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  1. This quote from Matt Strassler: From what I gather, He is talking about an observer within the Proton, stationary to a moving Quark, This observer sees the proton as flat, If quarks are moving in all directions, Does the observer within see the proton as flat in all directions?
  2. From Matt Strassler's "what is a proton anyway" http://profmattstrassler.com/articles-and-posts/largehadroncolliderfaq/whats-a-proton-anyway/ First of all I was wondering what effect this "flattening" of accelerated proton, has on the quarks inside proton, Whether this "flattening" changes the composition/energies of the quarks, or are they insulated from the flattening effect of proton? This above quote, I am trying to fully understand, If the quarks and gluons are travelling in every direction, and an observer who is stationary with respect to one of the quarks, sees the proton flattened in the direction that the "Quark" is moving, If we had an "observer stationary to each quark" would these observers believe the "proton is flat in all directions"? Can this relate to the "universe is flat in all directions"?
  3. There are many models, Bubble universes being but one. http://tuftsdaily.com/features/2016/02/01/tufts-institute-cosmologys-research-points-possibility-multiverse/ chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/http://arxiv.org/pdf/1512.01819v1.pdf
  4. I agree, I believe in multiverses, but also believe our universe is infinite, Infinite by being part of a multiverse. But it still leaves the possibility that our local universe has an "outer edge", that expands into the multiverse.
  5. With more and more scientists believing in multiverses, I do not see why their is still so much negativity/venom against "our universe" having an outer edge.
  6. U.S. Sends Warships to South China Sea in an Apparent Attempt to Kick Off WW III Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/u-s-russian-proxy-war-heats-syria-u-s-sending-warships-challenge-chinese-territorial-claims-s-china-sea/#GTtQOzU4s2bbIfew.99 For a Nation that took so long to enter world war 11, they certainly are trying to make up for it now. With all these wars going on around the world, are we not already in world war 111? http://thefreethoughtproject.com/u-s-russian-proxy-war-heats-syria-u-s-sending-warships-challenge-chinese-territorial-claims-s-china-sea/ 36,000 troops, 200 aircraft & 60 vessels: NATO launches biggest war games in 13 yearshttps://www.rt.com/news/317564-trident-juncture-nato-drills/ Russia crisis: Britain calls for NUCLEAR WAR gameshttp://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/469286/Britain-calls-for-nuclear-war-games And so the "game" begins.
  7. my comments where none of the above, your comments are insulting, you seem to lack any "real" awareness of how the world works. I said "Africans do not like wearing condoms, it is not racist, it is a fact. Quote "There are people escaping conflict in Nigeria, Chad and Ivory Coast. And a man from Sierra Leone, Abu Bakr, who says both his parents died in last year’s ebola outbreak." The bread and water – just three-dozen 500ml bottles – ran out after two days. With nowhere to move, men in the middle of the boat simply urinated onto their neighbours. “They pissed on all our clothes, http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/17/death-mediterranean-africans-migrant-sea-libya We know that ebola can hide and come back, has the nurse Pauline has just proved, There are 100,s of boats crammed with Africans heading to europe, with squalid conditions as above, "awash with urine", Even some one has dumb has yourself must understand the potential for further transmission of the virus in these conditions. No one expected nurse Pauline to start showing signs of ebola again, This is a new side of ebola we do not understand, Significant risk???, A risk is a risk. We do not understand this new form that ebola has taken, we do not yet understand the "risks". This thread is about "Ebola" , and the risks to America/Europe, not race! You and your little "clique" do nothing but put anyone down who do not follow your 1 dimensional views on this or any other subject, You take a tiny part of any conversation in many threads and turn it nasty and insulting, REP POINTS ARE NO LONGER WORTH EVEN USING IN THIS FORUM, If anyone down votes one of your or your "cliques" nasty posts it gets reps up, once one of you attack a post the rest come like frenzied sharks for the kill. There is no longer any free or original thought in this forum, you scare it away or ban it. It is why many of you use "sockpuppets" to make it look like this forum is still alive. I may or may not leave, but ban me and I have no choice,
  8. What Is Americas Biggest Problem? Nothing, just give them a placebo and they will be alright The Placebo Effect Is Getting Stronger — But Only in the U.S. Please "John" I am not being "xenophobic", but this perhaps does show the power of advertising, and nobody advertises better than the "Americans".
