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  1. because you need i to find the square roots of negative numbers.
  2. that sounds about right. Alastair Reynolds had a similar scenario to this in his science fiction novel Revelation Space. In the novel (fiction, of course) radio transmissions were coming being heard in "chipmunk" style when they ship was travelling near the speed of light.
  3. he says "I will die a slow a death."
  4. really cool! i just got mine up and running [link]
  5. sunlight would be extremely scarce on uranus. i cant think of a way to generate the kind of heat needed for normal respiration that we have on earth that would work on uranus. i know that carl sagan postulated that it would be possible for creatures to live on jupiter or saturn in one of his books but i dont remember which one.
  6. i feel like i just read a block of text that went through google's translator a few too many times.
  7. if the average man is 175 cm tall and the average woman is 168 cm tall than the probability that the average man will be taller than the average woman is 100%. i think what you want to know is the probability that a random man will be taller than a random woman and to do that i think you need to know the data used to generate those averages.
  8. According to many theories (including string theory i believe) there is a type of multiverse which contains many many other universes. In my understanding, the laws of physics apply only inside a given universe. With that what can we say about the physics in the multiverse? might these multiverse physics allow for multiple multiverses? discuss.
  9. well this is a bit unrelated but scientists have actually figured out how to teleport photons (light particles). so basically, yes, light can be in 2 places at once. but not in this context. http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/28175 theres an article on the teleportation of photons.
  10. yes, always remember; "source to sink". the source of heat is the water, the sink for the heat is the ice cube.
  11. I just got home from his talk with my autographed copy of Physics of the Impossible. Hearing him speak in person was a very interesting experience and he made everything extremely easy to grasp. After I read this book I do plan on reading his others. I also hope to hear Dr. Kaku speak in some lectures, possibly as a student. That would be incredible.
  12. but the result you get for measuring how fast darkness appears or dissapears, if you were accurate wouldnt that be the speed of light?
  13. i had a teacher who had a whole setup with a digital camera and computer monitor via USB from one of those fancy autotracking telescopes.
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