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  1. in short i think you'll recall we agree on the "peak" issue. all i do is supply some information from the business point of view.... also as stated, the US government is restricted to some degree on the influence of business activity. not saying they do not, but as an entity there is no power to influence. the market or people, do so in their purchase of products. available today are cars, fuel systems along with many products that are oil based free for this public to purchase. most of our gas/diesel tax, goes to the states we purchase the product. the trucking industry from Canada and every state additionally pays large amounts of money to drive each mile in any one state, which also goes to the states. the average truck to travel the 6-700 miles thought NM and AZ will pay two to 300.00 each way. additionally this industry pays about 40% more at the pump for a product (diesel) which cost little by comparison to produce. i won't go into what the Canadian and US truckers pay for updated equipment, to perform the act of driving an economy... i also agree that DEPENDENCY is a security issue. however its being addressed on a daily basis as such. i get off this band wagon for any current global warming issue, remaining with my above and previous statements on the issue. my fear is just what going on today, when my congress is more concerned with Spinach Farmers, or self glorification then our troops protecting the very issue at hand. with your help, they would have no problem in a 10 fold increase in taxes, the purpose of no concern. private industry and the power of supply and demand, will be of more value in practical terms then any efforts of any government...
  2. the US Government, subsidizes many alternative fuel activities, through the Military or EPA, today. as do private investment groups and the individual. the four major solar companies which i watch with interest make a total of about -10.00 per invested dollar and kept in this range with government programs.(otherwise -25.00). wind power as been pretty much dropped for lack on interest. ethanol you should already know of and battery power, primarily for storage are big things. Nanotech, needs consideration as they too work on energy or at minimal the use of less to perform more... i remind you governments obligations in the US, are not to influence any business. there interest is based on dependency from unfriendly nations (security) or those that could be for the available supply of crude. even here the interest overlaps world treaties and interest, since the US would be hurt the least if OPEC, shut off supplies today. i suggested a visit to the oil sands in UT and WY, but this near untapped world wide source dwarfs any usage of mankind. in Canada, where the practice is well underway, half of there power is from the oil sands today. in turn they ship sweet oil around the world. also i have suggested in the US it is not economical to fight regulations imposed by the society that opposes big business in general. it is simply far cheaper to import 100 tankers of crude, than to receive permission to drill one new hole. if you get into refineries, there is no comparison. its by far cheaper to build elsewhere and import the product. to the American ego, "not in my backyard" extends to the limits of their control. since this goes to GW in most cases, i might suggest to alter, slow or in some way hamper the current worldwide trends, for the sake of Al Gore or his types makes little sense. India and China, (near 3 billion people) are advancing at rates unknown even in the US. many other nations as well are increasing in GDP, which allows for advancements is social and political advancements. to me this is the future of mankind, not what a few in my country or other old industrialized nations feel is a problem. these nations are already beyond industry and cannot return, but rely on the rest for many of the goods thought needed.
  3. Mow; in short i am in the steady state camp and feel the universe, much as we see nearby is the same where ever it may end. however from the big bang camp; they explain this expansion we see, that is known in matter to that 14.2 billion year distance. that light rays received over days of lens openings into one spot and computer enhanced in the final image is from that time. whats there now, no one can guess. however according to the theory those objects moved on out and are at least near 27 billion light years out now. since the theory is a little confusing on matter or its formation after a cooling process, whether matter is increasing or not is questionable. if, yes, then new matter would be forming, as it did after the BB. if not then what matter has formed is spreading. expansion of space is purely in the Big Bang Theory. in SSU, the expansion of the universe itself into what should be infinity space (no limit or end), would not occur and with out cause seems unlikely. that is, no little factories out there producing new matter.
