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    I cowrote "Eating on $1" in Amazon and program in Objective c for the iphone.

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  1. My apologies. It wasn't at poster. Do -they- lack a clear message? A slightly veiled comment on one teensy tiny group in a small area of the country = they. Let's see .00001 scientologists = bummer so message is hopefully not their clear. Stay tuned.
  2. My message. This is a very egalitarian process, We are being trained to say that. (at our occupy group- hasn't been voted on) So here is the first take of -my- clear message of Occupy Wall Street Against violence? For Peace. For Food Banks.? You're for Food Stamps Against cops letting seniors get scammed. Against SEC allowing Wall Street to scam us. Don't want your vote bought. Against corporations stopping candidates with millions. Want grandchildren to not lose parents. So you are for someone,anyone to offer health access to 55 year old males. For jobs that then create more jobs. Against firing teachers, hurting education and causing other places they buy from, to fire employees. For- adding money to get jobs for living, breathing people. Against money dumped into the deadend of corporate banking balance sheets. You are for the 99%. For democracy and the common man. You believe in reasoning of problems and doing the result. Not "those that run us" ignoring answers and grabbing cash for themselves instead. For- using above means to avoid Great Depression 2 and if no one does anything and it happens, in favor that we are prepared with food programs in place, just in case. Get real. Police the laws we have. Stop bad laws and get dollars for prosperity. Prevent catastrophe.
  3. As farout as personal attacks have been where various terms have been used against me(although others are quick to take offense at things like terms like "elitism.") and I do appreciate the calling on certain terms by others, this thread has yet to be hijacked totally by those jazzed by all the conspiracy stuff nonsense. This group would actually get this Analogy easily although I am showing my personal elitism by saying that: In person, as faulty, difficult, confused and messy as it appears there definately appears to be an ability to have people like the types on the internet in general with an assist to the "signal to noise ratio." Like iNow thought I was using some kind of irony or something but I do actually mean he has a clear writing style that would make a great book. His command of details benefits that project greatly. In person he would have easier grasped that. The youth are in person. Wow. So, what to do? Had another great time tonight. A good way to judge the answer to the topic question is to do this- show up. That is right -get out of your comfort zone and be a tourist at your local Occupy gathering. Here is a huge plus. We scientists and scientist types are pretty good at observing. One thorny thing. For years and years the signal was obscured by malespeak that I heard a little from one person tonight. And have heard from rightwingers, My take is that males think like fans for a side on a football team. The cheering together is what makes sense to them. Even high IQ can manage to spout terms federal reserve nationalization, fiat money, those-people who lend, you must hate the rich, it is all so complicated but then __________. The internet in spite of googling has made it easier to find likeminded souls in an almost religious ectasy of terms. My take is that this crap is a way to sound powerful as life crashes and is starting to crash for all of us. I work, in person anyway, to get the pain as the message even as I deal with the BS of the message itself.. PS That Austin lady was premo. iNow may be able to articulate why what she said to the camera was not a message. Many of the rest of us found it loud and clear. Although, yes not hugely scientific in nature. You can find her- she is getting a ton of youtube hits.
  4. A mathematician, a physicist and an engineer walk into a bar. I am saying the average person in the street has a hard time estimating what the prices would be from a drop. I am well aware of those equations but I am ok buying a toaster for $30 a month for a year and calling it $300. So there. Physicists have a hard time estimating. Ok so the DOW makes it easy. A $300 drop a day then. They don't multiply it by seven and say it is $2100. So what does a $300 drop mean? Not much. But a drop for seven days means a lot. It is around 10,000 now. Don't scream. That would then be about a 21% drop or a bear market. I am amazed, I am doing complex market analysis? I'd love if there are quants who would jump in. Reason: After the novelty wears off the wall street types will continue to ignore the reality they actually see and the reality they actually admit to themselves is true and continue to fund the craziness in congress tanking the economy causing a crash.
  5. This has to be as much a shock to you at me as it is to me. A $30 a month payment for ten months is not something most people can understand. They can't add a zero. Especially those under thirty. So you and I can do a worse case scenario and multiply 7 times 3%. They can't do that. With significant figures a 3% drop can vary from 2.5 to 3.4% so taking it at 3.00% is not correct. Although yes I am aware of the equation and reasoning you used but perhaps you can't abide estimates. Reason The average American educated investor can do so little thinking in an arithmetic way that numbers that are released are meaningless.
