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  1. Ok, here we go. Some of the following subliminal messages are really amazing. Don't spoil it for the people that haven't seen it yet by posting specific details about it. Find the subliminal messages! Very weird...
  2. Googleplex^zillion! I never knew "zillion" actually had roots in language. I always thought of it as a word for a number that a small child would use. Very informative and fun reading. PS. Long too! Edit: I know NeonBlack, thanks. It is Googol. Damn Google trademark is colonizing my brain!
  3. I personally do not trust general science magazines too much. They tend to exaggerate and publish unrealistic information. I like magazines that are dedicated to a specific field, for example; The Civil Engineering Magazine from ASCE. Those types of magazines publish scholarly articles and research papers from leading experts in the field. Many general science magazines tend to publish what sells. Still, your choices seem reasonable.
  4. I don't know if someone would like to know how to do plans only with CAD and not know how to do them by hand as well. I am not in the aerospace industry so I wouldn't know, but in the civil engineering department we were thought first by hand and then in CAD. In fact, all our work is based on printed plans (from CAD of course). I suggest you get involved and train by hand as well as with computer software. It just makes you more versatile. Oh, and someone mentioned something about the work of a draftsman standing out from the rest. That may be true, but in reality draftsmen are always paid below an engineer for doing the same work in AutoCAD. </$0.02>
  5. I always wondered about subliminal messages. Check this out: http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/subliminal.php See it and then tell me what you thought about it. But don't spoil it for the rest.
  6. I always wondered about subliminal messages. Check this out: http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/subliminal.php See it and then tell me what you thought about it. But don't spoil it for the rest.
  7. Sorry buddy but I am not going to go off topic simply to calm your hunger of debate. If you feel obligated to post anything just for the sake of arguing something and try to look 'cool' then be my guest. I rather read and learn then read and think that I know it all. I will save my energies for something a little more interesting then your thoughts on political behavior. Anyway, it bothers me when people just post for the hell of it. Or maybe to increase post counts, who knows... Edit: And you can quote and debate whatever you want with this post. My gift to you.
  8. I think it's Godzilla. Or maybe is this dude's relative. Click Me Link from scifi.com
  9. You said it yourself; politicians follow popular opinion most of the time. If the gay issue were to be proved without the shadow of a doubt that would pretty much make it a part of popular opinion (not to mention a proven fact which weights a lot more) as opposing views will have absolutely nothing to stand on. No matter what personal interest you have you simply can't argue that the earth is flat. See where I am going with this? Changes in the law will be imminent.
  10. This was an interesting thread. And I read the whole damn thing in one sitting Anyway, I think that until someone can finally prove that homosexuality is not a choice or something alike then the debate is still not going anywhere. Yes, I am aware that some studies point out that homosexuality is genetic, but I guess something is missing because if it would be taken as 100% proof then the laws will simply change without further delay. Edit: Just to make it clear, I meant the laws banning same-sex marriage in the US.
  11. Well, zero is a number and Infinity is not a number. So, you can't really compare both.
  12. WaR

    Who will be prez?

    I think it will be a close call indeed. I doubt that the Bush team will pull out another successful stunt like the previous one with Gore.
  13. If you mean that the function is with respect to t (obviously ) then just make it a u substitution. In detail: Let u = -0.1t Then, du/-0.1=dt Now solve for (integral)70e^u du
  14. That is correct. You can read about it in a lot of places. Here is an example There was also The Mentor's Legion of Doom vs. The Masters of Deception. That was the real Great Hacker War in my opinion. A true story behind that event. And let's not forget the former Defacers Challenge underground event. That's one hell of a competition, not a war though.
  15. WaR

    Foreign language

    Fluent Spanish, English and a decent Italian.
  16. WaR

    help please

    Well, lower skill or higher skill is irrelevant in this case. If you can use induction in a few steps use it. If you want to do the same exercise requiring 10 pages of proof, then you are missing the point of the question. Mathematics wants to make life easier for you, and higher methods are developed for higher more complex problems. Use what you must efficiently and later you will come to problems that require another approach. Just my opinion.
  17. I agree. Not every hacker out there has a deficient social life. In fact, the real "hacker" term came from MIT. They actually consider hacking a hobby, not vandalism. It is those that damage other's property that give hacking a bad name. A hacker is a person smarter than average. A hacker is not one of those punks that sends virus over the net, steals, etc. I think you guys are being a little rough on those individuals, don't let what you see or hear in the news influence your thinking. Start with a fresh mind and you'll see the reality behind it all. Google "Conscience of a Hacker" the Manifesto and you will have an idea of what I mean.
  18. Actually, I recently had a discussion with a graduate student and he was telling me that we calculate sines and cosines with Taylor series, but the calculator does not use this. Calculators use a variable storing system and a program called CORDIC. The explanation he gave was kind of abstract, but at least now I'm sure the calculator does not use approximations or Taylor.
  19. I'm WaR What else.... hmmm... oh yeah, I'm a civil engineering major at Polytechnic University in New York. I work as head assistant for some construction company called S &Stone and occasionally I make a few extra bucks as a tutor at school. What else.... I'm also a webmaster, but anyone can be one nowadays. Oh, and I like Mortal Kombat, Engineering, Boxing, Calculus, K1, My girl, and Nuclear Weapons. Ok, I go back to class now, just wanted to say hello. PS. Did someone say carnivorous plants? Cool.
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