  4. the idea US oil production peaked in the 70's is based on actual pumping of the product, not the availability. even in this period it was simply cheaper to get the crude and ship to the US refiners, than go through the process to drill new holes. google, *Colorado oil sands* and get a look from an investment viewpoint on just what potential there is on this one 1500 sq. mile plot in Northern Utah and Southern Wyoming. estimate although questionable run up to 2 trillion barrels of availability. this alone is more than the US has used in the history of consumption. finds in the US and not developed are numerous. again depending on viewpoints, Alaska still holds much, as the Gulf of Mexico and many land services on the mainland. many places, including the Gulf exploration by geologist are not allowed, much less any drilling activity. peak oil man, or the views expressed are not new. he apparently believes in the views of many that are opposed to industry, capitalism, the wealthy and in general attacks his views through GW, which is in big part fossil fuel usage. additionally i think it was a long time geologist or at least oil related worker that proposed the prediction and said happening. both however are giving a viewpoint which i personally disagree with. more so for the distasteful interruption of the world communities growing standards than for the use of alternatives. my thought is the market place will determine these alternative energy sources and DEPENDENCY, the reality culprit will slowly go away.
  5. in the 60's and 70's, people in general were more involved with science. most had a couple years in school. all knew something about earths cycles, the ice ages and the temperate period of the Dino's. families moved for health reason to warmer, colder or dryer areas and never considered earth altering events to make life pleasant, at any particular place. the older generation remembered warmer periods and the younger accepted the cooler, figuring in time the cycle would change back to warming. IT DID...and it will again. i do wish some one would show some concern for the plant life, which has a .045 surplus to sustain its life and provide us with life. my concerns are not for the UN, Al Gore or a political entity which is in need of a cause for importance. my concerns are not for an element of society that feels big business or capitalism in general are bad things. my concerns are not for those that blame the rich or the achievers for their insignificances. nor am i concerned about National Governments that see some economical benefits from any international action. nor am i concerned about any government wishing to take advantages of their people, by adding taxes to products for which a few feel are overindulgence. GW, indirectly or directly attacks these items, the advocates each with cause. there is a question of reality which needs attention. the earth will warm and it will cool and it may happen in the next 20 years or 100 or even 500 to 1000 years. ocean levels will go up or down and ice caps will take in more fresh water or dump some in the oceans. what are islands and seacoast, may be inland properties, just as possible may be under water. as in the past all this was, it will be again. mans ignorance to what causes what and in particular for what reason will lead to more than being uncomfortable. whatever many think are earth shattering, man made causes are no doubt already addressed by natures ever changing give and takes. if mans first attempt to create events were successful the outcome may not be whats intended.
  6. the only bold statement is the chart. coincidentally the same chart used to show global cooling, not long ago..... that spot in the history of the planet, represents nothing to this history or even the past 100k or million years estimates. the atmosphere contains, 77% nitrogen - 22% oxygen - .045 CO2 and trace amounts of all others including methane. but wait, what contributes this .045 is 95 percent natural or non-man ways. mankind, with all activity included then contributed .00128 of what in the air we breath...today and near this amount for near that 100 year period. maybe up from .00129 using the chart, but trivial to contributions what natures fluctuation can be in a week. thank goodness for nature as all the plant life on earth, surely by weight more than man, requires CO2 to live, produce our food and oh yes, the oxygen we breath. if you add in the non-human oxygen breathing animal life your making plant life's job a little difficult already.
  7. the general rule for affordable, is to take your total income divided by 4... what this figure is your sustainable ability to pay off a property, to live in or even rent if you prefer. some do say 33%. 40k income, 10k = home and all home expenses. you wont get in trouble and if you save or invest as well, you never will get in trouble...
  8. think i saw this same argument about 7 years ago, and the charts and dollars resembled national economies, not one company. the tech bubble which eliminated hundreds of wanna bees and kept the legitimate ones which have gone on to lead the industry. i might add the doom and gloom of this era was what was going to happen, when our entire economic system went off line because we entered a new millennium. well, nothing happen and many in the industry looked like what they were...fools. real estate investments in some areas are hurt. some people bought and sold houses like stock or some hot collectible. never saw the homes and let agents perform. todays fools are these people. Sub-prime lenders as well had, miss guided some people into thinking they could afford things they couldn't. people who couldn't afford furniture or know how to change a light bulb, bought and learned the reason they had rented for years. some people are not suited for responsibility and some are not going to be CEO's of corporations. government as well encouraged ownership and encouraged mortgage and banks to finance low income people. the entire concept, although well intended was ill advised and has hurt a FEW, including investors. be careful on no winners; LEND, dropped to 3.00, where i bought and NEW to .80 and also where i bought. both up very good and i am not a loser in this case. all the major home builders will be doing just fine in a year or so. what was the system will be again and people will be forced to live in their means. those that should rent, or depend on some one else to pay the taxes, interest, repairs and all that goes with ownership are again or soon will be renting. maybe government, even with good intent, will stay out of personal affairs...
