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  1. There isn't a selection pressure for it. Mutation alone doesn't drive evolution.


    I disagree with this. Doesn't natural selection depend on the choice of the correct set of genes with correct mutations to survive in a certain place? For example, a bacterium living in hot springs would be expected to have genes mutated to help them survive in these hot spots. Evolution is entirely driven by the quality of mutations available.

  2. I just wondered if instinctive behaviour can be passed on genetically OR is it environmental OR is it a mixture of both?


    If it is a mixture of both environment and genes passed on from its parent, does it show that gradual accumulation of mutations is not the mechanism for evolution of instinct?

  3. I agree with you. The BCS theory referes to Cooper pairs of electrons but Li's theory seems to suggest that rotating ions trapped in a semiconductor matrix will induce a new force perpendicular to the axis of movement. I should have been more precise with the language but was learning as I went along. Quite interesting though, I have half-learned more concepts as I went along.

  4. I'm not sure that LENR-CANR passes as peer-review in the normal sense of the term.


    While there are a number of experiments that have detected "something," it's reproducing these experiments that seems to be the problem. That's a big hurdle one must overcome to be mainstream.


    I agree that reproducibility of the experiment is crucial but they have modified the original experiment.


    By the way, I think it is a Japanese journal not lenr-canr:


    'Arata, Y. and Y.C. Zhang, A new energy caused by "Spillover-deuterium". Proc. Jpn. Acad., Ser. B, 1994. 70 ser. B: p. 106.

    A New Energy caused by “Spillover-Deuterium”

    By Yoshiaki ARATA, M. J. A., and Yue-Chang ZHANG * (Communicated Sept. 12, 1994)


    Abstract: It was verified that a new kind of energy is caused by “Spillover-Deuterium” generated in a double structure (DS)-cathode with “Pd-black”. Using this cathode, the authors confirmed the sustained production of a significantly abnormal amount of energy over a period of several months that could not be ascribed to chemical reaction energy. The chemical reaction energy of 0.1 [mol] Pd-black used is only 4[kJ], but more than 200[MJ] of excess energy was continuously produced for over 3000

    at an average rate of 50-100 [kJ/hr] using a DS-cathode with a same quantity of Pd-black. Intermittent operation over a period of two years using this structure proved the complete reproducibility of these results.


    Key words: Spillover deuterium; Pd-black; DS-cathode; new energy.'

  5. More pseudoscience or science fact? This is your call.


    Like most people, I felt deflated post 1989 when no-one could replicate the cold fusion experiments of Fleischmann and Pons and felt that the two scientists were fakes. This is suggested as typical pseudoscience.


    However, Japanese researchers have claimed cold fusion from using a Double Structure cathode where deuterium ions are introduced on to a Pd coated electrode where the deuterium ions fuse together by cold fusion. It is interesting that the journal appears to be peer reviewed so that it revives the theory again.


    'The DS-cathode first used consisted of a Pd bottle-shaped outer cathode filled with “Pd-black” powder as an inner cathode. The outer-cathode was used principally to introduce D+ ions into the inner-cathode where the primary reaction that realizes excess energy takes place. After repeated trial tests lasting over a year, the authors began the main experiment using this DS-cathode in September 1992 and the experiment is still in progress. It should be noted that DS-cathode is fundamentally different from the Single Structure Cathodes (SS-cathodes below) used by all other researchers which consist of a plate, foil, wire, cylinder or rod.'



  6. Sorry, but wikipedia is not an acceptable substitute. Ions in a BEC? How would one do that with the repulsive forces present?


    I guess this would be why this thread is shifted to pseudoscience :doh:

    but Li ventures that in a BEC, the ions behave as one 'super ion' which produces a 'gravito electric field' perpendicular to the axis of spin. I am theorising that the ionic repulsion is minimised at low superconducting temperatures but I don't know to be honest. I was just interested in collecting together a fascinating area of science which could come true in the future.


    Ions seem to be important here to make a BEC:



  7. We need references to the original claims in order to evaluate it. Links to vague summaries on websites and in popular magazines don't help so much. Your second link makes it clear that this is a Podkletnov experiment, and nothing to do with BECs.


    Please read the reference to Li's experiment which has everything to do with BEC's. But, I agree, you need to read scholarly articles than vague references on websites. However, this could also be for the purposes of keeping it secret from other countries. It is a tough call.


    Ning Li is an American scientist best known for her controversial claims about anti-gravity devices. She previously worked at the University of Alabama, but left to form her own company AC gravity LLD.[1]


    'According to Li, rotating ions create a gravitomagnetic field perpendicular to their spin axis. If a large number of ions could be aligned, (in a Bose-Einstein condensate) the resulting effect would be a very strong gravitomagnetic field producing a strong repulsive force. The alignment may be possible by trapping superconductor ions in a lattice structure in a high-temperature superconducting disc.'



  8. I have not been on these boards long, so excuse me, but I am sure you guys can help with a cure for cancers. This is called DCA - dichloroacetate and seems to help to destroy cancer cells by turning on respiration in mitochondria. Doctors have started using this for desperate terminal cases of cancer.




    How can you help?


    Can you:


    a) come up with a way to make dichloroacetate in a living room with simple

    chemicals and,


    b) come up with a way to purify DCA easily?


    That way, everybody can make it themselves and purify it and we can avoid the greed of pharmaceutical companies making it available to the public at low cost. If anything is worth doing for mankind, this is it!

