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  1. Q&A What if pre-recording is manifested through our ability to reason? Does reality allows it or not?
  2. Because reality answers
  3. Unfortunately I can't comment on why you went out of context far from my presented argument while quoting my posts That makes sense to me: thank you
  4. Ignore reality! Who said that? Reality is just existing facts according to how I can justify it. And value addition is part of reality. And it is reality that decides what works with value addition through practicals: and as said practicals boil down to what works in reality or not: and beliefs (theistic or atheistic) have worked practically well in social and psychological motivation and inspirations Whether being skeptical about reality is from a celebrated standard or non celebrated standard is just a question of how that standard justifies that.reality in. a way that makes sense in a non self contradicted way I keep rationality out of my belief and I believe in what if rationalism is what makes sense to me? Every one has a right to believe in what he or she finds makes sense! If some one does not find it in rationalism its okay to the concerned but not me who finds a lot of sense in rationalism
  5. I don't need to believe in what works! The question is either it works or not But I need to believe in what makes sense to me ! And the question here is that if it " will" work or not It makes some sense to me; thank you
  6. "The whole point is that if something " works " or proved to be working we don't need to use belief------ well said But if all our practices depended only on that which is working without investing in what has not worked but with decidable reasons to believe that it can work or not work; no one.would have been skeptical any more That doesn't surprise me: I already knew that every one believes in what "makes sense" to him or her! But thank you for the self defeating comment
  7. You learn towards science bra bra bra--- that is a practice of satisfying the purpose of what you believe in! And my dia try to differentiate between believing in what works practically and what does work! This is one of the greatest question if not concern in all belief systems Let me hop that you also don't believe that your posts make any sense!
  8. -religiosity or desire to worship according to belief -worship or religious practices of one's belief YesYes; humanity might have evolved a certain religiosity which they practice differently to satisfy the purpose of their different beliefs! Your belief(in God or a god or non existence of one or fantacy or what interests you etc determines what you practice to satisfy the purpose of your belief Forexample; I believe in skepticism and and inquisitive and curious of the existence of God or not and the universe etc; this shapes my practices
  9. You believe in intellectualism for the reasons we don't know and may be you can't justify! But at least you invest a lot in it here and you worship ideas that work for you Bravo
  10. The only truth or falsity; good or bad; right or wrong etc are just those which can be justified or proved or verified objectively or subjectively! Sometimes the subjective conclusion of the above is just convictional(see democracy) and objective conclusion of the above is consistent and complete or incomplete
  11. The way we perceive peace differs that's why we can't have a general consensus on what qualifies to be a peacefully world!and disagreements fertetilise skepticism and fuel our civilisation.may be we can talk of; if we could realise the mechanism and processes through which peace for all can be achieved regardless of our disagreements
  12. God is speculated to be the last statement to finalize the puzzle of our reality from the subjective point of view, and science will never give u a final answer to our reality cause by doing so; skepticism-curiosity and inquisitive will be over and science will sieze to be only to turn into theology! Perhaps if one day science can reach the level of dealing with that ping-pong dragon; it will reduce it to a catalyst or stimulus sort of entity; which is also religiously unwelcome! But never the less; science will one day tell us why do we believe and why do we have to believe in the first place! Such that; 1- you have the right to believe in what gives you good purpose and hope in life even if you can not prove it for logical purposes 2- you are free to logically evaluate any claim made about God because if you don't do so you only prove that God is dishonest with reality and thus making your belief in the creator to be meaningless 3- you r under civil obligation (as a citizen of the universe) to respect science as the only available tool through which reality can be decided subjectively as Godship creative ability
  13. When there is still no civilisation that can prove promising in "guarantying" our future; I think beliefs drive us in taking risks subject to the probability density of "realising" the intended results of our efforts! I think that with out such beliefs in future unguaranted out comes; very few if not all would take some calculated logical risk (if; then; or; else---)
  14. There is no limit to skepticism;but there is a challenge that it requires proof backed by natural evidence here and there; through which reality can sort your skepticism out scientifically(through non contradictions) and conventionally(through Occam's razor)! Only that in modern paradigm(say the ubiquitous paradigm); the fundamental tenets of the philosophy of science became scientificall self evident through consistent and complete mathematical logic- such that our curiosity and inquisitivity are justified naturally or pragmatically but not dogmatically
  15. We don't know why? That is why we expect paradigm shift! But given an answer we can know whether is is true or otherwise. And if we can verify our knowledge of a claim, then we can prove it and assume " why" through verifications Of course the Occam's razor is one of the fundamental tenents of the philosophy of science which is still surviving the challenges of evidences tilldate not just for epistemic purposes but also for practical purposes! We need effective and efficient feedback mechanism through which information signals can be processed accurately in form of subjectively or objectively recognisable reality No more no less
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