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  1. Technically, science can't be "wrong". The scientific process can't be wrong because it never truly claims to be "right" it just says "this is most probable, according to the current data". The PREDICTIONS of scientists may be totally wrong, but science tells us what is most coherent with the data. When data is scarce, science can't create a complete picture, and when scientists try to extrapolate or try to determine the missing pieces... SCIENTISTS (not science) can be mistaken.
  2. I've read the book fairly recently, and I have to say. Worth it 100%! I've always had a love for the future, and particularly physics. Michio is the best author I have found (so far) on these topics. I own most of his books as a matter of fact. Michio, though, never says anything is "impossible" in his book, he simply puts them into classes of IMPROBABILITY Class I being possible and close to reality, Class II being possible but not within out reach, and class III being impossible according to our CURRENT understanding of the universe, and if proven workable, would shake the foundations of modern physics.
  3. IMO, it could be completely possible. There's no data (yet) that says that the brains CAN'T live, say, 1000 years past its bodies due. Another way to achieve virtual infinite life, would be to do a sort of "Brain-scan" and then create a silicon based replicate.
  4. I now see your second point as well, that even though they have the same 4th power, the 2nd power is variant, and therefore not equal to 1. Thanks again.
  5. Oh, I understand now. THANK YOU. Phew, it was bugging me. Let me see if I got this straight... the square root of -1, to the 4th power = 1. BUT taking the fourth root of 1 = 1, -1, i, or -i NOT both. So i doesn't necessarily = 1 or -1 What else could, to the fourth power, equal 1 other than 1 and -1? i seems to be both positive AND negative. (Which very well may be the point).
  6. So? The 4th root of 1 is -1 or 1. Neither would work.
  7. I don't understand. All I did was take i, put it to the 4th power, and took that number and found its 4th root. Shouldn't that, in the end, equal the same?
  8. i = [math]\sqrt{-1}[/math] i[math]^{4}[/math] = [math]\sqrt{-1}[/math][math]^{4}[/math] = 1 [math]\sqrt[4]{1}[/math] = i = 1 Therefore [math]\sqrt{-1}[/math] = 1, but that would mean that 1*1 = -1 Which is impossible. How is this? Did I make a miscalculation? Or is this really a paradox?
  9. How many times is the public gonna freak out before they realize they're ignorant?
  10. Seems rational to me Beings that that always seems to be the case!
  11. I was surprised to see you talk about the flexing in your ears, for I too, have been able to do so for as long as I can remember... Tell me, do you hear a sort of "rumble" when you flex? Also, I did some research awhile ago, and found that the theory is that one could potentially control the tiny muscles attached to ones ear-drum, creating the rumble as the muscle doesn't pull consistantly.
  12. Each of the words on this list have something in common: • AMULET • MARAQUA • MONDAY • PATCHES • ROCKY • SCHOOL • SWEET
  13. Halo is pretty fun. But it's not the best programing wise... I've seen some very great games, like OBLIVION and BIOSHOCK. Thanks for all the help. I've produced many personal theories and am now on a steadier path. Anything else is (Of course) still very appreciated. Garrys mod is has the best physics engine EVER!! you can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!! I even made a gyroscope!!! Look up some projects by people on youtube.com...
  14. Thanks BIG HELP. I especially liked the simulations. Any one know of any others? I'm trying to find gravity games specifically..
  15. What's enthalpy? Why do they produce heat (kinetic energy)? It's just a reaction. And what happens to the heat when you have an endothermic reaction? (these are not homework questions, I was just curious. I'm only 14 you see).
  16. Thanks for the help... So complex...
  17. Yes, Things in anti-bacterial soap, vaccines and such.
  18. Why do some compounds kill/slow down germs and bacteria? How/why do they?
  19. What happens to the heat when you have an exothermic reaction? Why are there endo and exothermic reactions? What happens when you have and endo or exothermic reaction? If you had a big enough endothermic reaction, could you vaporize the liquid that had the endothermic reaction? (My guess here is no because you need extra energy to turn it from a liquid to a gas, the temperature doesn't increase).
  20. Really? You're eight years old? If my mother actually cared I could be around your level. When I was in Kindergarten I could count to 999Octillion and down, understood magnetism, read, wrote, told time, I understood how and why the kids did things they did, (Psychology), I though of atoms before I ever heard of them... etc; I was probably smarter in certain areas than most adults.... But since I'm lazy, I don't do my homework, raise my hand in class, study, I'm not considered "gifted"... (Though one years I was but my mom took me out, she doesn't like science and such, and wants me to be normal) Though the good thing is that my teachers know all this, and push me to get things done... I just need some inspiration to study and push myself to my full potential...
  21. Hey, I'm new. I'm 14 years old. (Turned 14 last two weeks). I love every area of science and math. I particularly like electronics,software,technology,and physics. Though young, I'm not dumb. I know more than the average 14 yr. old.
  22. That makes sense, as long as there is no electricity running through the flash drive when you rinse it, it should work fine afterwards. (most people think it would ruin it, but without the electricity...)
  23. I am a 14 year old whos passion is physics ,mathematics, biology, chemistry,etc. ALL MANNER OF THINGS!!! And I just wanted to see if anyone knew of any good books to get me started on my education. I have a particular love for electronics and computer software. But anything else will be much appreciated. Videos and such count to. Thanks, Austin Clark
  24. No matter how heavy or how light, when every there is gravity, and some sort of vaccuum everything will fall at the same speed. Gravity doesn't act like that. This is why a theory of gravity I read about a year ago is false. It says that little balls of matter, far smaller than electrons fly around at incredible speeds. In all different dirrections. So if you have a large body of matter (planet) and the small bits of matter try flying through it, some aren't gonna get through, they aren't gonna come out the other side, thus there aren't gonna be as many to fly out the other side, so and object on that side will have more bits of matter hitting the side facing away from the planet than the side facing it. So it is "pushed" towards the body (planet). I don't have many details about this theory, just that i've found tons of reasons why it will never work. I don't know the name of the theory though. sorry.
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