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  1. the sun would have a great deal more to do with temperatures on earth, if there were another form or no atmosphere. maybe this condition would have given reason for the total ice ages of apx. 900mya, 300mya and thought warm spell during the Dino period. many do think CO2 in that atmosphere was at levels to maintain heat levels, or if you prefer a form of global warming happened. keep in mind there are currently four levels of atmoshpere, acting as a cushion or retainer of energy from the sun, in differing ways.
  2. according to Info Please, there is currently a little over 1.2 trillion barrels of oil in known reserves around the world. these are accessible and proved reserves based on current technology. there are other sources claiming up to 1.5 trillion and above. recent finds are expected to add to this figure and these reserves may increase as early as this year. additionally, the recent ability to drill in deeper water or practically test in very cold or otherwise inaccessible area are leading to many expectations. a little check on Saudi reserves shows an increase in 2005. i might add that they are very protective of anyone or company in exploring for additional reserves. currently Iraq is expecting some dramatic finds, in places where test from the 1970's and 80's showed NO SIGNS of oil. my continuous argument, has been, Peak anything requires the knowledge of KNOWN, and this total in crude oil, coal or any form of whats called fossil fuel is not by any measure, known.
  3. gcol; in the US very few work under any protective contract. those that are unionized have certain rights after a certain period of employment. currently this is about 12% of the workforce and the majority in government. these are also the least cost/effective operations and having a great deal of problems. Ford, GM, IBM, just a few who have to compete against business with total control over their employees. there is a truth in that unions, will work to maintain some employment for an individual, however they as an entity will respect certain employers responsibility and agree to most of managements needs. we also have no constitutional right to a job...period. government can mandate certain requirements such as minimum wage, hours, age or the conditions a person works in, however the hiring is the company or individual owners privilege. there are implied obligations for both and both can judge the compliance. if the employee feels something is unjust, the right to quit is there and usually a little notice will get a future good referance. if the employer feels this person is not satisfied, he/she has as one option to terminate the implied contract.
  4. i understand your point, as having been both the underling (fired) and the new manager doing the firing. however in most cases a new management requires like minded individuals to perform in the manner he/she wishes to take the company. if a failing business, most often the case, the underlings are as responsible as the management. you mention "comes into" which generally will not happen in a thriving business as an assistant or another person with in the operation would likely just continue the project, as is.... this is the truly practiced policy, studied by any business major. the example you mention surely can happen and suppose in the scenario your thinking. if then this is poor management then the project will fail.
  5. when trying to explain my understanding of the universe, SSU in its briefest description applies. *whatever the universe is has pretty much always been what it was or will be. regeneration of the old into new the source and conditions the only obstacle to eternal regenerations cannot be changed*. there is no argument beyond this, that i will argue forward. other SSU theory or those that try to explain BBT principles into SSU are doing an injustice to the basic idea. BBT would seem to that this process had some kind of an exotic beginning, with out a need for or an explanation for why, where or what the singularity in fact was. a google check for BBT or SSU or any particular added word will get you a million plus hits. yes some oppose, offer a variety of alternatives, however this is still true on any search of any theory. the ONLY consistent phrase is the BBT seems or is the accepted view of the scientific community.
  6. John; if a person chooses to start a business, service or produce a product and requires help to do so, he/she must be allowed to choose those in the assistance. success or failure should lay in that person and indirectly in the ones chosen to participate. this extends to the company that has a track record or some success. who is hired, rewarded or fired is the simple continuance of the program that gets this business from one level to the next. politically correct philosophy is non-productive in any business venture. however, having said this the concept that a black person, woman or for that matter any white male, cannot earn the consideration for such jobs is long in the past. this in general is why i place such restrictions on management as bad policy. business is for the creation of wealth and not intended to change social trends. social trends on the other hand can change business practice. acceptance or success, depends so much on whom is hired, government involvement by mandates and requirements are major causes for failure in many otherwise successful companies. these thoughts go to the very largest of corporation, as they cater the large numbers of people in all levels of the political and social spectrum. they also have levels of management, stock holders and the employees themselves to contend with in any decision. no government is not responsible for or against a business venture. in the US 70% plus of our 13 trillion dollar total annual GDP is generated by the public purchase of product and service, which can be influenced by government activity, but cannot be held liable or responsible. today we have nanotechnology and alternative energy issues, which in some manner are helped by government grants, but the real investments in these come from the public by way of ownership in the companies.