  9. in looking back, life that has failed are generally from uncontrollable factors. of course until very recently, there have been no forms with abilities to reason or what we call applicable intelligence. many species have survived hundreds of million years in form if not near, the same structure. mankind, i suspect will continue to evolve, intellectually or physically and probably to better results. the problem in spreading to other star systems or galaxy, even with C speeds are the times required for adaptation. more likely than anything man will create a life form with these abilities and to our current mentality these would be robots with a method and way to evolve in very short time periods. in this case travel time or even time would be of no value, has self regeneration a matter of a few spare parts. travel vessels would be simple, less dependent on particular need to these units and easy to repair, even en-route or a stop over on any surface with materials. fuels by this time a form of fuel which regenerates itself or one of mans current dreams, perpetual energy. this then to a construction of man, a new life form to the universe could do and achieve all we could never as we exist. as a species however, we will pass on much as all we now call pre-history vertebrates. the human as we know, in a million years could resemble anything, none of which should look, act or think as we do. as mentioned the sun will eventually burn out. long before this reality our planet will not have any life on it, oceans and atmosphere long gone. also as suggested anything short of this will not take out all of anything and man or his descendants will survive, adapt over time to most anything.
  10. for a number of reasons, the idea will never be considered. however what i think interest you are in "Space Elevator Theory", which some are working on. the object to get equipment and materials into space and even this 122 mile project is questionable. you might google and get a handle on the principles...
  11. there are lots of problems with the idea in a practical way; if the lines were attached to the moon and not on earth and you could catch this line which would travel about 900 mile per hour, you could climb. since were in lala land, you trip would be hard till out of earths gravity, easy till you reached the moons gravity and you would be letting yourself down (not climbing) when there. wonder how much a chain 240k miles long would weight???
  12. i think your problem is bestiality, itself and for personal profits. this i would agree is a little overboard, distasteful and by the way illegal in most of the US. we have movies that play in theaters, on TV or available in any CD rental places, depicting all kinds of terrible acts, including acts done on people. these are, i hope, actors playing roles to entertain some portion of the public. i am told porn in dollar value rates number one followed by horror and some place down the road my favorite, the Western. the least violent to anything or person on these portrayals are the porn. no one gets killed, mutilated or disfigured from acids. remembering they are all harmless to the actors. in reiterating; i suggest you give your knowledge on horse sperm extraction to the veterinarians in Kentucky. the very expensive process is rarely performed and the natural process the most used.
  13. think there are five taste senses. we taste food going in and not going out. just a guess...
  14. i am going to questions this thread on my understanding of what it takes to extract male horse sperm for artificial insemination. the process was well laid out recently with the death of the Kentucky Derby, hopefull, when killed. in short it requires setting up the idea the horse is in the female and on his hind legs. its complicated and not often successful. what is displayed on bestiality sites, are not factual and i presume this is from one of those. i also have to wonder just what harm is involved in what we accept as pleasurable events, to an animal. its not my cup of tea, but i kind of think the animal may be grateful, opposed to feeling "taunted and humiliated" by man...
  15. in being consumed you of course would be vaporised as all that enters is. then become part of the total or assimilated into the matter. when the BH vaporizes you would become space dust looking for matter to join with and eventually become something else, but not that far away. very few think wormholes exit to lead this matter to the center or other parts of the universe and certainly none think another universe.
  16. think BTU's are used in determining heating space and what device to heat determines CO2, if any.
  17. one of the largest magnesium producers in the US, is just outside SLC Utah. one by product of this production is pure salt. which is cobbled up by Morton. i have been there and hauled many truck loads to many places, but do not recall there affiliation. you might google mag producers or the element and get better results....
