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  1. Nothing wrong with thinking and dreaming, but on a science discussion site, we like a bit more trustworthiness than guessing usually offers. Having science knowledge focuses your thinking and dreaming, and allows you to reach farther in your ideas. Most people can get in a car and drive it, but learning how to drive makes you capable of traveling much further. Does that make sense, or is learning mainstream science part of the "boring Earth" you left long ago?
  2. ! Moderator Note Thanks joigus! Let's make this official. ColinJ, can you copy/paste from your document and post it here? It's important to make sure each step in an idea is sound before taking another.
  3. I wouldn't presume because I didn't fight hard to own the word so I could turn the meaning into something me and my children could live with. I didn't grow up using it and having it used against me. Even if I would never use the word in the venomous context for which it originally was intended, I don't think I'm entitled to share in its new friendly meaning. Not because I'm white, but because it would be like claiming I helped build a house just because I didn't complain about the noise during construction. But because I'm white, I'm also willing to let black people use it to mean friend (and defend it as such) until nobody is using it to mean unworthy animal.
  4. That's a bold move, Cotton! Such temerity deserves better answers than you'll get with the title question. This is a science discussion site, and we believe in clarity.
  5. I agree completely, and I think this needs to be a government fix if we're to see progress in this area. People are usually willing to do their parts, which proves corporations aren't people. My point was just that the consumer has been on the stinky end of the whole modern retail model for quite some time. Most of the stuff that's supposed to be convenient is more convenient for the manufacturers and retailers than it is for the consumer. Like overpackaging an item "for its protection" when it's really done to make it easier to ship and harder to shoplift.
  6. But M Kaku used flowerier language and a LOT more drama and made it sound so sensational in his books! Next time, maybe some explosions. And more cowbell.
  7. ! Moderator Note Speculations need evidential support to elevate them above conspiracy, which is a waste of intelligent people's time. StringJunky sets a great example, thank you! Posts that are guesses only may be hidden.
  8. They probably figured we were already grinding our own beans, assembling our own furniture, DIYing our home remodels, bagging our own groceries, and pumping our own gas so we probably wouldn't mind.
  9. What I remember is how rare it was to find someone who knew how to draw blood without taking forever to find a vein (and I have great veins), leaving bruises, and causing pain until modern phlebotomy tools and techniques using disposables became prevalent. Now the instances of infection from blood draws are greatly reduced, and now it's rare for me to find a phlebotomist who isn't skilled and professional. I personally tend to buy my cotton swabs in bulk, but I'm not a hospital, and if they can show that they can prevent sepsis by wrapping their Q-tips individually, then we need them to do that. We should spend more effort figuring out more efficient disposal, and ways to limit the use of single-use disposables in other areas.
  10. I used to campaign against disposables in medicine (I want high-quality, precision needles and scalpels being used, so doesn't that mean expensive tools and autoclaving?), but after several discussions here and with medical professionals, I've come around to why disposables and healthcare actually works out best. I'd almost argue that we should only allow disposable alternatives where health and well-being are affected (as opposed to convenience only disposables). Tell you what, if you can campaign with the grocery stores to be able to use our own containers for bulk dry foods, and figure out how to make it average citizen proof, I might join a campaign for re-usable pill bottles. And I think the packaged daily doses of medicine absolutely have advantages for certain patients, but get abused simply for convenience by too many.
  11. ! Moderator Note Moved from Speculations to Ecology and the Environment. Without knowing how your life operates, the general advice is reducing, reusing, and recycling the products you consume wherever you can. Remove all incandescent light bulbs and replace them with lower wattage/higher efficiency alternatives like CFLs and LEDs. Use mass transit or bicycle/walk instead of driving a car, and arrange to work from home whenever possible. There are LOTS of things to do to reduce your carbon footprint, so look at what you need to do to maintain a stable orbit in your life, and then ask yourself where you can do with less, or without, or with something the works better with your environment.
  12. You aren't considering the promotional aspect in context. We're inundated every day with commercial links and attempts to promote various YT channels and other for-profit endeavors. Not that the OP of the thread you're talking about is trying to push people to watch the movie, but it happens often. We try to use our best judgement, but people can be very clever about their agendas when money is involved. I might have invoked 2.7 on the grounds that there's no reason to watch a whole movie when the OP could just as well have described the situation he was unclear about without aiming our members offsite. It was a language problem that kept the OP from understanding rather than a science problem, iirc.
  13. This suggests there might be a big difference between neurodivergent processing and the "extreme personality traits" mentioned in the title, maybe as basic as thoughts vs actions. Extreme personalities tend to resist integration, and they're much more evident to others.