  9. Actually, Li has claimed antigravity by creating a Bose Einstein condensate which then aligns 'its' magnetic field against the Earth's gravitational field (at least this is my opinion of what she claims):


    'Li explains that as the ions spin they also create a gravito-electric field perpendicular to their spin axis. In nature, this field is unobserved because the ions are randomly arranged, thus causing their tiny gravito-electric fields to cancel out one another. In a Bose-Einstein condensate, where all ions behave as one, something very different occurs...the tiny gravitational effect of each individual atom is multiplied by the billions of atoms in the disc. Using about one kilowatt of electricity, Li says, her device could potentially produce a force field that would effectively neutralize gravity above a 1-ft.-dia. region extending from the surface of the planet to outer space...'




    Also see http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1511/is_5_20/ai_54432952


    If true, this would represent an antigravity device wouldn't you say?

  10. All I can say is that she claimed she wanted the device to be for the American people. However since then, apparently she has been 'turned' and may be working for American Defense. I see your point, but if such a device exists, I would not want my rival nations to have it through reading up peer reviewed material.

  11. I accept that. However, is it a possible propulsion mechanism for UAV's? And is it possible to come up with a plausible antigravity mechanism - know of any? Also I wonder why a coil of wire plugged into the mains will rise as if has experienced antigravity? What's the Newtonian explanation?


    I have also found this about antigravity:


    'Bose-Einstein and Anti-Gravity

    In the 1980s, Ning-Li – a world renowned scientist predicted that if a time-varying magnetic field were applied to superconductor ions trapped in a lattice structure, the ions would absorb enormous amounts of energy. Confined in the lattice, the ions would begin to rapidly spin, causing each to create a minuscule gravitational field.'



  12. I just wondered about antigravity. What are the possible mechanisms? Are there functional small craft, for example, UAV's, that use these mechanisms to get off the ground at high speeds and are we confusing UAV's with UFO's?


    On doing a bit of reading, difficult for a non-physicist, I came across the following about the Biefield Brown effect:


    'The effect relies on corona discharge, which allows air molecules to become ionised near sharp points and edges...Around this electrode, ionisation occurs, that is, electrons are stripped off the atoms in the surrounding medium, they are literally pulled right off by the electrode's charge.


    This leaves a cloud of positively charged ions in the medium, which are attracted to the negative smooth electrode, where they are neutralized again. In the process, thousands of impacts occur between these charged ions and the neutral air molecules in the air gap, causing a transfer in momentum between the two, which creates a net directional force on the electrode setup...'



    A modified version of a UAV looks just like a UFO:



    Anybody else with other ideas about antigravity?

  13. Very interesting and contemporary research. However, at the end of the day, we still have gene banks of short DNA sequences from extinct species. I cannot see there being enough intact DNA to restore dinosaur samples, for example. In this case it was a short enhancer sequence.


    However, is there a possibility of extracting enough mammoth DNA to restore mammoths by somatic cell nuclear transfer using elephant ova?

  14. I just have a rough working definition of an immune system and it is crude and simple, but it would involve a cellular or non cellular attack against forign antigens. Therefore, if the cell membrane was capable of launching such an attack then it must be included. However cells of many body tissues do not appear to launch an attack on foreign bodies. So I would guess that the cell membrane is not part of an immune system response.:cool:

  15. Hi guys, I am jimmydasaint (taken from the film 'Things to do in Denver When You're Dead').

    I am the most boring man alive on Earth. I have a PhD in Biology and am a teacher in a tough-ish school in North London. On most days , I just spend the whole day talking to myself, because no-one listens and then bore my friends at the weekends. I know I must be boring because people start to yawn within 5 minutes of speaking to me (including pupils) and then have been known to fall asleep. As along as this works on the pupils, I don't mind. However, I do try to make lessons etc...interesting. Have you fallen asleep yet?


    My interests are Molecular Genetics and Quantum Physics but really my knowledge is 10 miles wide and one inch deep (i.e. shallow knowledge of a lot)


    You are asleep now, I am sure!

  16. I think compelling evidence for the existence of prokaryotes before eukaryotes in endosymbiosis comes from the sheer similarity of mitochondrial and rickettsial DNA as well as other bacterial features. Moreover, this is going on today in real life -


    " In two groups, the eukaryotic nature of the endosymbiont can be seen by its retention of a vestige of a nucleus (called its nucleomorph).


    A group of unicellular, motile algae called cryptomonads appear to be the evolutionary outcome of a nonphotosynthetic eukaryotic flagellate (i.e., a protozoan) engulfing a red alga by endocytosis.


    Another tiny group of unicellular algae, called chlorarachniophytes, appear to be the outcome of a flagellated protozoan having engulfed a green alga."


    These are functional living organisms.



  17. I assumed this discussion would lead to Penrose and Hameroff's quantum consciousness at some point, and it did. If I understand it correctly, decoherence can occur at room or body temperatures. Moreover, the sheer number of tubulin subunits (tubulin proteins make up microtubules) may behave like switches in a quantum computer. Meaning considerable computational power. The old argument has to be recycled at this point because Penrose postulated that Artificial Intelligence algorithms would not be able to approach his tiling problem. So far , he seems to be correct. You would expect quantum effects in electron 'shunting' mechanisms such as bacteriochlorophyll and this has been shown to be the case as well with the electron 'choosing' the most energy efficient pathway. Wierd stuff huh?

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