Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. It was quite the read, it is a Scifi based upon set human nature in a time when space travel is possible. It is about the very real possibility of encountering aliens and the outcomes that can happen. Specifically, this book questions what would we as humans do if we were attacked by an alien race. we lost the first skirmish but won by pure luck on a second real invasion. This book is about our actions after that.
  17. They can grow organs from a patients own stem cells now correct? if so then why isn't the process becoming commonplace? The organs that are grown from the patients stem cells aren't rejected because they are the bodies own tissue. Is there still research being done in the field?
  18. mmmm interesting reads. Other than politics and minimal safety concerns, where there any other legitimate reasons why those such projects were thwarted?
  19. I am afraid you misunderstand, the space vehicles themselves are not of a design that incorporates nuclear power or a fan system. Rather the hovering/floating launchpad is. at 30,000 ft there is sufficient air to allow for such a system to proceed. Hence why we have common commercial flight using jet engines at cruise altitude at such an elevation. I't isn't until 45,000 to 60,000 ft that the air becomes much to thin to support such forms of thrust generating designs. http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/standard-atmosphere-d_604.html
  20. Great idea, you could attach or otherwise modify the original design of a floating launchpad to include a static structure that exerts a upward force. Would you suggest that it be hydrogen inside a balloon following traditional blimps? Or something else? Maybe if you made a sort of cup type shape on the underside of the launchpad, affixed a skin over the cup and then created a vacuum within the cup structure. The mouth of the cup pointing down, and the bottom of the cup affixed to the slab. -------A--------A---A--A---A--A------- < like that, the opening is pointing to the ground and the bottom is affixed to the structure. you could also use blimps as a energy efficient way to ferry materials from the ground to the launchpad itself too. on a side note, what type of college would i need to get into to design these types of things? i mean i have many ideas that encompass a lot of different subjects. However something like this or one of my other ideas that are "engineering" would be easy to create and sell. In other words where do i have to go to start getting going on creating my ideas? Also how do i get noticed in that particular world?
  21. I have actually read and have been following both of those projects since their origin. They are in fact, great ideas on getting orbital and sub orbital vehicles into their respective orbit without having to carry so much fuel and be extremely large to accommodate said fuel. Yes, i understand that it would be energy inefficient, however the slab of land could act as a floating sub-orbital launchpad for space vehicles. The vehicles themselves not unlike Virgin Galactic's designs would require less energy to escape earths gravitational pull because they would be launching from 30,00-60,000 ft. The floating launchpad though would require a tremendous amount of energy, doesn't need to be highly energy efficient, it only needs to be able to produce a sufficient and stable amount of thrust for a long period of time. Such as it is, regular nuclear reactors with a bit of a different design for the cooling mechanism could be outfitted to suit this purpose. With the floating launch pad, you could in fact fly material and vehicles via regular cargo planes to it. It would serve as a sort of staging ground and command center to space operations.
  22. @ZolarV Recently i was reading a bit of a bad thread on the NASA Space Program, and how it lacked any imaginative propulsion systems. NASA's current propulsion system is a chemical system that reacts hydrogen with oxygen. However in their labs they have done some significant work on ION thrust, space foil (kite), and even nuclear explosion type propulsion systems. I thought for a few minutes on the subject and came to the conclusion that all of the thrust systems that NASA has built are rather bland. They all are trying to achieve orbit in one way, that is quickly. What if we didn't need to reach space fast? Why not just slowly lift something up into space, is there some need to speed a payload into orbit? Here is my idea, lets build a freaking giant slab of land, use 2 nuclear reactors to lift up the piece of land similar to a airship, and slowly move the slab of land into space. Or rather have a sort of vehicle on the piece of land that could take off at 40,000 or 50,000ft into space. Sure the energy required would be much higher. But it's nuclear, it doesn't need to generate much thrust, it just needs to have constant thrust. Oh and the 2 nuclear reactors power turbine/fans that suck air through them and push it out underneath the slab of land. Imagine your massive cooling stacks, housing fan systems that suck and push air for propulsion.
  23. Don't we have the same sort of "challenge" posted now in the physical world? You have people doing illegal things, they have their anonymity chains. Lets look at illegal drug trafficking, they have similar anonymity chains, they have their business authentication programs, they have everything that a hacker has. its one and the same.
  24. True, you will have such issues to contend with, but imo policing the internet does not mean enforcing censorship, but rather enforcing a set of agreed upon common rules that help to nourish and grow the internet into something. kinda like you have laws and regulations that help small businesses establish themselves. I can see how a sort of internet police could help the internet thrive as a community by enforcing agreed upon regulations. If you want the regulations to change, couldn't you just have the community agree upon a change, just like regular government. So far the internet has survived/evolved as an anarchic community based system. where one person has complete authority over his/her own content, and can do damn near whatever to anyone's content. But as you see here, due to the communal nature of humans, the internet also evolved to be a communal system. Therefore you are going to eventually need a police of sorts to stop such cybercrime, just like you have police to stop physical crime. I see no real difference between the internet, and the physical world. Both are operating in nearly the same way, both follow the same set of parameters that force it to evolve along a specific path. So both should be policed in a similar manner.
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