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  1. Saronya I disagree, now it is two that can comprehend, you and the big guy. You knew and forgot to tell us and the big guys will not only. As for finite little "mortal "me the vastness of the universe is uncomprehensible Go to this amazing link and you will get a new perpective of how tiny earth and our sun really really really is!!!!!, http://www.rense.com/general72/size.htm What do you think? Alan
  2. Yes I am, Thank you Alan Oh!! Master of wisdom, not of physics/science etc. Although as an amateur astronomer for over 40 years I think I can dialogue intelligently on this vast topic
  3. Hello, When matter and antimater collide there is a total release of energy. 1) What is this energy? 2) what affect would it have on the second law and entropy. 3) would it continue to exist in the antimatter or matter realm (realm used for lack of a better word) E,g where do the fundamental particle go after the total turning of matter into energy? Some speculate with an oxymoron in that it becomes anti-energy Thank you Alan
  4. Thank you TranseD. If is just as I thought these nastly blighters are of liitle use.
  5. John Cuber, Do you object me getting another view point. Alan.
  6. Hello people I know my little essay is a statement but it is a statement of how really huge the universe our home realy is. The unimaginable vastness of the universe Author Alan McDougall The distances in space are unimaginably vast beyond human comprehension. If I try, tell an uninformed nonprofessional that it is so many kilometers to the Sun or moon, will these people be able to comprehend these vast unbelievable distances. The moon and sun are a mere two light seconds and eight light minutes respectively from the earth. Ligh
  7. Skeptic, Please I did not want to wallow in relgious mud by assuming some malignant malicious god created these little follows. I have read that viruses might have a role in the process of evolution. Such as changing DNA occasionally in a positive or negative direction. Your thoughtful comments are much appreciated, Thank you! I agree Regards Alan
  8. Hello, As a non- medical man I have often wanted to ask the medical profession does the virus have any postive use in nature?. How does this suicidal little killer fit in with the balance of nature. Regards Alan
  9. Greering I am new, Engineer, Hybrid animals, I have a few questions relating to hybrid animals. The great cat family seems to interbreed and result in hybrids. Why is this? The horse family Donkey, hourse, etc, also do so, can they breed with a zebra or is to too remote genetically. Two questions? The dog family produces hybrids easily. Why is this? The ape and monkey family do not produce hybrids. Why is this? Forgive my ignorance on genetics as I am an Engineer not a geneticist. Anything that you can add about hybrid animals will be most appreciated. Hum
  10. Hello people, Just to bounce myself into the forum, what do you guys think about no micro system being absolute ? :-)There is no system or place in a system which is absolute, so that by reference to it we may determine absolutely the velocity of a movement. Yet to measure the movement of any system we must adopt a standpoint. This is Einstein's principle of relativity. Every observer of nature measuring phenomena takes a frame of reference and whatever frame he chooses it must be for him a system at rest. Thus just as we saw in Bergson's theory when we considered the subjective fac
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