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  1. GM Janesville, was build in 1918 and later became one of the first Chevrolet/Fisher Body plants in the US and by 2008, was the oldest operating GM plant in the US. Talk of closing the plant had been persistent from the day's my Dad was Material Superintendent in the 50's in Janesville and while I worked for CNW RR, which supplied both Fisher and Chevrolet with most parts used, then building most all Chevrolet Models and Small Trucks, not pick ups. While media an people seem to ignore the similarity between lies and deception, for all practical purposes Obama deceived the people in South Ce
  2. amanda, I think your hearing about the weekly jobs report, which for some reason, have been lowered after the initial reports the following week, fairly consistently. GDP figures are commonly mixed up between, real quarterly GDP and Annually adjusted estimates, which for 2011 have been lowered several times, to my knowledge from every agency that makes such projections.
  3. United Health Group, is the largest US provider with over 70 Million people covered and employing about 87,000 full time workers, in all 50 States and territories. In their mix of plans, a person, family or business can provide insurance coverage from Catastrophic (commonly meaning very high deductible) to full coverage (commonly meaning lower deductibles and extended, with dental, eye care and so on) and in most States, under group policy, they can't even ask for pre-existing conditions when covering an employee and his/her family. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=UNH By virtue of thei
  4. Phil; So you don't misunderstand, I've enjoyed (appreciated) our little debate and it's not possible to offend me. I know where I am and knowingly encouraged your adversary participation. Having said that, this thread is drawing few viewers, a waste of both our times and literally going nowhere. I'll give you a reply, asking you take an issue or two to a new thread, since I really don't have the time to follow up authoring new threads, myself....or frankly the popularity. On the NPR thing; Far too often, news outlets use edited sound bites or edit programming to promote some agenda. Limbau
  5. pantheory; Although most of your definition/explanation, should already be known to argue or discuss the issue, I do thank you for your time. As said, in my first reply to you, you seem to have formed an opinion (model) contrary or based on the premise of BBT, which in my mind was never a stand alone, viable theory. There are many theory, including "String", "Multiple BB" or even a "Pulsating Universe", that have been used, but the folks in the OP Link, seemed to believe in some form of Steady State, generally what I think is probable. On time and your axiom (nothing can start from nothin
  6. Phil; Juan was fired, over the phone, according to him, for his appearances on the "Bill O'Reilly" show. Head's of any concern, set the policy for that concern or might do so at the request or command of others, companies can fail or succeed on this alone. By choice, I don't watch or listen to NPR, therefore I can't speak to the journalistic integrity, but I do recall in my years of managing small business, I NEVER hired a person, I felt would not follow my policy or the policies of the company involved.
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