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  1. Ohms law is U=I*R I=U/R http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Series_and_parallel_circuits In your case it's serial.
  2. Light bulb, tv monitor, fire flame are all producing photons. Where in them is strong gravity source?
  3. Your foot is in almost constant move even though you don't walk. Everybody is wriggling. Changing position of body sitting. People in hospitals that can't wriggle because they're unconscious, paralyzed, have bedsores. Tie shoelaces on shoe that is not on your foot, and then check it after hours or days whether it's still in same state. Then you can confirm or deny that it's untying spontaneously.
  4. I uploaded png without problem. But file must be below 2 MB.
  5. I write everything in C/C++. In mine work I require speed even from the smallest tasks. In the '80-'90 years I was writing stuff in assembler. 1 frame of animation without motion blur is rendering in 3 minutes on Core i7 930. It has 16 passes of anti-aliasing and resolution 2048 x 2048 = 4.2 mln pixels * 16 = 67.1 mln internal code executions. With motion blur it's going to ~35 minutes per frame..
  6. I rendered star travel in direction of Sirius and beyond. http://www.ultimate-theory.com/Graphics/Star%20Travel%201.avi At 6 second since beginning we're passing Sirius, therefor it disappears. Speed is approximately 44% of parsec per second of animation.
  7. In curved spacetime planets are moving straight lines, so they're neither accelerated nor decelerated in time. Sun is in constant movement around galaxy. This causes that curvature of spacetime is constantly changing for orbiting objects.
  8. Lidal, I am confused. So you don't believe in that spacetime is curved?
  9. To make invention there is (usually) required 'need' for it. f.e. some nation is living on island, separated from other lands, at some time of their history they will need to invent boat. Like Greeks and Great Britain people. At modern times we usually have financial need to optimize something. More automation means less people working on some task, less money needed to hire them, and higher income for owners of business. Romans had cheap slaves. If they would have to pay for their work, inventions and optimizations would appear quicker.
  10. We have such devices with great distances from us - satellites, such as Viking.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_%28satellite%29 If device is programmed to immediately answer with confirmation message as soon as it gets command from us from Earth, by observation of delay in reply we can confirm that radio waves have exact speed as we think they have and calculate exact distance to satellite.
  11. The all code on his website is tragedy- it's reading from and writing to illegal memory, exceeding array from both sides.. If x=0 in first step of for() loop, then U[][x-1] refer to memory location which is at index -1 cell before array, causing exception.. Spreading of temperature (the first code in the beginning) is showing equation ( temperature of cell 1 + temperature of cell 2 + temperature of cell 3 ) / 3 (3-number of cells that're used simultaneously) so if temperature of cell 1 is 1000, cell 2 is 0, cell 3 = 0 after first t you will have (1000+0+0)/3=333.3 then in another t, (333.3+333.3+0)/3=222 another cell (333.3+0+0)/3=111 etc. etc. in the next iterations. Temperature of hot cell is increasing temperature of surrounding cells (and decreasing itself), then they're heating surrounding cells and so on, so on, until the all cells have equal temperature. Spreading of wave is done similar way. The funniest part of his code: "double U[ 1000 ][ 1000 ][ 1000 ][ 1000 ]; /* Note: 4 dimensions */" It's obvious he never ever tried to compile this code.. Above line of code is allocating memory block of 8 TB (8 terabytes). Nobody have so much memory in any computer.
  12. The smartest one. Maybe. If we would have enough time to prepare for Sun no longer giving energy.. Do plants grow in hothouses? Yes they do. But we would have to give them other sources of energy.. We have artificial light sources anyway.
  13. Currently I am using database with just a few hundred thousands stars data from our closest area. If you have access to raw data (preferably txt format) easily parsed data with millions or billions star data, please reply with link to them or write to me PM. Data that are compressed, proprietary format, binary, not open, are useless.
  14. Hello I am programmer for 27 years, mostly in 3d graphics, games and ray-tracing visualizations of real world. Recently I started experimenting with simulating universe, rendering stars using star database that are freely available in the Internet. So far I came up with rendering Sirius, Orion, Betelgeuse stars which you can see below, renders and animation: Rendering in 3d without motion blur (zoom in to see stars): Full resolution is 2048 x 2048. Betelgeuse is pretty much in the center of this image. http://www.ultimate-theory.com/Graphics/Stars%201.png Rendering in 3d with motion blur: http://www.ultimate-theory.com/Graphics/Stars%202.png Animation 360 degree (it was rendered, 60 frames image sequence, in 4h on 8 cores computer) http://www.ultimate-theory.com/Graphics/Stars.avi You need H.264 codec to see this animation.
  15. Good questions. But first detect up and down quarks.. So you are postulating that Universe is made of just two elementary particles? And one of them is electric charge is -1 (so two of a kind are multiplying and giving +1?), and yet another one neutral is giving mass? Does particle giving electric charge also influence mass or not?
  16. Does Earth orbiting Sun is constantly radiating energy and eventually spiral into the Sun? So even in classical physics such orbiting is possible.. And in some cases electrons really radiate energy and fall into nucleus - it's electron capture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_capture I didn't follow this thread. Sorry if it has been answered already. So you don't believe that light wave is made of photon particles really existing as "particles".. ?
  17. Computer work on one integer or two integer arguments and outputs 1 result. 1 dimension operation in single instruction. Everything else is simulated. SSE extension to CPU introduced built-in operation on vectors 2d (2x 64 bit) and 4d (4x 32 bit) at the same time. Python is joke. Anybody serious is using C/C++ which is thousands times faster... DevilSolution, I like your approach. Calculate the all possibilities, and then judge them picking up the best one and output. That's how chess game AI works. But you need to be really advanced programmer (or have $10k+ per month to hire such)..
  18. Faster radioactive decaying of particles when there is shower of neutrinos during Sun eruption suggest that it's all because of neutrinos. 65 billion neutrinos flying through each cm2. http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2012/08/neutrinos-and-solar-storms Experimental scientists should search for materials that would be shield for neutrinos. If it's correct thinking, after putting radioactive or unstable particle inside of shielded area we might see they are perfectly stable.
  19. There are "Quacks" which talk with sense, they spend a lot of time on research and learning, "Quacks" that didn't read anything, but "they have theory!", and "Quacks" that are persons with mental problems. Did not one guy showed video recently where he is saying he is god?
  20. Imagine that meteorite, comet, sun activity or intergalactic activity is killing organisms. 99.99% of them. If organism is so big as dinosaur or whale 99.99% from 1000 living organisms around the world is 999 killed animals. Too small to continue species. The smaller organism the more quantity, 99.99% from 1,000,000 is 999,900 killed, and 100 alive. Additionally - big organism need a lot of energy to survive. If during accident vegetable-only eating animals will die, due lack of vegetables, for a short period of time, big meat-eaters will have enough food, but after 1-2 weeks, meat will be not fresh and not eat able and they will die too. Small size everything eating organisms less specialized such as rats will have food for longer time. Due to larger initial population prior accident have more chance to survive. Crocodiles are eating even ill dead hippos. Additionally living mostly in water, so they have fishes. They don't waste energy, remain inactive most of time, could starve for months.
  21. Pure speculation. Like the rest of currently existing sub-atomic (sub-proton) structure models.
  22. Exactly. That's mine route of thinking too. The more neutral particles added, the more mass and therefor the more influence on space. Amount of neutral particles varying between particles.
  23. The truth is that if they would be really irreducible pion particles wouldn't decay spontaneously..
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