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  1. then were back to accusing the accuser and who done it first. my opinions are not of my creation. the names you know and their reasoning you know. you have chosen to get behind folks like Al Gore who has no idea what makes up CO2, much less what the main sources are.
  2. Exxon, British Petroleum and all the rest, have done some research into this subject. there finding in general are about the same. actually they represent the bottom of the barrel, since they only produce the fuels that move and run the economy. auto makers, aircraft and ship manufacturers and a host of others are directly involved with what findings could effect. then you have the millions that invest in all the industry that could be attacked. all this nonsense is directed at a capitalistic view. the same that profess concern for the atmosphere also dislike free enterprise. there is a apparent notion by some that any business is somehow harmful to something else. this has stemmed from the successful out come of gigantic settlements received from the tobacco industry. those people are now fighting or attempting to sue and intimidate the results that would be smokers are currently suffering. Weight gain, obesity and diabetes increase has followed the line up, as the smokers have decreased.
  3. firstly, the chart shows a very short period it the 300 million plus life on earth scenario. just before what you show were temperature and climate substantially higher (it is thought) and if you understand charts, would give your period a straight line. this entire period shows less than 1 % change, which is in reality changed many time this each day/night cycle. (one day) the earths lower atmosphere is primarily what its been over the past 10k years and will be during the next 10k years. Nitrogen-Oxygen 77 & 22 %, give or take a .5 or so. there may have been some changes, even major in the the upper ones. the ionosphere is thought to have been much warmer than its current 7-800 degree. these layers couldn't care less who drives what or if i leave my A/C on to long, but are driven by what the sun does do. they in turn effect what the troposphere can be. this seems to be my day, for eating humble pie, fed to me by the elite of public debate. sorry, its not my nature to back off a subject because i cannot conform to subjective nonsense. since there may be some logical people reading this, i have never suggested clean water, refreshing air or moderate use should not be discussed with in reason. these thing are good for humanity in general. its the idea nature will some how respond to these efforts suggest a degree of ignorance even above what i have been given credit...
  4. thats correct; a scientist, one with a couple letters after a name, can get attention of the weak minded in his group and say anything. they all woo and ah, and the world will come to an end. never mind the others that objected to this view go on to to day doing the real work. my opinions are based on those that say "concrete" and according to you have no rights. you know this and your arguments are by any name, are always the same. attack the messenger, belittle and hope a few listen. most of us will be around in a few years as we head back toward the cold end of this current cycle and ill be the one saying, COOL IT, we will some day go back to a warming trend...
  5. the idea, doctors or those in the medical fields have in some way super human and incapable of error is some what delusional. the reason they spend 20-22 years in school and have years of controlled patient/doctor relationship, helps to eliminate this problem....but they will remain human. the only correct answer; if your in doubt or think YOUR choice is somehow not you expect of this profession, go someplace else and lodge your complaint with the AMA. they are already quite active in this area and have records of all involved dating to med-school entrance. you might also check out what doctors pay for practice insurance. they already each pay the price to even practice, for error of others...
  6. w/o spending much time on this, my guess is your opposed to a capitalist society in general and prefer government dictate our every move from cradle to death, so long at it checks with you first. i am only one person and anything i say is also for non-profit. however i also have no alternative motive, pro or con with regards to legal social activity. also i will not list the activity or wishes that have been vigorously attacked by those preferring to engineer my wishes or society in general. i would have to start with prohibition, take you through a very long list of things thought bad and turned out good or that have been proved previously as incorrect. as to the oil companies or their GW views, its likely they spent some dollars on this research, compared to your disclaimer of that view. as for the tobacco companies, your not going to like this. what has become epidemics in fat and obesity, diabetes and many other anxiety problems may very well off set any so called life year savings of those attacks. life spans have been increasing and in time you might figure out enjoyment of life, living it to the fullest have more a value than worrying about every little tid bit. there is no concrete evidence the planet is warming, outside the cycle appears to be in. if it continues to warm another 10 or 12 degrees (at plus .5 now) we may be back to what was 1200 years ago, but this is highly unlikely. if your simply motivated by politics, which is expected for the next couple years, i would suggest your leaders are ill advised on American ideology and will not attain whatever this 50 year onslaught is expected to produce. be it notoriety or respect...
