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  1. To answer your question above, I must do some research , I don't know what the results would be, but if I come across any meaningful info I will come back with it later.
  2. Some suggest if the internet or indeed any extremely advanced computer, feared for lack of a better word, been switched off and dismantled, it would have crossed the barrier between the living sentient animated entity and that of just being a very sophisticated calculator.
  3. How can you be so sure many great computer scientist and brain experts say it will over time , maybe not in my lifetime? http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20121121-will-the-net-become-conscious The internet is a new life form that shows the first signs of intelligence. So says brain scientist and serial entrepreneur Jeff Stibel. He argues that the physical wiring of the internet is much like a rudimentary brain and some of the actions and interactions that take place on it are similar to the processes that we see in the brain. At the same time, he says, it is forcing us as humans to
  4. I am sure we all know this, thus the use of the symbol c. Experiments in different mediums have got light to move at a few miles per hour, I will come back with citation! http://www.news.harvard.edu/gazette/1999/02.18/light.html
  5. I was responding to your statement about "politically maturity" not civil unrest. I admire the USA Constitution and its checks and balances that prevent your President from becoming a dictator!
  6. http://www.science20.com/news_articles/now_we_can_see_if_cat_alive_or_dead_peeking_inside_schrodingers_box-128037 Now We Can See If That Cat Is Alive Or Dead: Peeking Inside Schrodinger's Box Direct measurements consists of two types of measurements performed one after the other, first a "weak" measurement followed by a "strong" measurement. In quantum mechanics the act of measuring a quantum state disturbs it irreversibly, a phenomenon referred to as collapse of the wave-function. The trick lies with the first measurement being so gentle that it only slightly disturbs the system and d
  7. My question was about the time dilation effects on each object approaching each other at say your 9.9999999995 c ?
  8. Thus must we expect societies that are political immature, or dominated by theocratic dogma to to be in a state of civil unrest? I doubt if political maturity exists in any society, take the recent shut down of the USA Government, due to immature bickering and intrigue amongst Congressmen and Senators, in a supposedly mature and secularized country free of religious domination. I doubt if it is going to remain this way, Kemal Ataturk the great Turkish statesman politics prevented Turkey from becoming an Islamic dominated society or theocracy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustafa_Kema
  9. What would the time dilation effect be in two hypothetical objects accelerating towards each other, at 99.999% c? SR allows for an object to get as close as 99.99 % c thus , both object could be traveling through space at said speed?
  10. Again I repeat the thread is about civil unrest and violence in the last few decades, not the ancient history. Your comment saying that the whole thread seems to be premised on selection bias , special pleading and no true Scotsmen makes no sense, please elaborate?. Moderator imatfaal warned us all not to compare Islam to any other religion and here you are doing it again albeit in past times?
  11. This is a simple test of logic, nothing more, accept it as posed by the person who thought it up! You stated that There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Page is a correct statement. (No there is only one error, the extra "the" therefore, it is an incorrect statement)
  12. I take the moderators warning on the chin and accept it as valid and will not repeat my error again! However, the thread is about Islam, whether it can be said to be a religion of peace and we need the word of the Prophet Mohammed to establish this, because 1.2 billion people follow his teaching as reflected in the Qur'an. During the last decade most of civil unrest appeared to have come from countries that are predominantly Muslim, the Arab Spring is an example, Syria is another. 9/11 was a disaster perpetrated by Islamic "radical fundamental extremists" not the average Muslim who are
  13. The finding of the Higgs Boson , completes the discovery of all the predicted fundamental particles of the Standard Model.
  14. Those are the teaching of the Old Testament or Hebrew bible the Tanakh, Christianity is supposed to be a new covenant between God and man. Yes! Jesus respected the laws of the Hebrew Scripture because he was a Jew, but according to Christian Doctrine he took all those laws and punishment for breaking them onto his own self on the cross, by dying as a perfect sacrifice to free humanity from the power of the law and ultimately free humanity from eternal death. This is what Christians believe about their prophet Jesus, that he was a man of peace , love and forgiveness. I am not saying M
  15. http://www.answering-islam.org/Silas/founders.htm Perhaps we should compare the saying of the two prophets that started Islam and Christianity and make up our own minds on who preached peace and who did not! "If you claim to be a Christians you should never, ever sprout hatred and spite, because this is opposite of what Jesus preached during his life" (Those are my comments above Alan McDougall) http://www.answering-islam.org/Silas/founders.htm JESUS/ MUHAMMAD? A COMPARISON OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE WORLD'S TWO LARGEST RELIGIONS by Silas INTRODUCTION Jesu
  16. Your rhetoric is very unpleasant , who are these SMUG MORONS you dislike so intensely?
  17. The puzzle must be accepted as posed, not skewed by all sorts of possibilities outside the wording and boundaries stated in the original puzzle. Such as the liar deciding to only tell the truth, this defeats the whole objective of the prisoner finding out the right door to go through. Of course the guards must know which door leads to where, how can you mess up the whole idea of this logic question with all those meaningless assumptions? Why cant they post paradoxes, I find them fascinating?
  18. The two errors are "the, two two's (error 1) and the statement that there is only one error" (error 2)
  19. http://www.rochester.edu/College/phl/puzzles.html There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Page 1) On the Island of Knights and Knaves: On the island of Knights and Knaves, every inhabitant is either a knight or a knave. Knights always tell the truth. Knaves never tell the truth; any sentence uttered by a knave is false. A stranger came to the island and encountered three inhabitants, A, B, and C. He asked A, "Are you a knight, or a knave?" A mumbled an answer that the stranger could not understand. The stranger then asked B, "What did he say?" B replied, "A said that
  20. In that case must I in future use my "own subjective judgment" as to how much I can past out of an article, that did not have its origin on this site? Or restrict it to a link to an article that I think the other members might find interesting, also?. What about inviting traffic to our forum? I am not trying to be difficult just clear up some misunderstandings!
  21. http://www.livescience.com/42791-supernova-star-explosion-amateur-photos.html?cmpid=514627_20140124_17471054 I did not intentionally leave out the link, I had copied the article into a word document, without the link so it was an oversight on my part, not an attempt to claim any right to the article.! How can it be a copyright infringement if I include the link to the article even if a copy and past most of the article?
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