  9. Just came across this TED-Ed periodic table, with video for each element, it was from last year, but worth adding to this thread. http://ed.ted.com/periodic-videos
  10. These Africans? I cannot find link, but it was something I read a few months back, officials who where trying to find these "high risk" people, and where told they had gone to Europe, I am not saying all previously infected "Africans" have come to Europe, but there will be many who have, nothing against them, just that it does bring a greater chance of another ebola outbreak.
  11. but we "are" talking about Africans, and the advice was that if you where previously infected you need to wear condoms. and those previously infected where "Africans". There are many stats about condom use in different countries, Uk is one of the highest condom using nations, America and Africa are some of the lowest condom using nations, it is not racism, just fact.
  12. So isn't this why we do the experiments? How much mass is needed to make them oscillate? I find neutrinos rather interesting at moment, The idea that interacting with mass makes them oscillate, perhaps one day being able to confine them or make them oscillate between muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos, perhaps one day acting as qubits in a quantum computer. What is this mass they have? Could neutrino mass come from anti neutrinos and the anti neutrino mass come from neutrinos? is that a paradox? Has what as been said, they rarely interact with matter, but do the trillions of neutrinos passing through us interact through the weak forces in anyway? In another thread talking about "aether"(which I will keep out off ), also brings these neutrinos to mind, If there are 100 billion neutrinos with mass passing through a square cm every second, if they did move at speed of light, would that mean there would always be a neutrino in any given space at any given time? Which would may then mean that space would basically be "solid neutrino matter" when viewed from a different time frame?, ps I am not stating anything, just thinking out loud.
  13. How is it "racism" Talking about "Africans" when the ebola crisis is from Africa? Perhaps when I said Africans do not like to wear condoms? If the crisis was from America I would have used the same statement. We do not yet understand what is happening with ebola, whether it is adapting/changing. "we are going to see aspects of Ebola virus infection that we have not observed before", Pauline the nurse has been visiting schools, she was in a school the "day before" she was "rushed back into quarantine", I would be worried has a parent of these children, but it seems you are quite willing to put children in front of someone who is not completely clear ebola (if risk is low) events in UK, I would call British/Britains events in USA, I would call American/Americans EVENTS IN AFRICA, I CALL AFRICAN, Not nothing to do with "racism". And yes there are thousands of Africans coming to Europe, many from the infected areas, and there will be some who have this virus still with in them. It is the "ebola virus" that we are talking about, not race, the "Africans" are just the unlucky ones at the moment. but once again you bury your liberal head in the sand. There is nothing wrong with questioning events in the world without bringing "racism" into it.which "YOU" keep trying to do.
  14. You Pompous prick, I am not racist, What have I said "racist", It is well documented that it as been a struggle to get Africans to wear condoms.( a cultural thing). Yes, the risk is very low, but not non existent. So you are saying you would sit your family in a room with "PAULINE"? What I am saying is if ebola as reared it's ugly head again in Pauline, WHY DO YOU THINK IT WILL NOT IN THE THOUSANDS OF AFRICANS WHO WHERE INFECTED? Have you not read of the thousands of "African" passports found that have been discarded in Europe, https://floroy1942.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/the-great-syrian-refugee-hoax/ Not yet, but she is contagious, but she as been under close observation, unlike the many Africans who are making there way to Europe. I get crucified for stating pauline is infected, And for saying "previously infected Africans" are in Europe, People like you lot never see the problem before it's to late.
  15. So a british nurse who treated ebola in sierra leone is once again in a critical condition, who has been allowed to mix all this time with the general population. So we are to believe out of the 10's of thousands african's who "recovered", none are showing signs of illness but a british nurse is? we can guess where these are(in Europe) not being funny but condoms and Africans rarely mix. Borders are down in Europe, many thousands of Africans that may still have this virus hiding within them have already spread across Europe, When the next outbreak occurs and it will, it will spread through europe/world like wild fire, billions are going to die. there will be no way to quarantine everyone, government services will break down, it is not if this will happen it is just a case of when it will happen. It only took one African girl in a remote village to course the last outbreak, we now have thousands of potential carriers working their way across Europe/world.
