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  1. Mr Rayon; What's surprising to me is you being a 19yo student and yet being "skeptical" of AGW, which as has been pointed out, is not denying the possibility, they would throw you out of school in much of the US. I'll ditto and am personally skeptical, primarily because of plausible or viable solutions that have been offered and the potential for "unintended consequences". As an example; If man has the capability to overpower the natural forces of nature to begin with, what possible solution could be enacted "internationally", within any reasonable timeframe to counter or reverse any perceived activity that mankind over (pick your time frame), that has caused the questionable problems and at what estimated cost are we talking about. Then if we could (we can't, as a collective) reduce CO2 from say the said 400ppm, back to say 250-300ppm, said to be optimal, what about plant life that actually is flourishing today and we already know would do better at much higher levels. In any case the human race is now near 7B people, for as many variable reasons as there are for what causes natural weather patterns and I'd sure hate seeing the reversal of that explosion, from 1BP not long ago...
  2. I'm not sure any current BB Model, still allows for faster than light expansion at any point in the expansion stage. Originally any explanation to quantify for this, was said to be that the singularity or matter/mass/energy involved prior to cooling, could not be explained by today's science. Keep on mind, under the singularity scenario, the universe itself was that singularity at temperatures and pressures not possible to recreate. That is any laws of physics explainable in our reality, would not have been possible under another reality...
  3. John S; There are literally thousands of books related to both the Religion and the plight of those in the religion to form a Jewish State, known as Zionism. I am neither Jewish or in fact religious, but have read some, as you seem to be, interested in the subject from both a historical and political perspective. The link offered, is free and gives references to other books. Good Luck....
  4. rigney & John C, ditto's to your comments and Marat, even Charles Rangel has got off that boat. In my day we basically all served in the service of our country, with the idea this was a patriotic civil responsibility. Today I hold the utmost respect for any person who voluntarily joins a military entity or for that matter participates in the political system, though to a lesser degree.
  5. rigney, when we in school the idea was an atom, size unknown, but where the idea came from. As I recall the theory was ridiculed, not well accepted for years as Astrophysics tried to explain away that thought. As far as I'm concerned, DM or DE are extensions to those explanations, in an effort to explain an unexplainable expansion, into something called nothingness. My thoughts anyway...
  6. lemur: Availability of crude into the future does play a roll in current crude prices, but this has nothing to do "Peak Oil", "AGW" or any political argument. There are plenty of reserves around the world for energy resources and the US leads them all with it's resources, especially in natural gas and coal. The world produces approximately 70/71 mb/d (million barrels per day) and consumes 69/70 mb/d, on average. Any disruption in that production or the pipe line to the refineries, can and often does spike the prices paid. Aside from the problems in North Africa and the Middle East, the US has been virtually shut down for new production and all this is figured into the current prices. Adding a little to my previous post, Gasoline from the refinery at this minute, on average is US$3.10/g and diesel (traded as Heating oil) is 2.85. Whatever your paying for Gasoline or Petrol, figured into gallons, over these prices, have nothing to do with cost. In the US, the average gallon Nationally is about 4.00/G, but in many European Countries, that final cost (converted to G and US$) is nearing $10.00 per gallon. http://money.cnn.com/data/commodities/
  7. PS/K/8; I would increase reading, comprehension, speaking/orientation, basic math, increasing skill levels to pass on to the fifth or sixth grades, that is actually hold students another year. Simultaneously from at least the 4th grade, I'd promote class segregation by either IQ or other testing and getting the best students, being with the best, worst with the worst. From there, even having opinions, it gets very complicated. 9/12th Rather than argumentation, maybe debate would work better, in that kids would be taught to argue any issue or point from either a pro or con understanding. I don't know what's being taught today, other than the weird things I read about, but here I think it would simply mean going back to the basics. Anyway, History meant a semester of State History, the rest of the year US History, followed by a year of World History with an emphasis on anything pertinent to American. For instance, once you get past the medieval period (1400's), things like the British Empire, exploration or even religions that eventually effect US History, are at least connected. My basic change under curriculum would happen in the 11th and 12th grades. Aptitude testing with parental/student guidance would determine a planned course, college, college major, some profession or none of the above.
  8. You might consider simply having a General History Forum. Otherwise is a question or thread based on the history of any other sub forums title, against the rules?
  9. I doubt two people on this forum or 1% of all humans, that know the name "Karl Heinrich Marx" the famous GERMAN, philosopher and author of the "Communist Manifesto", know he was also an Atheist Jew. Einstein, although I disagree, is often referred to as an Atheist and Jewish, then the Prime Minister of ISRAEL for years (think the early 70's) also openly questioned the existence of a God. I understand ethnicity or cultural ties are built into some Religions, but to be honest with you I have a hard time understanding how a person can be something, yet atheist or a nonbeliever to the premise of subject. That is you can be a proud Israelite or in my case American and from there Jewish, Catholic or whatever....but that is my opinion. Here again however, and as I understand it, Muslims also believe people are Muslim by birthright and if rejected in life become an infidel (a person that does not believe in their God). Maybe it's that Christians, believe in a gateway or an acceptance in some manner into a Religion, but THEN are lifelong whatever. mooeypoo; I had the above written, for your post #10, deciding it might be too far off topic and you might feel I was trying to ruffle your feathers. However and IMO your stretching the "born Jewish" idea, a little too far. What was Golda Meir's quote when asked if she believed in a God, "I believe in the Jewish people and the JEWISH PEOPLE believe in God". Then, though I won't argue their case, their are those that feel "Jewish Liberalism" within Israel, will bring down the State, the opposition fearing a religious State. My concerns, then primarily for those being condemned by others "for their faith", which IMO is the main concern of the "Muslim Brotherhood", advocates for Sharia States or radical elements, are in that stability seen by rigney's sanity, and most all US people & politicians. Frankly, I'm really concerned about the current US Administration policies, toward Israel (as I see them) and what that might mean in the future, if continued, but that's for another thread....
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