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  1. Hi tar, You are just as smart as the rest of us, don't put yourself down. You could be right and the others who are debating the subject could all be wrong! Keep on keeping on.
  2. tar, I have never, ever used that facility on the forum, because I don't like it and it is hurtful to others. I express my opinions in the thread and nowhere else!
  3. Dear, dear tar? Why are you so worried about you "REP POINTS" I have nothing against you or your rather odd logic and would be sad and sorry to see you exit debate! Peter J This being a religious subforum in my opinion does not lead to philosophical debates, which are never-ending and get absolutely nowhere. As for me I repeat!! Reincarnation and rebirth after countless rebirths, is an unpleasant idea, to which I refuse to prescribe. When we die, we leave this mortal body that decays due to entropy and go on to exist forever in ethereal planes, some lower than our earthly one a
  4. I know this is a science forum Peter, but this is a sub-forum created by the Owner of this site? So why the heck can't we discuss religion, religion is faith based and something that scientist can prove or disprove. As for me I hate the idea of reincarnation, I have gone through this life with some terrible struggles, pain and ill health. So why would I want to return to this bleak grey earth zone, be born, become a child again , go to school again and repeat the whole struggle of life again?? It is appointed "ONCE FOR MAN TO LIVE" and then the judgment. Every person that h
  5. Maybe you should have done what I did copy and paste direct from a Buddhist site (Of course with the link)
  6. From some reading it seems that even the Buddha did not believe in reincarnation? http://www.buddhistsagainstreincarnation.com/ ‘Thy self to which though cleavest is a constant change. Years ago thou wast a small babe; Then, thou wast a boy; Then a youth, and now, thou art a man. Is there an identity of the babe and the man? There is an identity in a certain sense only. Indeed there is more identity between the flames of the first watch and the third watch, even though the lamp might have been extinguished during the second watch’ (57) .
  7. Why did you fail to respond to my post about the unicorn, 2+2=6 etc?? I am most definitely not a pendanterist or dogmatic in any way or form and you know nothing about me, so it is very wrong to give me that type of attribute. Your quote "Alan in his"pursuit in my pedantry", makes no sense, why should I seek dogmatism? In fact I'm open minded and if anyone can prove the truth about reincarnation/karma to me, I would become a believer, however, not a dogmatic believer!
  8. There are no such thing as "facts in science" So called facts have a degrade graph almost as soon as they are postulated. What was considered tue yesterday might be found untrue today!
  9. Existence -was -Existence-is -Existence-will be. Within the writhing cosmic cloud of magnetic flux energy, that the always was, took on new form, evolved and coalesced again into a dense oneness of primordial glowing energy, which is and was and will be, the primordial source that moves between the everlasting cycle of order to chaos and chaos back to order. It became thought. Within a Timeless zone before existence came to be , a pool of infinite pure consideration held within it all the hopes, dreams, for creating new order within the realms of existence and reality and these immense wav
  10. John dear John, "It should be obvious that no one is trying to further scientific thought in this sub-forum" The title of this thread that you mock, is directly related to a religious topic, and if you can take the time to look at which subforum it occurred in you will notice "Religion" The Administrator/Owner created this sub-forum, which is about "Religion" and after more than 10,000 posts you should know by now that it is impossible to get consensus in these types of topics. To me it is fun to watch a debate unfold and where it leads. Lighten up and smell the roses John!
  11. I hate the silly over use of the "Straw Man" in all his forms and shapes, he just spoils debate!
  12. tar and Peter J tar you quoted the following below, The question then begs, What is the real world and what is not? As far as reality is concerned, it has been scientifically proven that our human sensory capacity is extremely limited. Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote on sensory perception. However, the capacity of human sensory organs such as, the eye for sight, ear for sound, nose for smell, skin for touch, tongue pallet/nose for taste, are very limited and can easily be fooled. It is true that we humans are the most highly intelligent sentient beings on o
  13. How about this essay explaining what a mystic really is? A mystic is one who, above all else in life, desires to know, not in the intellectual sense of knowing, the deepest Truth of existence. A mystic is one who senses more to life than making a living or being of service in the world although these things are both necessary and good. The mystic, however, is looking beyond an exclusive or preoccupied focus on these survival or self-actualization to something more. He is looking to discover the deepest truth of our being as incarnate souls; to understand our greatest potential as re
  14. Are you hinting that I do not understand the subject, and want to put me right
  15. Nice post Peter! Let’s talk about Karma, Reincarnation and Destiny. http://freethoughtblogs.com/yemmynisting/2014/02/17/of-karma-reincarnation-and-destiny/ · Are you blaming Karma for the calamities in your life? · Do you wish you had known about Karma so that you could have averted the calamities? · Do you believe the Karma you accumulated in your previous life is why your life is a mess? So tell me, · Was it bad Karma that got 3 million Jews gassed? · Is bad Karma responsible for the death of millions of A
  16. I know that, the different parts of the body, say from head to feet are under different gravity forces, The head higher, lesser, the foot greater. Time is also affected by movement/velocity. Thus my two posts! Yes it all has to do with the frame of reference and the oddness of understanding relativity.
  17. Time "moves" slower in a walkers frame of reference, than it does for a person some distant from him, who she/he is approaching. Thus the Walker" is a tiny weeny bit younger than his/he standing friend
  18. If I am allowed an opinion (Am I disgusting for believing in Almighty God?) My opinion on the "A course in miracles" is that is a lot of hogwash!
  19. Time "Moves" at different rates, even from a persons head to that of his feet below?
  20. You are wrong about Almighty God!! He exist period. As far as karma and reincarnation, how the heck do believers explain Hitler.
  21. I am perplexed as to why hybrids, can be bred very diverse sub- species, such as we see in the cat, dog, horse families etc. I have been informed that we share 98% of our genetic code with Chimpanzees, and much the same with the other great apes. Why then is it thought impossible for an ape human hybrid to be bred?. This is a scientific question, so lets leave out the moral aspects of doing this in this thread
  22. Karma is nonsense, however there might be a case for reincarnation!
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