  7. weather patterns are more caused from currents and displacements of heat energy, then to atmospheric conditions. as said above, everything including Toronto's nice weather was predicted last summer as El Nino developed. the current 20 year warming trend is very complicated, but certainly not unexpected. growth time lines from very old trees and sediments from centuries of ice and ocean core samples have indicated cycles that are very much in line with todays pleasant weather. a few of the science people that lost face over global cooling in the 70's have come back with warming and picked up a few would be political types trying to maintain importance. the temperature at the highest point to what atmosphere we live in is in the minus degree. at 100 to 250 miles up, where we are not the temps go up and can reach 7-800 degrees F. this warm atmosphere has no idea what we are doing and is controlled by solar activity. this MAY have something to do with what we eventually feel from weather patterns that depend on energy to drive them.
  8. on one hand you infer a pharmaceutical company spent the billions it takes to formulate a drug and then you infer they are greedy to request something in return for their efforts. i would suggest AIDs in Africa is a little more complicated than the herpes sores. its more along the line of accepted sexual activity. i would also suggest the government of any country is qualified to obtain large quantities of any drug it wishes to. they know, you know and i know this would not solve any problem and if anything would only exaggerate the problem. most of those that receive some relief, are the most active in spreading to the rest of society. much as obesity is a problem of recipients of welfare, in the industrialized socialistic nations, such as mine.
  9. gravity has a lot to do with total mass and speed of objects. our solar system is 99.80% the sun and all else orbits the sun. during formation what produced the sun had debris. has the sun cooled and took shape, everything not traveling certain speeds either fell into the sun of left the system, for awhile no doubt mass made some difference on which. our moon, though in duel orbit (earth and sun) both travel at about 20 MPS in there orbits. things closer to the sun travel much faster and the further you go outward, matter orbits at slower speeds. down to 3 mps for Pluto. there is no direct link to mass or what your thinking (pull of mass on gravity). actually all matter, planets-moons-asteroids and comets are in a form of free fall toward the sun. much as what we send into orbit, will eventually fall back to earth. your next question would be the moon, but this has duel orbit and has been leaving earths orbit a couple inch per year. there are many that question the accuracy of gravity as it reacts different outside our solar system. my guess it lies in speed of all things and a total missing factor. we travel the sun at a very fast pace, the sun orbits the core of the Milky Way at even faster speeds, our little four galaxy cluster travels as well. some think dark matter is the missing factor. my though is somewhat different.
  10. asteroids are generally just larger comets. we think most all the very large ones have been found and/or documented. estimated range into the millions for such things that orbit the sun. interestingly nothing is thought to come from outside our solar system. make up or what the mass consist of is one thing we have yet figured out how to determine. they are also thought to be left over matter from the solar system formation 5 or so billion years ago. google one or the other. some articles give counts and sizes that may surprise you.
  11. if you have two or more unknowns in a math formula, how accurate could it be to reality???
  12. i suggest you tell this to the ones controlling the galaxy "Andromeda" or the two dwarf galaxy heading our way. if every thing were moving "outward", what ever that is, how is it we see other galaxy already tangling. everything in your idea indicates we are a center and this very unlikely....
  13. all industry is not publicly owned. however most to take advantage of what the public will pay for dividends or increased business. these companies have a good many checks and balances. if the public becomes upset there value will soon be decreased by devalue of there stock. they have a board of directors who represent the stock holders in company affairs and do control much of managements decision. pay roll to the management and dividend distribution just a couple. other checks on a company, include individual stock holders, local governments and the employees. as the banks these company's report each quarter to the federal government as to virtually every aspect of there business as well to the exchange they are traded under. the employment of audit firms is primarily another check for the company and they report independently of the company. they can choose this company, much as the private citizen can choose a tax consultant. in neither case is the hired or chosen entity, responsible. since they are each given the fact and figures, by the company. companies or there management can and do make mistakes. not all are for personal gain, but errors in direction or some component of the company. failures are most common in private or start up companies that you never hear of and failure rate is about 80%. Enron was tragic in that it was total loss to most all there employees and stock holders. its a little more complicated then just bad management but it did seem to be build on a pyramid scheme with energy and would likely have fallen with good management and all checks in place. however many companies have handed down pick slips and cost share holders billions near that of Enron. the tech bubble pop of the late 90's cost 80% of the value of NAS market and most of the companies have gone under or operate on very reduced funds. the dollar figures were in the trillions.