  14. And first on that guidelines list is to ask yourself, "How could this be tested to ensure that it's true?" You make some assertions that are unfalsifiable wrt individual existence in multiple universes (like, the person you've known a long time doesn't really exist in their universe, only in yours, that bit). Your idea must have a way to show it's false before you can test it.
  15. You'd have to change a LOT to remove/reduce the pressures that led to our current population. Those 5B happened for LOTS of reasons, and to assume it was just the church or just the need for labor or just the fun of procreation is too simplistic for a sophisticated septuagenarian such as yourself. By difficult choices I assume you think we should kill some folks off or force sterilization, but again that's too simplistic a solution. You can achieve MUCH more with better education and healthcare. Educated people have/need fewer children, it's a fact. Make 'em smart and you also get to live with smarter people, which would really be a treat.
  16. A LOT of those countries experienced cataclysms (Venezuela, Boznia and Herzegovina, Syria, Serbia to name a few). Since you're removing 5B people, I think most would have gone the route of war, famine, and pestilence. Most of the others on the list keep their populations in check with education and healthcare. Seventy years ago, if the entire world would have focused their efforts on educating the population and making sure healthy choices were always available, I suppose that would allow us to grow our culture and technology in ways that don't automatically require more of us to do the work.
  17. Does a re-test reveal the false positive? I'm assuming this common oral medication doesn't set off flags every time with every person (I'm also assuming re-testing is allowed on a drug screening that detects cocaine or methamphetamine).
  18. If you're taking Metformin for Type II, there's a chance it will flag for methamphetamines, or so a friend claimed.
  19. Difficult to say. What cataclysm caused so many to die off in the last 70-80 years? What caused such a drop in overall prosperity that the population didn't prosper? In an age of discovery and travel, what forces could have acted to keep the population the exact same?
  20. So he takes a popular approach to subjects he's not an expert in. I know how much that changed the way I was learning physics when I first joined PhysicsForum many years ago, and they had a deal with Michio Kaku to promote his books. I don't know why you think notoriety and pop-science sensationalism is so acceptable, especially since I've learned WAAAAAAY more about physics reading YOUR posts than I ever did following Dr Kaku.
  21. The part you quoted wasn't my "masculinity concept". I'm not sure I've stated one. And I don't need examples of courteous males secure in their masculinity. I'm well aware it exists and is actually thriving (though it's being drowned out by the bigger profits that surround hate and aggression; decent men don't make the headlines much). Bottom line, in my opinion, is that many men (like you, like me, like koti, like JP) have done something overly aggressive that they'd like forgiveness for, that they're not willing to admit might have crossed a line. They want to be judged in context, and not lumped together with the men who are OBVIOUSLY toxic and wrong. And I think that tacitly gives a lot of power to those obviously toxic men, and allows them to play whataboutist games that continue to get them off the hook.
  22. I think your concept of "masculine conscience" interferes in other people's lives to a far greater extent than most who hold the POV are willing to admit. You may not care, and indeed that's the attitude that seems prevalent. Those who have to put up with violent men do so partly because you and JP want to be held blameless when you feel the need to break some bones to sooth your masculine conscience. Personally, I think masculine aggression is being used against men. It's easier to legally manipulate a man with a violent record, but that's probably a whole different thread. It's OK to cry. Or are you laughing at my pain? I've dealt with some childhood ideals and the toxic dilemmas they can create. It's often difficult to see them even after a lifetime, but learning to throw out the bath water while keeping the baby is an ongoing, ever-changing process. At least it is for me. If it's not something you're interested in, so be it.
  23. Welcome back! This sounds like another piece I read on Jordan Peterson, and one I'm going to use to show how his reasoning is being interpreted. He openly states that if you're a man and you're not capable of being violent, you can't claim it as a virtue. He claims you aren't competent UNLESS you can be violent. Is that your stance as well? https://thefederalist.com/2018/04/27/jordan-petersons-right-become-dangerous-heres/ Jordan simplifies modern life down to a martial arts philosophy where you should learn how to be as dangerous as you can, then control yourself tightly. But, he also claims men are hardwired to be aggressive, and implies that it's normal and natural for men to sometimes be overly physical and threatening. And his words are being defined one way by the authors at The Federalist, and in completely different ways by men who love their toxicity. It's insulting to those of us who don't accept that men are just brutes with no feelings or intelligence. Some of us would like to foster change when it comes to men assuming aggressiveness equals competence and confidence. I don't believe in "boys will be boys". I think some humans remain animals, and some learn that brains are better than fangs, claws, and brawn. Edit to add: I forgot to point out how the supposedly "classically liberal" Peterson is the darling of the conservative publication The Federalist. Again, I think he's abusing the label to appear as something he's not.
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