  6. You have to be really kidding here. Nothing about the stock market. It is extremely obtuse to continually play unhearing regarding examples. People under 30 the calculator generation don't do what you and I do. Unless they are scientifically trained they have a hard time imagining what a 3% drop in a day can mean. It would be a surprise that it is 21% drop in 7 days (actually this is close enough for those who would quibble on the exactness.) They think so little in simple math they are perplexed and surprised. You and I can see a graph and notice it is varying around a mean. That is totally incomprehensible. I can also be as obtuse as many in this thread. For instance, it would never occur to me in a million years that anyone would sell short on anything I would post. If I could predict the future like that I would be rich. They have delayed implementation of the 1200 trillion dollars in derivatives legislation. When that hits the fan which companies are even profitable. In a dark market- who would know that? Now that guy would predict the future. He, they will profit. I suppose when it does -- the blame, just as it fell on homeowners will now fall on college students. (occupy wall street) Scapegoating has to be older even than grandparents throwing their offspring to the wolves. Reason- Half the population is addicted to pornography or jazzy pornographic like statements in whatever general concepts and finds no ability to use their intellect on reality. This inability to think straight is an addiction which prevents them from controlling outrageous behavior among themselves and their peers. Reality that doesn't turn them on lets them turn a deaf ear to crashing economies and actually thinking about scenarios and deductive reasoning regarding available facts. They are unable to be real enough to be honest which of course when enough are like that crashes Wall Street. ps you are now getting scary
  7. "Be specific. You and the well-intentioned but painfully naive hippies playing frisbie and doing yoga on Wall Street right now sound like a tribe of bloody fools who are screaming at a casino for taking money they voluntarily fed into the slot machine. Either figure out what specifically you're requesting and form a plan to attain it, or STFU already. " from iNow "You're focused purely on emotional response, and that's not reaching me and others like me" from iNow So, football fan enthusiasm or disparaging remarks- well that must be analytical but any enthusiasm gushing for peace or light comedy- that is emotional. The real world does need for all of us to care. That is an emotion. You can decide to own it. And/or -you- may want to reach others. Is this post dispassionate enough?
  8. "Part of me wonders if you're just being intentionally silly, but the realistic part is saddened by the realization that you're probably serious, and hence a very clear example of the problem noted in the OP." As I've mentioned elsewhere IQ has no correlation to vice. So high IQ can fall for just as much stupid behavior as the low IQ. Where is your book? You could write a textbook you are so good at chapter and verse. You can check your bookmarks for the links to above. I think you are (as would be normal for either cogs in the wheel in middle management or struggling small business owners) overwhelmed. Take a deep breath. Keep Austin crazy. No need to seek it everywhere else. It is so simple. Everyone I know yells at their TV sets. Finally we are talking to each other and the powers that be. Nine tenths of life is just showing up. So, Occupy wall Street.
  9. "I've seen what happens when the "common man" gets "his" way in politics." <---From you For a retort to work I need to get into the habit of carrying the quote with you. I suppose the elitist one percent must really be the common man because you imply only the common man holds paradoxical views. Ever heard of let's go to war and cut everyone's taxes? The rich can find a few of the sainted PHD's to follow the money and say all kinds of crap. So being a scientist doesn't equal sainthood and to disparage the electorate is yes, elitist. As I suggested if you hold those views you may want to peruse Plato. I wonder though if he might have considered physicists as one would mechanics who can't really reason fully while we should make the philosopher, king. And if you still have a superiority complex then own it and be happy with your choice to be an elitist. I had such a great time with hundreds of people yes college but old, mothers with kids etc. The message is we want our country back. How to do it. Well add the gin, add the vermouth and shaken not stirred. My grandfather kept getting elected as a judge. I ,personally, and I am not currently a leader of my satellite Occupy Wall Street group, still have this distorted faith that an elite's vote is counted the same as the plebian's which gives hope. Let the people know. so, Occupy Wall Street
  10. I wonder if UK riots had a few drunks in them. Plus the cultural aspect of hooligans at football (some I presume drinking) may have made that behavior noticeable if not acceptable.