  16. I am not just talking about nuclear interactions in body, but actions yet unknown , I did read that in the presence of matter neutrinos could oscillate more vigorously between muon and tau neutrinos, We are matter, can we make neutrinos oscillate? If we could make neutrinos oscillate, does that means we are interacting with neutrinos?
  17. When?, where?, nothing has every been shielded from neutrinos, so I cannot know for sure whether it would make a difference, until you do that experiment. but do they? I am not arguing one way or another, just into neutrinos at the moment ,
  18. Why not, Curiosity?, Because we know trillions of neutrinos pass through us and all life forms ever second, I would be curious how a shielded life form from neutrinos would evolve, and whether they evolved different to a non shielded life form.(whether these neutrino interactions made any difference. could a black hole maybe also act has a scattering medium for neutrinos? maybe, but as with the quote from above "particles around the black hole are accelerated by a shock wave", What are these particles?, Could they be neutrinos? I cannot get out my head the "soil layers" we see on Earth that build up over time, if neutrinos cannot penetrate a neutron star far past a meter what happens to neutrinos that fall into a black hole, Yes they would perhaps fall into the black hole, but being unable to penetrate "into" black hole, could maybe form a "dense neutrino crust" and this "crust" is what is accelerated by the shock wave "in above quote". Perhaps at a tipping point(growth of black hole), this "crust" causes the shock wave from within black hole expelling this "neutrino crust", so black hole is not producing neutrinos,, only expelling "neutrino crust", A CRAP SHEDDING IT'S SHELL.
  19. I was wondering if we could ever shield against neutrinos, some how using the weak force which seems the only force they interact with, Lead we would have to be billions of miles thick. I wondered if neutrinos passed through a neutron star(or how far through) or whether they are deflected or decay somewhere within? Next step "black holes" if neutrinos have mass, I would have thought they would perhaps form a "shell like structure" around a black hole.(unable to penetrate) Could it be possible that the black hole is not producing neutrinos, but that neutrinos build up has a "crust" around black hole, and after a while the black hole "pulses" ejecting this crust of neutrinos into space?
  20. In England most would turn left, In America most would turn right, In India your guess is as good as mine. Was my answer for England/America determinism? perhaps my answer for India was indeterminism? I am not great with "isms".
  21. Thanks for above answers, looks like I was mistaken about amount of neutrinos in any cm squared at any one time I did find this article which also lowers the amount I thought, quick of thread topic question. I know the numbers are low, but i wonder about these "neutrino proton/neutron" collisions within our bodies, since neutrinos are now known to have mass, What these collisions involve, what energy is produced/released? Would they only damage atom they collide with, or would they effect cell/cells? Could these neutrino collisions play any part in Cancers?
  22. Why do you have to divide by speed, if we were able to freeze frame the universe at any moment there would always be 100 billion neutrino's in every square cm (just not the same neutrino's).
  23. To me it seems it is a speed problem, I have wondered whether this could be down to a similar effect we see with strobes? If neutrino's continually pass through an area of space would they then cause a strobe effect? The water droplets are falling at a 60th of second the light is flashing at 60th of second, neutrino's moving at near speed of light, light pulses at light speed, illusion neutrino's are slowed down?
  24. You are most likely right, just trying to fully understand your answer relating to "that neutrino flux" is primarily from the sun. Are you saying there are less neutrino's between galaxies per cm? I cannot yet find neutrino flux between galaxies, but surely these new measurements of neutrino mass in and around galaxies would add up to quite an amount of mass?
  25. Just a question. I just seen Nobel awarded for neutrino oscillations. http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/2015/press.html Wondered how this effects the missing mass in universe(dark matter) If a neutrino is now thought to have a mass of a billionth of the mass of a proton, There are 100's trillions of neutrino's passing through us every second, 100 billion per square cm, Even at these levels there must then be the mass of 100 protons passing through every square cm, But the density of space is worked out at 1 hydrogen atom per cubic cm? . But if the weight for neutrino's is correct, every cubic cm of space would always have the mass of at least 100 protons at any one time, making neutrino's the dominate cause of mass in the vacuum of space? Are the levels of "dark matter mass" now going to be reduced?
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