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  1. Really Jesus is the incarnate divine son of Almighty God and you wont the 'King of the Universe dressed in rags.
  2. "I saw what I saw as a subjective beautiful alternate reality not of this earthly realm Period! I will not waste my time going to all those links of yours, my experiences was sufficient unto itself.
  3. You are wrong you will be flooded by base ball leagues to join their teams at a huge salary not seen in any sport before!! Alan
  4. https://www.quora.com/ Not all highly intelligent people are psychologically healthy and well adjusted. Highly intelligent people aren't naturally great problem solvers... aren't naturally able to express themselves clearly... don't like criticism... They come with good hardware, that doesn't mean they are naturally able to do things that are learned skills like express themselves clearly or solving a problem in a domain. They can learn them quickly, but their skills are not innate. They also think very deeply about the ideas they come across. So much so that they trust themselves
  5. You are right at 90% c my body would be as hard to penetrate as a massive wall!
  6. Although I used mountains as an example we are in reality talking protons, and my watery body would offer no/zero resistance between the two colliding mountains approaching at 90% c.
  7. Guys I hope you don't think it was me claiming an IQ of 140 it was the person who wrote the article OK! As for my IQ it is 55? Alan
  8. Yes I have it is a horse tranquilizer that drug addicts use to their peril. We are not just a bag of watery protoplasm and my subconscious mind did not create what I experienced? thanks for the smiley Thank you for not doubting me because my experience was not a delusion or an illusion constructed by my dying brain , but an experience of unimaginably beauty and peace. I no longer fear death!
  9. I agree, but do IQ tests help assess potential success or failure of an job application? I also find it difficult to accept that Gary Kasparov the world chess champion with a supposed 1Q of 190 ( who has achieved almost nothing of significance) is more intelligent that the most influential theoretical physicist of the 20th century or even all time, namely the great Albert Einstein, with an estimated much lower IQ of 160?
  10. https://www.quora.com/ Article below for you comments (Edited by me expletive removed) Guys please stop posting that you have a 160+ IQ. Its really embarrassing for you. The chances of that being true are extremely unlikely. To be frank, I've noticed that only moderately gifted folks, with fairly mediocre achievement, seem to be interested in IQ. Also who cares? "I've got a 140 IQ"?. (Confirmed by a two day battery of tests by a neuropsychologist) and that didn't keep me from being scum bag and screw up for my entire 20s. I'm more interested in being a good person, than in how suppo
  11. You did not answer my question, but thanks for the effort it seems to me it is a mathematical equation that does not exist as a reality in the macro world we exist in? Alan
  12. That seems to be splitting hairs, your body will experience a force of being hit by a 100mph object, because you are in the path of both objects who will both collide with you, at the exact same moment in time, from exactly opposite directions.
  13. If he were in the "exact center" and both were approaching him at 90% light speed "to reach him at the exact same moment in time", then logic tells me he has endured at impact by two huge objects at 180% light speed, which according to Einstein is an impossibility?
  14. So the in guy in the middle, hypothetically, if he looked at one fast approaching mountain, from his left side, would see it coming towards him at 90% light, if he look from the perceptive of his right side, he would also see a mountain approaching him at 90% light speed speed, and the gap between them closing/shrinking at 180% light speed. If he could do the impossible and observe what happens to his body, when both mountain crash into it. Would his died body realize that he had been impacted it with a force of a huge object hitting him at 180% c (Light Speed)? A force of 180% c would
  15. Yes but we are talking near c light speed, which according to that dear old fella Albert Einstein, as far as I know, can never be succeeded from any vantage Point?
  16. The night my heart stopped and I flat-lined Hello everyone please read this updated, edited version, which better describes what happened to me night my heart stopped beating in 2011 On the night of 18th, August 2011 at approximately 9.30 pm, my heart stopped beating numerous times, both at home and later at Sunninghill Hospital. On resuscitation table due to third stage or total, AV heart block. I went through the whole drama of my heart stopping, flat- lining over and over again, adrenaline, atropine were injected directly into my heart and the shock paddles and chest depressions us
  17. Although you have more than 32,000 posts in this forum I do not believe you? However, I will research it futher.
  18. Then what happens to the person in the middle does the poor guy get hit with the force of two mountains crashing into him at 180% c?
  19. Yet paradoxically if he stood in the exact middle or path of the two approaching at mountains 90% light speed they would "crash" into him at a less than combined speed of light say 98% c?
  20. Thus in the real world the shrinking gap between the protons is a mathematical equation or construct. What if, hypothetically we used mountains, instead of protons, then the observer could see one mountain approaching him at say 90% c and the other mountain also at 90% c The two mountains if they had the means to see each other, would still observe the other approaching at less than c (speed of light) At this much larger scale a person could put himself between/middle of the two approaching mountains, at 90%c From his perceptive would the gap in which he has put himself shrink at grea
  21. Could I put it another way, if it were possible for an observer to position himself in the gap, from his perspective would the combined speed of the objects close to c close the gap at excess of c+? Thank you!
  22. I know this is thought true by many physicists but it seems to defy the fundamental law of nature namely c. Is the closing gap really nothing? It is really a mathematical construct that has nothing to do with the real world where c is always c
  23. Can any object approach another at greater than light speed? For instance the two protons racing towards each other in the Large Hadron ColIider. is the gap between them closing faster than c? Alan
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