  7. just another idea based on BB. although very few explain BB as an explosion, cannot give a location (my back yard) or give the cause (my experiment). since the formulation of big bang itself, there have been countless ideas ranging the limits of an imagination. i am continuously amazed that with all the imagination that goes into such theory, why the simple phrase "always been" has been so hard to grasp. most all infer something else that would seem to have always been, why not the universe itself. gypsy; w/o going into the subject "background radiation", we can assume anything giving this appearance as energy, is no older than the energy that gives us reflective sight. this means according to the theory or the given 14.2billion year old event, this energy radiation as well is not from creation, since that creation is continuing at a distance well beyond, no less than 28BLY to what some say is much further. our understanding of these seen observance and energy with out sight, 14.2 billion years old, are in each case not set in stone....yet.
  8. you and Hollywood, in a portrayal of a sweat shop, forget, those folks are their by choice if a legal shop. generally they are in countries or areas where cost of living is low to begin with, few jobs and the folks grateful to receive any wage. a person moving from NYC where the cost to get from point A to B, is 2.00 a minute, to park a car 10-25K a year and the cheapest matchbox to live in cost 6-800 or more per month, to a place where everything is with in walking distance, parking is always free and a nice home can be owned or rented for 200 a month are not comparably. government and opinions are generally based on urban conditions, however to be in this position again is a choice. during the great depression, 60 to 80 percent of the people had jobs of sorts. the pay was not great, however and again the cost of living was very low. keep in mind, the bater system was very much used as people worked or traded products rather than cash. the work programs by government, really did little to end the period and did get some projects BACK on line, which had been suspended earlier. this period also the birth of socialism in the US, was ended by the slow natural increase in business activity and WWII.
  9. the interesting thing with the American system and to a degree in many other countries a person can create their own job. some folks simply have problems with authority or conforming to others for what they feel is offered. governments, responsibility to its citizens, do not include jobs. they have in most cases the worst job/productivity ratio on the planet in the few employees that are require to operate government. a job is the responsibility of any individual, to prepare for and acquire. any employer has the total discretion to employ or not any person and this should always be the rule. like wise this employer should maintain the right to upgrade, reward or fire this person at any desired time. in my opinion this should be for any reason, that employer or decision maker so decides.
  10. guess, i hung around on the wrong side the tracks, but my experience has been the use of these to control other. i have no idea how many good looking ladies, seemingly bright and with qualities which should have taken them to good lives. instead some pimp gets hold of them while they play with drugs and you end up with serious problems. the medical industry or at least the people that can write prescriptions, making addictive drugs otherwise illegal, legal. here again, when a source runs out for the legal the turn is to illegal. the M. Monroe, A.N. Smith or Presley stories are known, but tens of thousands die no less tragically. since Alcohol and smoking, guess cigarettes, cigar and such have been called equals, i might suggest your coming at the issue from a rather distorted view. the list of things that are legal, unenforced but major killers are far more numerous than Joe six pack or a life long smoker that passes maybe a week or so ahead of schedule. being fat, alone will kill you quicker and i won't begin to describe the legal or illegal use of an automobile. i call this attitude, not in my backyard syndrome. crimes committed by those needing cash to buy into their habits are underrated, since these are as often to their loved ones or friends, altering lives and establishing rules for generations. often the crime and/or cause are never addressed until the time comes to pay for the habits. if lucky the crime goes to the streets and the problem soon addressed if nothing else. i have no answer on what should or should not be. the cost and criminal factors along with all those that get rich off the issue and of course the political and economics. i would like to think if all were legal, everything would just clear up and all i mention would just cease.
  11. Tycho; yes, the theory SSU, is very much alive. checked Google, just to make sure with a million or so hits. i have no personal or other reason not to accept BBT, but do so for the lack of logic, expansion and singularity the obvious. i have just as many problems with the more modern concept of SSU as they try to argue BBT with an SSU understanding. not possible and both have many principles which they agree on. i do get upset when a poster is told BBT is the only possible answer and by no mention of another gives a false impression.
  12. laid out above was a composite, of a few current BBT or at least as i read it. personally i see several "serious problems" in that very short description. SSU is not the end-all to human knowledge, however i see far fewer arguable explanations, until some one starts placing or adjusting to BBT to make a point.
