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  1. Jackson33; We will just have to agree to disagree. From where I stand it seems like there is far more innovation coming from places like DARPA, NASA, and state funded universities than is coming from "private enterprise". I just don't have the faith in "free" markets that you have. People usually do not have enough information to make good choices.
  2. Even if they are only operating at 50% capacity as claimed, it seems to me that production will need to be scaled up somewhere to meet expected demand. I say more power to our future Chinese overlords and apparently those who control the manufacturing agree. It is not like we are going to have anywhere close to the amount of wind power we should have within the next two years, anyway, even if we max out their production.
  3. The narrower the pipe the more collisions on the inside surface of the pipe of molecules per volume of fluid therefore more friction according to that Reynolds Number Bob was talking about. You have higher volume per surface area the larger the diameter of the pipe and less friction because of it.
  4. benedictusk; The two biggest things I have found in doing something like this are you need to explain why it is better than what exists and is it economically feasible. There are a few maglev trains like the ones at Disney World but they are pretty expensive to build, maintain, and operate. Putting a price on whatever one is looking to do for this I have found to be an interesting exercise.
  5. From my frame of reference it has generally meant; Observer/Narrator Point of View=Frame of Reference
  6. TomBooth; I will second what InsaneAlien said. From what you just said it is obvious to me that you do not have a thorough understanding of how turbines work. Every multistaged turbine in the world has tapered disks. The thing is that they are tapered from small to big, opposite of the way you describe. The reason for this is to allow the gas to expand while passing through. That is how a turbine works. It is this expansion that work is extracted from. The whole idea of greater temperature differences (like in say superheated steam) is to allow even more expansion and thereby greater ability to do work. It is not possible to use the same source (atmosphere in your case) as both a heat source and heat sink with no other inputs. It is those other inputs that prevent any engine from being 100% or greater in efficiency.
  7. That's the point. If it is deemed necessary, industrial production in America can be stepped up relatively quickly. Those who run the world, have just decided that it is not desirable (for whatever reason) to do this. I was unaware that there was any windmill producers that had that much extra unused capacity, anyway, so wherever they are going to be produced is going to require major investment in expanding operations. Are the Chinese really that much more adept than we are at getting the manufacturing process going? Rapid deployment of alternative energy sources is a great idea, IMO, but how is that going to help our economy if we just import everything?
  8. In a perfect system flow rate is not reduced, thus the increase in speed of flow to maintain the same rate. However, in a real system you have reduction in flow rate due to greater friction and turbulence.
  9. Pangloss; The two articles in those references are authors that are supporting what I have been saying, the others are tables or graphs showing relative rankings for whatever they are measuring. If I failed to say worst (or close to) health care in the industrialized world I apologize but will say that for the money we probably do have some of the worst health care in the world, especially by the measures stated previously. Jackson33; If we are paying twice as much as most other systems that are state run, how can you claim that the private sector is going to be more efficient? As it stands now the lowest prices paid for health care is by those covered by the government i.e. Medicare/Medicaid. With out this to hold down the total overall cost the average we pay per capita would go even higher. In addition, there is 40-50 million who pay nothing but get figured into the per capita total. In other words, the most privatized system in the industrial world is by far the most expensive as well. I fail to see how you think that the military or NASA would be run better by private entities. Right now we hire companies like Blackwater and Haliburton to do some of the same things the military used to do, I would like to see a direct cost comparison but can state with certainty that no American private contractor makes less than I did when I was in the military. Additionally, do you think private companies would have put a man on the moon yet? They have yet to achieve useful orbit even after collecting several million dollars in prize money.
  10. Not to mention that anyone who understands the science behind climate change knows that more weather extremes are, in fact, predicted.
  11. How many years did it take to build up industrial capacity for WW II? The Sept. 30, 2011 deadline is artificial and can be changed by an act of law at any time, especially if it will not take much longer. There won't be that much production till close to the deadline anyway IMO.
  12. Well, for myself, I can't think of anything that I would do if it wasn't going to land me in jail. However, I have a few of friends who have told me that is the reason they don't do drugs, particularly marijuana. Of course many of them do it, anyway, so the deterrent is obviously not universal. To say that it has no effect, I think is incorrect, though
  13. I don't think that is entirely true. While there are probably better reasons for not committing many crimes, threat of punishment does have some deterrent effect. The reason I don't drive much over the speed limit on the interstate when there are no other cars is mostly because I don't want to get a citation and fine for it and/or possibly lose my license to drive. While this is a far cry from anything "deserving" of the death penalty and I generally am a law abiding citizen, I think the same is at least a little bit true of more serious crimes.
