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  1. http://www.livescience.com/42791-supernova-star-explosion-amateur-photos.html?cmpid=514627_20140124_17471054 New supernova in the sky The supernova was first observed Tuesday (Jan. 21) at 7:20 p.m. local time (19:20 UTC) by a group of students led by Steve Fossey at the University College London. "It was a surreal and exciting experience taking images of the unidentified object as Steve ran around the observatory verifying the result," UCL student Guy Pollack said in a statement. The only closer star explosion in the last three decades was Supernova 1987A, which was spotted in Fe
  2. I don't think if c were different it would make alter the physical universe in the huge way you suggest, however, if the "force of gravity" were different then what you suggest would be true.
  3. I would say as an Engineer I qualify as a scientist of sorts and I go beyond belief as far as love is considered, I know that I love very many people , some of which I would die for if such an event ever came to pass. Is love just a function of my brain neurons, I really don't care 'all I know is I love people profoundly" ?
  4. Yes even massive objects like colossal galaxies, that are imbedded in space can separate from each other faster than c , by the overall expansion of the universe, but that does not alter the fact that no object that has mass can travel "through" space at c. c is immutable sorry!
  5. c is what it is because that is a "reality of our universe", you cant change it in the same manner you cant change the value of phi, the diminishing returns in energy needed to get an object to c, becomes infinite, the total energy of the entire universe, is insufficient to drive an object to c , thus it is an impossibility for any object with mass to reach c , mass-less particles like photons are always at c. Would you like me to suggest some cosmic traffic official set the limit of c in our particular universe? Must I answer an impossible question, if I could I would outrank Einstein as
  6. The scientists in question have based their belief on the solid grounds of "scientific evidence", not "follow your leader' you insultingly suggest.
  7. Well news today is about the goings in the Muslim majority states below, which have reasonable stability and at are at peace and which are in a state of flux and uprisings? See list below! Note those with # before Muslim Population means that country is in a state of unrest, more ### indicates even more unrest, even civil war. Note those with ? before Muslin Population means I am not sure if there is any unrest and will check! http://www.religionfacts.com/islam/places/top_50.htm Country % of Muslims Muslim Population Mauritania 99.9% ?3,083,772 Maldives 99.
  8. My thread is about Islam in this day and age and is not meant to compare it to Christianity, although admittedly Christianity was guilty of the most hideous crimes in the past. Of course if other members want to compare Islam to other faiths it is their right to do so!
  9. Humans carry the sea/oceans of their origin inside their bodies, blood is salty etc! In fact there are no animals as far as I know, that have fresh water blood, thus the oceans were/are our original homes from which we emerged millions of years ago.
  10. A lot of them, however, believe love and other emotions are just due to brain hormones etc. Maybe a moderator should decide if it is really a breach of rules.
  11. Is Islam really the religion of peace their followers claim it to be? Looking at the daily news contradicts this claim don't you think?
  12. My mistake, my point is that any object that has mass cannot be accelerated up to C!
  13. The original question asked in this thread was "Why does light travel at 299,792.458 kilometers per second in a vacuum. The best answer I can think of is that any object that has mass, even a fundamental particle would need an infinite amount of energy to reach C It is simply a reality of our universe,such as phi. This barrier would apply equally to a colossal mountain of a trillion tonnes, as well as that of a single proton, it is all about diminishing returns. At first a huge amount more energy is needed to accelerate the huge mountain, and almost nothing to accelerate the proton. Assum
  14. What is the future of theoretical physics beyond the SM, can the SM be said to be complete with the discovery of the Higgs boson/Higgs field? Again I mentioned the Higgs boson for those visitors to our forum that might be interested in it, can't the forum serve as a "source of information" as well as a "place to debate", I am not playing games , that is an insult and you should know better by now that I do not do such inane things on the forum.
  15. Your sarcasm and wit are breathtakingly brilliant! Your answer is correct, the lie which is a negative always leads to the opposite of the truth, thus any answer you get from any of the guards you do the opposite.
  16. I know that!, but I added some facts and information about the Higgs boson and the Higgs field, that might interest those with less knowledge than yours
  17. Anyone with the very basic understanding of physics , knows that light photons do not "accelerate" and by this time you should be aware of the fact, that the level of my understanding of physics goes beyond that of primary school children.
  18. The Higgs boson was the only particle predicted by the standard model of physics that remained undetected , thus must we accept the SM as complete, and back to my question must we now develop new theories/physics beyond the SM. The Higgs boson is what leads to matter having mass to matter, so does it also have mass, if so where does it get its mass own from?. The Higgs particle is a ripple in the Higgs field, and studying the Higgs particle will tell us something about the Higgs field. Since gravity pulls on things proportional to their mass, and since the Higgs field is responsibl
  19. From my statement in Post #49 it should be obvious I knew that, I was just making a point!
  20. . I am sure they knew what he meant, but for those who might not, can I add a comment below? Photons and other "mass-less" particles have Zero rest mass. When a Photon is created it is already moving. It isn't like a ball that in laying on the ground and gets kicked. At the point of conversion the photon is instantly traveling at the speed of light namely C SR dictates that only things with mass require more energy to be accelerated. Since photons have "no mass" and actually never "accelerate" the restriction doesn't apply to them.
  21. Matter /antimatter asymmetry exists as a reality of our universe, luckily for us or our universe, would like be a gamma ray soup. You are right it is one of the great mysteries of physics. If the mass of neutrino's could be measured accurately, maybe there combined mass would account for the missing mass of the universe or dark matter. However, in all the previously mentioned, still to be solved physics, the Higgs Boson must play a part. Has the Higgs Boson been included into the SM?
  22. Physics Beyond the Standard Model? The discovery of the Higgs Boson in July 2012 by the Large Hadron Collider team, was a triumph for particle physicists. However could there be a downside to this discovery? Is there a need for any physics beyond the Standard Model? Does the Standard Model not successfully explains the data?. Why generate extremely far out difficult to comprehend theories, based on particles and extra dimensions that might not exist, and so far have never being detected, when a far simpler theory might suffice? Occam s Razor should it apply in this case? Super-
  23. The night my heart stopped and I flat-lined On the 18th August 2011, I my heart stopped beating numerous times, at home and then in the Sunninghill Hospital (clinically death) I had taken nap on that Thursday night, and a dear friend of mine, Tony was somehow moved to phoned late that night, a thing he had never done before, I woke up with heart going crazy almost stopping, my wife immediately called the for the ambulance and they got to my home in ten minute flat, the hospital is less than a half kilometer from my home and I was there in five minutes and went I got attention immediate
  24. To illustrate my disillusion with exclusive religion, a case in point was Jimmy Swagggard, a hell and brimstone evangelist, who screamed and shouted from the pulpit against all sins, especially sexual sins and depravity, he was caught red handed at a brothel trying to secure the favours of a prostitute for the night. A few days later in front of his congregation , he wept and wept asking say over and over again “ I have sinned I have sinned” He pleaded with God and his congregation to forgive him, and I think many of them did forgive him for the terrible sin he had done. However, this sad sto
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