  13. BB theory, or that which is accepted scientific theory (so said), simply states that everything (that means everything) from a singularity which included this everything (including space) unexplainable began to expand at very great speeds away from a place that is not explainable (no center) and continues to this day. its said what formed from stuff inside that thing and as the new found space cooled matter formed, from the the new found gravity. originally or in the late 1920's this was thought to be about 3-5 billion years ago, but as known or now visible, this figure is 14.2 billion years ago. rarely mentioned is the fact that there are alternative theory, many of which out date BBT, that are still very much considered. steady state or the theory that tries to explain things from an eternal existence or a version of this the most common.
  14. Ozone, are thinly scattered particle's most found in the stratosphere (2nd layer) and much smaller amounts in the troposphere or close to earth. oxygen which has been effected by heat makes ozone, which in turn deflects some harmful ultra-violate energy or that which is harmful to life. our atmosphere 77% nitrogen and 22% oxygen has small amounts of CO2, methanes and other elements, produced mostly by nature, which hold heat or reflected energy on the planet, along with moisture. the outer two atmospheres work in reverse from solar energy. these cushion the rays or energy from extreme heat during the day, opposed to extreme cold at night from held heat. temperatures can reach 1000 degree C, plus in the outer or ionosphere, yet very cold -200 in the mesosphere.
  15. to escape predators, as opposed cause to pick fruit at higher levels...
  16. oil sands, is generally used in business, however when googled i have noted it pops up sands as well. shale may be, but sand from what i google any referance then sands. yes, the way they do it, would seem complicated and does require effort, cost and energy. i would think the current and projected bpd, would justify and since its gone cost/effective, also profitable. this alludes to my mention of just importing or pumping which is a fraction of cost per or why more such product is not currently being pursued. it would seem your efforts resemble some crusade rather than a discussion on peak oil-coal and the future of energy. the worlds not going to end, we are not likely to ever run out of the substance oil (no need for long before gone) and there is certainly no need for governments or people to panic... refineries, transporting or political problems may cause problems and those lines could form. your talking about a product that drives, heats, even cools the worlds people. if you think of the infrastructure and responsibilities of those involved, it should surprise you that there are not more problems. then the cost for the actual product is so small compared to any other liquid it confounds me why there are questions. the folks in many places have no apparent problem in paying two three and four times the actual cost, in taxes just to drive their car and in the US we pay dearly for the cost to get products to us. there is reason to question the apathy of the US people, for neglect or not willing to question certain groups in regards to scenic values or political stances to justify a particular view. it certainly would or should seem this desire to have these finished products just available w/o responsibility for all that is involved to make this possible, done elsewhere is getting a little carried away. somebodies back yard is going to get dirty and the continued insistence its some one else's, won't last long.
  17. tree and primates don't take me to mammals in general. in the generic line or what lead to man or the ultimate upright, independent arm/leg my analogy would fit. keep in mind many traits in animals, do change with time and generally for the reverse predator theory. domestic chickens or turkeys do not fly, yet both did at some point, to avoid natural predators, wild turkeys still having limited success. the point of your question, as i understood was; that evolution was in part to food supply which i find faulty, only that the time required would not likely permit most, as supply should either be temporary or that the species would simply die off...99% of species have. my personal interest in the subject are in human migrations and cause, not so much vertebrate evolution, but find the causes similar, in theory.
  18. as said, the way i read it; the sun does lose mass in a few ways, but the energy emitted or that which we recieve are said to have no mass, at least as understood. in my mind energy has an unknown mass value, however this is argued intensly and well beyond my knowledge. the thread however deals with mass and the total destructioin of matter. if energy does carry or destroy mass entirely, then you would be suggesting that w/o a source, matter will in time disappear. with the trillion upon trillions of solar units, then the universal matter will be gone at some point. another point indirectly could be mass in some amount is being transfered. interesting but, just not the way i read it....
  19. on US oil sands, pls google *Colorado Oil Sands*. the 1500 square mile area is thought to hold what suggested in some form. you will find dis-agreements to your post. i know little of the recovery methods and cannot argue the technology. Canadian reserves as well are in much better shape than your suggesting. as to what remains in the rest of the world or even undiscovered. here i can only refer you to the 20 publicly owned companies which deal in the project or if you want my opinion, Shell Canada, which is the driving force. with the provision, oil prices remain above forty, they will supply Canada 100% of their oil needs and be able to export more in a short time. additionally on the topic (deposits in ground), finds in side the arctic circle are expected to increase as exploration is now underway. since i do not oppose alternative energy on the grounds of dependency on unfriendly national interest and am interested in anything to relieve this tension, it would seem the US should approach both the alternative and natural products, where relations are good. the cost/effective, not the idea of peak, are then my personal enemy to the problem...peak then in my opinion is a way to bring in other issues, none of which should be considered in the business aspects of an industry. certainly not in some form of scare tactic mode...
