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  1. Please note a simple fact follow: In different coordinates, the observing results are different for a moving particle. the result in a coordinte could be transferred by coordinates transformation relationship, and will be the same as the result in other coordinate. Coordinate transformation is the correct method for treatment of results in different coordinates. So, if the transformation relationship between two coordinates is unknow or uncertain, the results in these two coordinates can not be compared.
  2. Please see my paper:http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=attachment&filename=GED-Luo.pdf&id=55724 because the theoritical coordinates is not the experimental coordinates
  3. You should not ignore it, because that is wrong action. Schrodinger equation could give some right answer, but matter wave is wrong conception.
  4. However, we are discussing now is a fundamental scientific questions. That is the transformation relationship between theory and experimental coordinate systems. If the transformation relation can not be determined, the experimental data could not be applied to prove the theory. Your words is helpless to solve the question, isn't it?
  5. You think logic relationship between experiment and theory is unnecessary!
  6. We are discussing the logic relationship between the experimental data and the hydrogen atom model of quantum theory. Your answer is about resolution of measurement, and is an other question.
  7. It is a problem about logic, but not an error. So the answer only is yes or no.
  8. A scientific theory or model about nature must obey scientific rules,such as logic, causality, and could completely not partially be confirmed by the facts. If a theory which is even the current mainstream thinking violate these rules, we should question its correctness and scientificalness. And I believe we will eventually prove that is wrong and will abandone it.
  9. By the solutions and consequences of Schrödinger equation (and E=hv), the prolems of atomic, molecular, and solid-state structures and spectrums could be solved. As my works shown Schrödinger equation and E=hv could be deduced by classical theory. So, I suggest: Matter wave, quantum which are unnecessary conceptions and come a lot of contradictions, could be discarded. see above
  10. I disagree what you said above, and insist that quantum theory lacks some scientific foundation.
  11. You misunderstand my work, as the classical theory has been misunderstood since 1900s. That is the logic deduction by quantum theory, and I think there should not be logic error in a scientific theory. Thanks for your information
  12. But, there is no problem, if it is considered as a classical system. But, random movement and space can not be ignored. It will take some time to solve the problems you give above.
  13. My works is to prove the structure and linear spectrum of hydrogen atom could be explained by classical theory , but I have not thought about problems of molecule etc. I think I have given you my answer above. "It is random and uncertain by the description of quantum mechanics. If it is a classical system, the movement of the center of mass will produce the shift of spectrum, and could be determined by Doppler effect."
  14. It is random and uncertain by the description of quantum mechanics. If it is a classical system, the movement of the center of mass will produce the shift of spectrum, and could be determined by Doppler effect.
  15. I think that lacks logic the movement of the nucleus is random and uncertain by the concept of quantum mechanics, so the coordinate system moves randomly and uncertainly too.
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