  11. Moderator Surely this is close enough to obscenity. I'm sorry you are caught in a high stress job that even at $150,000 has not kept pace with the $85,000 that managers got thirty years ago. At least you are in Austin where mansions are cheap. Really. Those private schools were 5000 and are now 30000. Work hard and welcome back to the middle class.
  12. Man, you could really benefit from a quick scan of Plato. One of the most advanced well educated scientifically productive societies got going politically. Unlike its more backward neighbors it felt strong. It still puzzles how Nazi germany had such a great run. I didn't even know you were also an elitist. I just had a discussion with someone that the person in front in the checkout line had food stamps and bought- low and behold potato chips. Must have been too stupid to spend two bucks on two measly apples. Perhaps it was viewing Social Network again. Constant, constant reactions on "this tree", "this tree" is not helpful for conversation. This is one reason that wives go nuts from their engineering husbands. I was lamenting this aspect of how poor communicators scientists are. But if they are trying to shout that the citizens are stupid perhaps it is a good thing that they find two way talking challenging.
  13. I know an 85 year old In 2006 I asked him what would happen in another Great Depression? 1) Your relatives will move in with you 2) Get a gun He recalls the thirties vividly. I am one of the deluded masses who believes it is my fault. I don't care if it is only 1 in 300 millionth my fault. It is when the good do nothing that evil triumphs. So the odd thing is that it is very natural for us to not do violence on a well-to-do person just because of their income. We had enough of destroying by color. In spite of what the America news media covers there is amazing acceptance of difference here that I'm trying to think of where it can be found anywhere. We don't want to destroy a human we just don't want them to continue to take our money.
  14. Ironically, for many of us yelling at TV's etc. does no good. Finally we are heard. Blood pressure plummets. Babyboomers die. Especially because who wants to cover a 55 year old? So, the "story problem" is 4 grandparents Half make it to 65. They have health insurance and have a good chance of making it to 75. But that would mean that the grandchildren would have lost half their parents. Say, left with Mom but have two grandparents to step in to the void. I held my breath til my Mom made it to 65. Now her health problems are being treated. Now data would help but also obscure. I'm amazed that those babyboomers born before 1964 have radioactive Strontium in their bones. Did the nuclear explosions postwar cause enough fallout exposure to kill them? Well, yes. How many? Chernobyl has good numbers because of thyroid cancer that radioactive fallout causes cancer. It is so rare those exposed have to have gotten it from the radioactive food. One reason that childhood cancer made such advances starting in the fifties is the increase in Leukemia among the young then. Many children died. Ok, does lack of health insurance kill baby boomers? Well, yes. How many? So retirees who hate healthcare for babyboomers should at least rethink this. They don't seem to care. It doesn't take any science to know that lack of healthcare endangers life and lack of health insurance endangers access to healthcare. The recent economic crash has hurt this age group. Who wants to hire a lot of 55 year olds and put them on the company's health insurance? And before anyone repeats the now constant mantra about exercise,eating, etc. , the diseases these influence are half caused by genetics. So even if you throw under the bus the stressed out Mcdonalds eaters, half would have those challenges anyway. Oddly enough, it is the low socioeconomics that kills the obese. Leave out the lower socioeconomics group and there is no separate risk factor effect for the majority. Yea, I could add the papers but then those here spend endless pages with the distraction of details not germane to real discussion of the topic and I love discussing the topic. I do prefer examples to washingtonDCspeak so I am stuck. In cowboy country they prefer the "are for me or agin me" with simplistic either/or choice. As wonderful a cowboy movie as that makes the real world is just messy enough to make that infantilistic. (was that your word?) So summary of my point here: Grownups can see the message. note: I have used &^#*% before so that could be criticized but initials used by iNow are blatant. I also had suggested he be emotional. Be careful what you wish for. Perhaps he has relatives in England where things can get very dicey. yes. We are a fast paced world. Going back to some non real past is hugely radical. Making it seem so "well planned" is not sainthood. Would one deeply admire the Third Reich for being well planned? Good people are currently producing good results. One can still have a kind of faith even if steeped in science.
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