  20. from what we see in primates today, its hard to imagine any problem in climbing or managing trees. remember this ability was and remains a means for safety against many predators as well. i would rather think the extension of the safety factor, as predators figured how to climb in some manner, the primates for speed, agility and movements between trees finally led to a separation of leg/arm movements.
  21. market forces, the desires of the customer in my opinion drive what will be. many of the things that eliminate or reduce oil as the base, are available and in some manner in use today. as said, peak oil whether estimated in the 50's or yesterday and even more so peak coal are not determinable. also the mention of a trillion or two barrel availability of untapped reserves, said to exist in oil sands, nullifies any peak concept. cost to retrieve a barrel as done in Canada is about 27.00 per barrel and dropping. if the US, Asia and some others would encourage, opposed to discourage this source, the cost could drop much more. price and this the common denominator of hysteria, is based more on the attempted control of OPEC, an individuals statement, the natural climate conditions and the lack of refinery capacity. I'll add trading of oil as a commodity on all the open markets, has not helped, since these people in general will never take delivery of one gallon of crude.
  22. regardless of what is found to be the smallest portion of what makes up matter, the total number or that of all mass in the universe will be the same 10 billion years ago to now and in ten billion years. you can easily change the nature of matter and you can create energy from matter. in the burning of an object, the energy carries no mass with it as the object changes to gas, ash or some other substance. our sun, where the largest such conversion can be observed, emits large quantities of energy, loses no mass from this process and the changed matter is absorbed by the cooler crust or thrown out into space as dust or matter. like wise the earths largest supplier of energy, this sun, adds no new mass and all effects of this energy are in the a process to change some elements already on earth. even when our solar system completes life or for that matter any system, everything would be found elsewhere at some time in another form. way i read it...
  23. were off track, but the antonym to free market is socialism. this will never fly in the US, i hope. its not my objective to argue US government policy. i will tell you in my opinion the correct responses to 9-11, Afghanistan and that of UN defiance, Iraq were justified decisions. if Iraq becomes a viable, democracy in the mid-east, the US, Canada and all the UN Members will benefit. as to Iran, the issue gets to the ideology of the Clerical and National leaders. personally i feel the people of Iran are already to far along the freedom trail to turn back the clock to 1400 or whatever, nor do i think these people feel the end times are here. if wrong and any attacks by Iran are made on any Nation the US is in treaty with, i assure you affording will not be the issue.
  24. the free market concept, allows people in the system to dictate the future of any company. your mention of Ford and I'll add GM are two good examples of this idea. while Toyota and others were generating sales beyond their ability to satisfy the markets, those two giants held fast to cheap energy, of course losing their market shares. additionally there are hundreds of companies that have failed or achieved on proper expectations from the public. by the way Toyota is now building, think its ninths US plant, yet still needs to import product to meet the demand. Ford may not make it and GM has some profitable areas which will let them come out of this in second place, no longer the run a way leader. i might also add, labor contracts, that were not government mandated had effects on these corporations. you mentioned a governments action. this is not free market to start with, however after the rebuilding of Europe after WWII which in some ways is ongoing, the labor trend or socialism took hold of this free market principle. the US government, lets contracts for government work or needs, establishes guidelines for minimals (very low) and tries to encourage. the free market, as said, has now many of the products which conform to tree-hugger demands. acceptance is still in the hands of these market forces and will dictate the futures of human behavior....by choice not mandate and this my entire point.
  25. the human race, the plant life and in total animals that now populate the planet have all increased during this same period. frankly at substantially greater levels than any GHG figure of .07 %, and again this figure is represented in an over all figure of .045 of the totals in the atmosphere to start with. these figures 100 to 300% increases with the minimal GHG increase tell my 3rd grade mind, that something, like maybe nature, has any perceivable problem under control. motivation or slanted views to make a point, do not imply conspiracy theory. no one i know of says the planet is not in a warming trend. the cause if a cause is even needed is of little value based on the statistics offered. anything conceived as current and never happened before is just not correct. the fact man is here and enjoying living standards never equaled is and has a value that some simply don't like, for whatever reason. in my opinion, we have no more than ten years left to this trend, which i am on record as saying next winter the Northern Hemisphere could be setting up for a very cold season.
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