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  1. A answer by the teacher (Sensei) please: How can photon have more energy than of two electron particles. And another please: Photons accelerate mass particles, which absorbs their energy. Is this the manner that accelerates protons in Cern?
  2. Ajb says: You are considering classical particles, so write out the equations of motion form the particles and see what you get for their trajectories. Just use F=ma. Kramer says: Yes. I use classic Newton’s formulas, which are discarded from modern physics, even though they are generally used in every day life. But with a huge but simple concept: Perceivable mass in common particles electron, proton, photon, neutrino and their antimatter particles are structured by simple “sub particles”, which are able to create electricity and mass “only interacting” with one or two partners of the same ki
  3. Ajb If the forces balance then the two particles would be free and just continue moving according to their initial velocity. ----- Kramer say: The two hypothetic sub particles, supposed free from other out side sources, which may have caused any movement on subs. This means they have only two options: or they will be in rest toward each other, or they will go around in the both geodesics of partner. But if will be true the second option, the first option will be true too (relative to each other), only if they go around with the same velocity. And this is speculation about the structure of com
  4. Kramer says: ---- We were speaking about gravity potential energy. I thought that gravity potential energy depends by movement: The gravity that create a mass body (Mb) in the unity of mass (M1) of 1 kg mass in a distance D from Mb is: g = G*Mb. / (Rb+D)^2 = (G*Mb / (Rb+D)* (Rb+D)) = Vg^2 / (Rb + D) m / s^2 Here Vg is velocity of test body. (Caused by gravity of Mb or is self of test body velocity) which is the question of OP.Now Vg^2 * M1 is kinetic energy = Ek of test body, equal unity mass of system. Now g * M1 is potential gravity force, of Mb on Unity of mass M1 in distance (Rb +D). Her
  5. Studiot Kramer, There are tools in this forum to help lay out your answer so others can more easily see what was said by someone else and what was the reply. Kramer, Using those tools to look at the comments and replies we can more readily see that you are mistaken in your assumptions. ----- I am embarrassed, but I can’t find the tools, you mention, in my old computer. I used the red color for riders response and the black for my on them. I don’t know why they are faded when posted. Motion is not connected with Potential Energy in any way. ---- Maybe I am wrong but I think differently. Pot
  6. My question is very simple: Is it the movement an “intrinsic ability of particles of matter”, or it “is caused by out-side factors”? The answer will be senseless, if we use equivoques. In Newton era was in mode concept of “ winding of cosmic clock “. This means that an outsider action create the motion. In modern era we have theory of Big Bang about creation of cosmos. I think that “winding factor” is on table for dispute. There is a third option: The matter is eterne. It has not been created it will never disappear. The matter consists from “atoms (figurative)” that possess in them selves:
  7. DevilSolution Balance. The sub atomic movement is dance of balance within the atom. --- The balance of what, of force? The force acts in radial direction. The velocity of movement is tangential. In a dance you may attract or repel your partner, but that has very little to do with movement of feet of both dancers. Stranger Massive particles are caused to move by “some force”. Massless particles always move at the speed of light. ---- “That some force” is caused by “something” that is moving? Yes or no? What is the cause of “that something” for to move? What cause mass-less particles to
  8. What is the cause of movement of mass and mass-les particles? Is it the movement an intrinsic ability of matter, or it is caused by out-side factors?
  9. Stranger You haven't previously asked many questions, apart from general ones like "does it make sense?" (no). By the way, have you noticed the "Quote" button below each post? http://www.sciencefo...-several-parts/ It is very hard to separate what you are saying from what you have copied from others. 1) No. 2) Only that they explain what it is a measure of. The permittivity (I assume that is what you mean) can be expressed in several ways, which of these do you think is significant: where F=farad, A=ampere, V=volt, C=coulomb, J=joule, m=metre, N=newton, s=second, W=watt, kg=kil
  10. Swanson But this is a science forum. You must reason within the known physics rules, or be able to justify whatever new physics you propose. That's not satisfied by making a few terms arbitrarily equal to each other. ---- My post is about issues that I have vague concepts. Maybe wrong ones. May be right ones. Is for this that I beg helps, from knowledgeable persons, in form “of questions”. If any of my sentences seems like assertion, or as boasting assurance that I am right, I am very sorry. The cause is my lack, not only in physics, is it most in my English language. For this, I post in shor
  11. Sensei Electrons want to be as far as they can from other electrons, causing movement of elements. Earth has radius 6370 km, Area A=4*PI*r^2, so A=4*3.14159265*6370000^2=5.099*10^14 m^2 You have Qearth=5.146043764 * 10 ^ 14 C That's ~1 C per 1m^2 of Earth surface.. ------ Wright! And this is only a cubic root of the “total electric charges” that posses 1 m^3 Earth. Am I wrong? But you may say that there doesn’t exist any electric charge --- with your math: +1 –1 = 0 And that make sense. But you can’t explain the facts of every day reality where gravity is defied only by electric count
  12. Kleinos Not really. You need to define your tend more clearly. Where did Nsun come from? ----- Nsun = Mass of sun divided by Plank mass constant * sq.rt. alpha.., I thought that “about” one third of all electric charges that are in a body must be free, or as they are called, vagabonds charges. What astonished me was the equivalence of energy and force, created by those electric charges, with energy and force created by gravity. I admit that this post is a mean for me as a poster to understand some key concept about role of electricity in cosmic space One question is about electric constan
  13. Can’t be possible, a parallel “ gravity -- electric” interaction between Cosmos bodies? (One speculative question) Let suppose that cosmic bodies possesses electric negative charges free. And in amount proportional with their mass as below: Qx / e = Mx / Mun. = Nx Here Qx is the amount in Coulomb of electric free charges. Mx is the mass of cosmic body. Mun. = Mplank * sqrt(α^0.5) = 1.859389987 * 10^-9 kg. Nx = Proportion Then forces of electric and gravity interaction will be: Fe = Q1 * Q2 / (4*pi*ε * (D1-2 )^2) = G * M1 * M2 / ( D1-2)^2 For example: The e
  14. Sensei No, you need to: - learn how to use quote function in posts, - learn how to make Latex equations in posts, - learn physics This is all you can say for my post? I am sorry for you Sensei, because you don’t understand the aim and the essence of my posts. How many things, phenomena, stand without answers from scientists, and they asks for ordinary people: no why, no what, no how? --- Because have not any satisfactory explanation! Or their answers are covered with weakly terms like change of flavor or color and with absorbs or releases of quanta. But how is the mechanism of those? And i
  15. About radius of “electron particle” and the possibility of having it a structure. “ The Standard Model of particle physics is known to be incomplete. Extensions to the StandardModel, such as weak-scale supersymmetry, posit the existence of new particles and interactions that are asymmetric under time reversal (T) and nearly always predict a small yet potentially measurable, (on electron particle ?), of electric dipole moment (EDM), in the range of 10^-27---10^-30 e*r.” This extract is taken by the link given by moderator, in the case of one of my closed post. I am confused because, didn’t t
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