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    Not having ever been to the UK or being aware of a friction between races there, opposed to cultures, this is somewhat confusing to me. This said, if their are problems, though likely a have/have not problem, what better way to solve than open dialog, which the tape presented. In the US, while the same things have been referenced for years, then generally by blacks themselves and nothing has really helped matters. Here is our current case, on this issue....
  2. Taylor from a casual poster, welcome to the forum. Hope you hang around awhile, as we seriously need people with some historical knowledge. I had thought about going over the "Progressive Movement", Roosevelt, Wilson, Hoover and FDR, but it's a bit complicated to explain. Will be looking forward to your post...
  3. john; Romney won't be the nominee, but if he were to, would beat Obama, it's that simple in my mind. I'd give Perry a 50% chance today, Bachman about a 30% chance and both will try to get Rubio or Christie for their VP and Palin will run for Jon Kyl's (AZ.) Senate Seat. Ron Paul or Trump may go third party and if so Obama might win. Out of curiosity why would you prefer 4 more years of what all has been going on the past 3???
  4. Hal; That's one thing about a two party system I like, in that the coalition can be formed by the people, through the Primary System, before the National Election.
  5. bob000555; With due respect, I don't think any respected member of most any forum has gone very long without authoring threads he/she wishes were not posted. On the other hand, I could list your dozens of threads, even in Politics, that were started by seemingly illiterate or INEXPERIANCED posters that became big hits. Additionally, I could list threads on every subforum, this site or any other, that to me seemed like pure nonsense, but took on a long and interesting life. I think iNow, above, pretty well explained the subjective nature of judging others!!! What your probably concerned with, being a casual poster over 5 years here is the current level of actual political threads being offered under Politicsw, maybe the quality that has off and on, been outstanding (exceptional to even Political forums) over the years, appears not to be the same. They have dropped the requirements to post on politics and given a little time, you will see an improvement.
  6. He is talking "supply and demand", if supply decrease or demand increases, price/cost will increase or of course if supply increases or demand decreases price cost generally go down. Can anybody deny this principle?
  7. Essay and iNow; The proposed BBA, simply limits budgeting the next years cost to that of expected receipts, based on 18% of GDP. Congress at anytime, for any seen emergency, can vote to increase, the Proposed Budget by 2/3rd's of both chamber or for specific reasons (emergencies), increasing the debt, by 3/5th's. Note here that most legislation already requires 3/5th's (60%) of the Senate and I serious doubt, since then a public vote (in record) any person would truly vote against any REAL emergency or for one most certainly not, taking the US Census. http://devil67712.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/full-text-h-j-res-1-a-balanced-budget-amendment-to-the-constitution-of-the-united-states/ Proposing a Balanced Budget, based on revenues and expenditures, can have different outcomes and iNow expenditures have exceeded Budgets, since Eisenhower. http://www.geldpress.com/2008/07/us-budget-reporting-deception/ Basically the thought esteemed economist 7 problems with the BBA, all indicate otherwise, but before going further, I'd like you to question my understanding. It's not likely anything will pass before 2013 and even then the allowed 7 year limitation will be needed, as State Houses are also somewhat divided.
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