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  1. It's genetic. lol. All my life, I've been told that I have the hand-writing of a doctor. I'd prefer scientist's hand-writing, but I play with what I'm dealt :-D
  2. I've said it before, designer babies is a general term. Selecting specific genetic traits, even if it is just those dealing with disease, it is considered "designing". Personally, I thought it would be a good idea for parents to prevent their offsprings' early demise, or suffering; but a friend of mine brought up the arguement "If everyone was healthy through that plan, then there would be more people, and we're just about full." I can't really disagree with her, but from a parent's perspective I'm sure it's one of the most difficult things to hear that your child has a terminal disease. Other than designer babies, I said longer lifespan. So much is being done now for longevity that it might become a factor in genetic modification of offspring. I'd love to see some clean fusion plants making things more efficient. And I hope that the world never reduces it's intelligence to nuclear exchange. (Not that I wounldnt mind giving North Korea a good kick in the ass.)
  3. All I ask is that if you put me in this, dont make me some useless extra. Add character or depth or something, because I dont want to be seen as just some extra.
  4. Atoms (I should hope). To be more specific: neutrons, protons, and electrons. But then we can get into more quantum answers, but Im fairly sure that's not what you were looking for. Or was it?
  5. "No" most likely because my snapper will outlast me
  6. If you're honest, AWESOME Job! Tell us about it
  7. I'll just say this for the new System of a Down album: Mezmerize - A collection of great tracks, and a lot of classic SOAD style shouting and profanity. The track "Old School Hollywood" is not the usual style for the band, but that's not to say it't not good. All the songs are full of SOAD humor, but keep in mind that their humor is not the same as the rest of the human race's :-)Definitely worth obtaining if you're a fan, if not, then you might just crap your pants, but give them a try. My favorite tracks would have to be (in no specific order)- BYOB (Bring Your Own Bombs) Revenga Radio/Video Sad Statue
  8. What is ALI? Some independent AI project? What sort of feedback would you need on it/ Is anyone else confused, or did I just miss a post or something? I would strongly suggest talking to an expert on the topic of the thread. Finding the most qualified professional would be the best option.
  9. I implode, now get to the explaining. :-D
  10. No, I think it would be more like asking god to explain what next week's weather will be... I'd say if there was a recognizably professional mind on the topic, it would be one of the creators...
  11. If one was truly interested, one might contact the man who in-part created neural networking ...lemme just cough cough up some information here...COUGH, http://www.eng.tulane.edu/Tef/Speakers/Harold.htm, Cough, cough... Still getting over this cold
  12. I would assume that whatever reputation I had here is now shot because of my absence for quite some time...Does it help that Ive been working on things that will change the world?
  13. I'll ask only that NO TOPICALITY OF ANY KIND BE RUN...EVER AGAIN We know how to use a dictionary, unless you say the Earth is made of cheese, you dont need to provide a definition...we'll find out...I promise Thanks so much...
  14. cough, IP blocker, cough, cough, a good one, cough Sorry, Im getting over a cold
  15. ya know, If I wasnt so far away, Id go...why not?
  16. people tell me that Im crazy for wanting to live forever. "The world would fall into chaos" "World Wars" "All around $hit going down"...ect. I cant really understand my fascination with it, but it seems so appealing in my mind. I would love to make it a thousand years or more, not only to observe the evolution of society, but to (like AzurePhoenix said) continue theorizing, inventing and so on. I'm well on my way of changing the world now, but imagine if I had a thousand years. I would pay the price to have the prodecure, but I remain skeptical of it's efficiency (even though it sounds awesome)
  17. Very interesting... Something called the M prize is grabbing the attention of scientists who seek to reach immortaliy. http://beta.news.yahoo.com/s/space/hangintherethe25yearwaitforimmortality Who lives and who dies? Will money or merit decide the immortals?
  18. beauty is not collective, while you see blue/green/brown eyes as pretty, it would be selective to the mate...I dont want to mate with anyone who would reject another person because of eye color. In the future, I would hope that we dont burn the hell out of the ozone, and that light adjusting glasses would prevent blindness for all us blue eyed folk Well a guy can hope
  19. http://beta.news.yahoo.com/s/space/hangintherethe25yearwaitforimmortality I hope that the entire population does not get behind all this, and live forever (we're almost full as it is, and unless we want to spread to other planets and overtake the universe, we should probably contain our population )...who is to decide who lives forever and who dies with the rest? Will it be money or merit? Find out after the break, we'll be right back
  20. well well, There is a massive debate over the Alaskan Oil fields, and what affect our drilling would have there. I just wanted to open a discussion about it, and state my opinion, and more than that, my suggestions. I am all for the environment. Without it, we wouldnt be here...yea that came out right I have seen the area where we would commense drilling, and it's not that pretty of an area. That, however, is not to justify our drilling. The fact is that the area is primarily permafrost, and that the damage we would cause there would not be aweful, but it would stay in whatever condition we leave it in for a long ass time. But one of the major concerns is the wildlife and its preservation. The thought is that the prospect of oil spilling all over the place would devastate the environment and all those who inhabit it. As aweful as this sounds, I feel that if bioremediation were put in place, it would not only save the environment, but also a truck load of money for anyone who would have to deal with it (Im not just saying this because Im doing research in bioremediation either...btw, bioremediation is genuinely perfect...) Moreover, there is talk about how drilling up there would bring about a decrease in gas prices for the US...Full out bull$hit. OPEC would not see a drop of the oil, and thus, they would never decrease the default price of oil. Ultimately, since they set the standard, we would not see a penny less on the signs of gas stations. Not so great. Another idea of the supporters is that it would create jobs in an environment with...seafood and scenery. This is actually understandable. I can support the need for jobs, especially in an economy like the US (especially Alaska). All in all, while bioremediation would almost eliminate any permanent environmental damage, the thing that would really turn me off of this is the propaganda supporting the idea of lowered gas prices. My research and development suggestions - bring bioremediation mainstream, and throw a big campaign for alternate fuel/energy. My economical suggestion - invest in Oil...
  21. true (I have no further comment, that just made me smile)
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