  14. That is what happens when you give money to mutinational corporations instead of small businesses. I don't see why anyone should be surprised by this.
  15. TomBooth; As the coils running through the outlet (vacuum or not) of your turbine heat the exhaust up, it has to increase the pressure as well. At some point the pressure will become such that there is no longer enough pressure differential across the turbine to enable it to work. Exhaust from a turbine is always cooled and not heated for good reason. I wish you luck in building this since it will be a great learning exercise and who knows, you may even come up with a more efficient engine. I do believe that it is impossible for it to work in the manner you describe, however, and would caution against raising your expectations too highly.
  16. Pangloss; Google national health care rankings. It doesn't matter who's figures you use but you will find the U.S. at or near the bottom of the industrialized world in the following; infant mortality, childhood mortality, maternal mortality, longevity, healthy life expectancy, mortality from preventable diseases. As I stated previously, I think these things are far more important than how fast my knee gets operated on after tearing a ligament. Jackson33; You can assert all you like that the private sector can make health care universal and for a lower cost than the government but I do not have such faith in the capitalist tendencies of the "free market". It is totally your right to believe that people are not entitled to any health care whatsoever if they can't afford it but that is not my view and we will just have to disagree on that point. Even if the government completely took over the health care system, people would still be able to buy insurance or purchase services in the open market on their own if they felt the coverage was inadequate.
  17. TomBooth; Nice animation. Unfortunately the two things that will keep it from working in real life are; 1) you will require more energy than you can extract to raise your displacer piston. 2) if you are heating your exhaust from the turbogenerator, it will create a backflow from losing your vacuum as it heats up causing the turbine to stop. If you actually build one of these machines, you will see the truth of this, the laws of thermodynamics are very stubborn, I dare say even more stubborn than you are. If you can improve efficiency of an engine through this, it will still be worthwhile to build it but I am skeptical of even that. One thing I am absolutely certain of, is that it will not work the way you describe.
  18. If you are going to say that abut Mohandas Gandhi I would like to see some references of proof. Or are you going to claim he wasn't a political figure? IMO Palin is simply the Republican attempt to co-opt the "tea party movement". She has already stated that she doesn't want to be part of forming another party. The biggest problem, I think, is how much media attention she gets. What other vice presidential (or presidential for that matter) has ever gotten this much coverage from a supposedly "liberal" media?
  19. Pangloss; We do great at taking care of things that have become acute problems but rather poorly at preventing them to begin with. This is reflected in the relatively low levels of longevity and healthy life expectancy and high levels of infant, childhood, and maternal mortality. I suppose you can say "worst" is just my opinion but it is because I put more weight on the latter than the former. Jackson33; What happens when the privatized social security and medicare go out of business? Do we just tell all those people, tough luck you should have invested your retirement in a more robust corporation? If not, the government will be paying for it anyway so why allow someone to skim money off the top when those costs could be put toward keeping the cost of health care down? As it stands now we pay nearly twice as much for our mostly privatized health care as the most expensive government run system in the world. Is our health care twice as good?
  20. Thanks for the correction. I was not considering the alphas and betas produced since they don't make it outside of the core into the water coolant. They do produce considerably more heat overall.
  21. Tom Booth; I am a little surprised that you can't see why this won't work. Exactly!!! You will find that whatever means you are using to move your "displacer" requires more energy than can be extracted from the system.
  22. It depends what you mean by "significant". Think about a bicycle pump and how it gets warm while pumping a tire. An electric air pump can give temperatures high enough to give you a nasty burn if you touch the outlet of the pump. I think it is possible you could recover some of the energy for use but it would be such a small amount of whatever you were using to produce it to begin with that it probably isn't worth having the added equipment necessary for it. I would have to do more math than I am willing to slog through to figure out an exact number but am guessing that you could only recover a couple of magnitudes of order less than 1% of the original energy expended.
  23. Jackson33; I don't see how you can say that privatizing Medicare and Social Security will make anything better. Our health care system is mostly privatized as it is and provides some of the worst care at by far the most cost. Lack of ability to deal with "legacy" i.e. retirement costs is supposedly one of the biggest reasons GM and other companies are having financial woes. How has the private sector done any better job than the government in dealing with either one of these things?
  24. I believe the OP is referring to a particular type of genetically modified eggplant.
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