  14. swearing in of congressional members is done in groups and only to new members. rarely if ever is a bible used. the president is publicly sworn in with his hand on the bible, but this has not always been the case. in court there is no bible, but you are sworn to tell the truth. what faith or no faith is in general not relayed. the issue of Koran or Bible should not have been an issue, but the fact it is makes the issue, one of acceptance of tradition. the requirement of the Koran or the bible is not, but to require it as has been done, makes it an issue. the gentleman from Virgina has politely said the general acceptance of the American Traditions, will not be accepted by Muslims in general. his comments have been preceded by incidents around the country that also infer these traditions will not be followed by Muslims in general. as cultures, religions and nationalities have migrated to the US, traditions have been followed. this is not to imply any religion should change or culture not maintained but if they do not conform or submit to tradition or try to change these accepted practices by the majority, they inevitably will break a law.
  15. callip and dan; since the best solution has been made, a picture would now save you no money. if the wires show signs of a burn, this complicates any prognoses. but likewise means the problem could be real simple. shut off the main power, tighten the wires in use and cap, then tape over or separated the un used permanently. any black created from electricity should wipe off with the finger. if its original paint it will not.
  16. think he is linking light waves (photon) & EM energy, both results. the power to create these or what was originally called ground (2 wire systems) is simple returning this power back to its source, the power company.
  17. he did say there was no apparent wire damage. some old 4x4 junction boxes were black. my first impression was he was describing a fuse or breaker box which usually are not in attic's. i will stick to my first thought however and the problem is probably in worn or old fixtures. am sure you have run across this in older homes or even in new homes with an old lamp...
  18. my first thought is your right. rewire the house... are you sure the box has just not been painted? sounds like painted over rust. i am going to guess this house has the Fuse system, opposed to circuit breakers? if this is true, you may get away with an electrician or even install a breaker box yourself. its not that hard. loose wires are found in most all older boxes, unless your seeing the main wires which i would think not. the fixtures and i assume light fixtures are probably from breaks in the power source. there is a little spring action copper piece centered in the bottom (of were bulb goes) that breaks off or loses its spring back ability. look (don't touch) into one working you will see it then check out your mothers. before they break of go out completely, flickering is observed which may give an appearance of other problems -static on the radio or TV, or other things on that same line seemingly not working properly.
  19. comments were on your story line. star/trek was, even is, a huge success and amplified the character issue. but was done 50 years ago to a very different population. i wish you luck as writing fiction is a very difficult and competitive field. fewer are successful than most any field. if that is your passion my only advice would be to follow that...the rest will come together.
  20. Dr. Dalek; i am wrong and stand corrected. inorganic life is none existent. in short i have used that phrase for ever in reference to things that do not eat breath or excrete and have no idea how it was not questioned before.
  21. yes this was in response to a question on advancements of plant life or inorganic life. on the organic side, evolution is not likely to slow because humans arrived.
  22. many plants are hybrids of the original, the original still existent but rarely used. most all farm produced food has been increased or enhanced in some manner. shorter time for maturity, more plants per acre, more seed or food stuff per acre and so on...corn not many years ago required a foot in all directions to produce. now 12 can produce in that foot. seedless grapes and watermelons and many taste changes in a final product. much plant life can now be planted in areas 100 years ago could not survive. further north, further south, dryer area or wet. primarily produce. many products can be produced (grown) in colors not original in nature. many climbing vines have been been made from plants, never known to have been before.
  23. no i disagree with most here. evolution will not slowing and inorganic life is evolving much faster due to man. the use of what we already have or the is not part of evolution. that is we would seem to be super human to some human form of 60,000 years ago. certainly well beyond the apparent difference. the man or woman of 2300 would seem super human to us. if there is a slowing, it would only be in humans since we medically maintain life of what should fail. this would have been failed life, breeds and so on...trying not to be distasteful...
  24. this is pretty much what i have said all along. NASA is not embracing the idea of a moon base. they feel there Antarctic Station provides most of the human experience of isolation and w/o quite they dangers. the lunar observatory and moon launching plans will no doubt be scrapped or put off a generation or two. more likely additional advanced probes will venture to Mars and other planets and space staged telescopes will be around for awhile. i do not like the link to Mr. Bush, however, since his object was to justify the expenditures of NASA which were in jeopardy at the time.
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