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  1. The video didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, I guess you guys can't fully grasp my concept. I'm gonna go to a different forum where I don't have to deal with this. and if light isn't matter then why would it be affected by gravity (black hole) I'm outa here deuschbags -btw I WILL NOT BE READING ANY FURTHER POST FROM HERE, Replying will be pointless
  2. Sweet thanks. I started looking at this one "http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-690865967686494800&ei=MX3dScbyFYGyqAKM8cTpBg&q=growing+up+in+the+universe+episode+3" looks right on the money, i'm gonna try to download these and watch them on my other cpu (no sound on this on). Saves a lot of research time.
  3. Consider this, do you think it's possible the force creating life is inside of light? I know how it sounds but when you consider that light is an actual thing of matter, as (einstein believed) and also that the original life was created with both water and light from the sun, maybe some "light matter" becomes somehow connected with the water and life is created within, forming mold or whatever (plants), the only thing that could live soley off of water and light(evolution), and as we can see eventually creating... us. do you think this is within the range of plausablity. Afterall there's nothing else explaining why life starts to exist. What else could make a lifeform (the first ever) from seemingly nothing?
  4. you don't think we'll have the technology to leave earth and go to another planet by the time the sun dies?? you do not realize our technology is increasing EXPONENTIALLY right now?!? we may even be able to teleport matter by then, who knows. sounds like you're just trying to argue dude, get a life
  5. random? Do you think it's possible that it's just an unexplained method of distribution, or is it genuinely random?
  6. dude you're a moron. Quit following all my threads and grow up
  7. no dude it's quantum physics I talked about Einstein too, think your smarter than him? I don't. I think I'll take his word for it. Consider you issue invalid and addressed. here's a refference: http://physics.about.com/od/quantumphysics/p/quantumphysics.htm quit following all my treads and grow up.
  8. real ball buster huh, well lets say to keep a brain alive indefinately? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedbtw I don't believe in some of those theories (universe freezes/crunches/bounces), lol there's NO where near enough proof to accuratley support them. you waiting for an end or something iNow? earth dies, sun burns out, we move (we can by then). but your right, on a long enough time line something would most likely kill it.
  9. lol, no dude I wiki'd this it's stargate sg1.
  10. lol, not quite, more like a brain in a jar but connected to an aparatus that supports it's life. (not a body, or a person in a coma, just the brain)
  11. As life expectancy extends more problems are shown to come, consider this however, how long do you think a brain can stay alive? First all, what is needed to sustain the life of a brain, by itself, no skull, no organs attached, just the brain. I've looked all over, as this subject becomes increasingly interesting to me but haven't found anything on this except for a company in korea (brain science research center) that's connecting a brain to a nueral network in an attempt to use a brain independent from a body, but I believe if we can study the effects, of keeping a brain indepentantly alive by creating a "simulated skull" for it to live in and supply what's neccisary for it's continued existance, then we can learn several things ranging from problems occuring from age to the question is it possible for humans to live forever or will the brain actually give in at some point and force death? Not to mention that fact that only a small percentage of our brain is used, this may force it to expand it's use to do who knows what? The brain today is not fully understood. hypothesis: it would work if done correctly and can eventually be encorperated to keep people alive by replacing there bodies with manufactured one (I know it sounds like something out of a sci fi movie but when considering this it is not that far fetched or beyond impossiblilty) tests: ANY ONE KNOW OF ANYTHING/COMPANY/ORGANIZATION that has tested this or that I can write to them to convince them this would be useful to test?
  12. If you wanna say Max Planck's assumtion is incorrect that's up to you, although modern science as well as Abert Einstein would have to disagree with you, it's called Quantum Physics, What Is Quantum Physics you ask?: Quantum physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels. In the early 20th century, it was discovered that the laws that govern macroscopic objects do not function the same in such small realms. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI believe the same may be true at an astronomical level possibly creating a variation of an atom environment which is the known universe. It's extremely obvious if the universe is one big atom it would not follow the same laws as an atom but a variation dependant on the new laws governing it's environment. This is brought to our attention by the fact that even on our level the laws are not the same as the subatomic, why would they revert rather than progress as our perspective moves outward? So of course even if the universe was an atom it would be impossible for it to follow the same laws, that much has to become obvious as we look at the situation. I think if quatum physic can determine if objects of an astonomical proportion follows different laws of physics then we can accuratley answer this question.
  13. moontanman, so you believe that there may be an unknown substance out there capable of supporting life in the same manner as water? or that a know substance perhaps in a different environment is capable of supporting life. This is definitely possible because of the vastness of space that is unaccounted for. But what we do know is that water itself is capable of sustaining every form of live on earth so it's save to say that something in water "sparks" the creation of life. Finding out what that "spark" is I think would help determine if life can be created from any other substances and furthermore from any known substances. This being the case, with waters "particular chemical property" what of those properties is creating this life. You have a better insight into this by considering this, life needs water & energy to exist, the only life that doesn't eat other life is plants, they eat light via photosynthesis and drink water, (i believe mold was prob one of the first life forms, yes I'm saying we evolved from mold) so it's safe to say the first life form was plant, from there all other life formed, with this in consideration what was it that caused the partical to start gaining the characteristics of life? I believe there is a special connection with water and life, and that water may hold some important secrets for the reason behind the origin of life. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged"Well which do you think came first, water or life?" water is the obvious answer since it can be created without life and life needs water to exist. I believe water started life with the help of the sun.
  14. wow, there's already a science made out of it and everything, nice. Glad I live in an age where I can see my idea's already thought of and matured!! Thanks.
  15. now if we follow this backward a lot of code is traits etc... what kind of genetic code is in us that doesn't help determine traits? Or is unaccounted for? each time a child is born half of the traits come from each side, are there genes that are passed from both sides? Is there a like a "head gene" picking out what traits to add to the chain, or what is the precursor used when selecting traits?
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