  18. there are many differences in the basic races of mankind, genetically speaking. these differences are found in all other races and currently it would be hard to find a pure any race. blacks in Africa are the closest and biologist, believe they have found a defective cell in whites that created that race. the whites then the second race and the others followed. the percentages of differences found in each depends on where you look. Chinese for instance have relatively low amounts of the Black difference, Blacks in Europe and the North America are well mixed or about 60% or so of the Blacks normal differences. as to brain sizes or intelligence, many factors seem to be involved, but genetically its of no value. climates, location and Vit. C (Sun) even milk, seem to play a roll on many individuals with in or not of other races. historically and todays, orientals tend to excel in intelligence, however this has to do with many factors other then genetic. a quick google check on Races and genetics, will get you much more on this subject. its interesting, however biologist are reluctant to promote their finding for obvious reasons. racism as well as being politically correct should both be discarded in the study, as the goals of these biologist are in medical treatment, which if a difference exist, should be so treated.
  19. think the confusion may be in Electromagnetic Energy and other forms of energy. a quick google on EME, will give you charts and figure for these. the range is from radio to gamma, all of which travel at C in space, contain photons and require a source for production, which are charged reactions, so to speak. there are some studies into thought waves, still controversial, but some do suggest instant or at minimal C speed.
  20. i understand your point, i think. the energy which is most referred to, will not change the overall mass of the sun. conversion causes this energy and the energy takes no mass with it. however the sun does emit large amounts of matter, throws it into space and what is called solar dust...
  21. Albert; don't get discouraged or quit trying to understand the questions you asking. for the most part there are no firm answers to begin with and opinions will be in a wide range. creation of a universe, has to be in Big Bang and those that try to prove it. SSU or what you see, has always been, infers no creation. infinity to a beginning and to and end. scientist are divided and both sides have reasons to believe what they voice. Black Holes are thought to be from a large stars, final days. some give exotic meanings and to others its simply a part of a process. worm holes have pretty much been given science fiction status. singularity, is the unit given for bing bangs original unit. take any issue and google, for any number of opinions. i have some on each but would rather, take on one at a time.
  22. Ecoli; the statement R.L. made and what i quoted, was harmful elements, not specifically CO2. he does, give a source, when reading an article but frankly i don't copy down each reference. you will find any information i offer as his, on his site. he is often quoted in your media, rarely correctly and never with the source he give. i pretend to be no better then that media. for some reason you seem to be nit-picking general discussion. i am sure if you like, a google search will get some breakdowns in how much of each chemical, each member of any family can, does or is estimated to produce. to me its of no importance, nature has means to cope with it and we or mankind's efforts are creating no additional problems. i am compelled to mention, that i do not oppose conservation or the concept that man could live a little better way with regards to nature. what this leads to however is government dictation or mandates which i do oppose adamantly.
  23. according to insanes reference, any amount of methane, is called a trace and CO2 is .004...dont know why any one would need figures however, since a drive by at the local feed lot, would give you a hint...
  24. well, cows are part of nature (which i did say) and nature produces 95% of all that .004% which is in the atmosphere. your elaborating my point. your might have noted the fluctuations in CO2, are the highest of what constitutes this atmosphere. at least the troposhere.... no my statistics are as general as any ones. i make up none, am occasionally wrong but rarely far off. think thats what bugs you... Ecoli; Rush, only relays what he reads or discusses what a caller mentions. he has 20 million people, who will correct him in seconds. i do use some of what he says and will continue. in my opinion, his views are much better than the overall public media, which gets things wrong much more often.
  25. less than 1 % of the atmosphere is CO2. mankind is said to produce about 5% of that one percent or .05 of the total. nature, which cows are included in produce 95% of that 1% or .95% of the total. 77% is nitrogen, 21% oxygen and all others two, which in the worst of times CO2 is 1%... the latest counter to GW, presented by Mr. Limbaugh, is that termites produce far more harmful elements into the air than all mankind. keep in mind some one has figured out by weight, there are also more ants on the planet than man. many things in total produce more harmful things into the air, than man kind and many things that seem harmful are not harmful at all. CO2 of all things is the least harmful to anything and provides the ingredients for plant life to produce the oxygen we breath. since oxygen is 21% and CO2 is one percent, i fail to understand any problem...i am not a plant which that 22% oxygen is very toxic to.
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