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  1. Actually, there's nothing docile about the Jewish or those that practice Judaism. They may come off a little proud of their heritage, for such a minority of humanity, but then pride in ones heritage, is not something to be ignored or feared. As for Israel "stealing" anything, historically you would need to back more than a few years and in modern history, the map of Europe and the Middle East, was changed after WWII, not by the Jews, but the UN and allied forces who, won the war. After WWII, those folks having been rejected by many Nations during the War and fear of repercussions, were spread out throughout Europe in various refugee camps and no one willing to accept any responsibility the UN via England encouragement, finally did what was right. The Jews accepted the UN's offer for a State, the Palestinians would not. rigney: "We're all black or white or", are you running for office or what? That sounds like Mr. Obama recent campaign and frankly, IMO only part of any problem with International coexistence, today. Where religion rules, belief's outside the rule of international acceptance or law, will always breed contempt of those different. Your not going to eliminate this in individuals, probably as long as mankind exist, but ruling authorities can, if that authority is blind to human emotion. Attitudes toward or opposed to black, white, yellow or brown, has long changed, but those differences to cultural, traditional or even religious difference, may never. It' will be up to individuals who move into different cultures to adapt or not move at all.
  2. swansont, your point and others, is that business pollutes intentionally to save money, reducing the cost to their product or service (productivity). What I'm saying is those savings would be trivial to what the actual cost of bad publicity means to most business and certainly all the majors. Some unfavorable accusation in one small town in Maine, can easily mean lost sales around the world and billions in sales, lost market capitalization and in most cases both....Business's simply don't take the chance and those that have, even if unintended have paid dearly or are gone.
  3. Yes and No, IMO; States can determine what requirements are for any number of things. including who is on their ballot, although requirements MUST be the same for all applicants and what's required in one State is not material to what other States require. Since your talking about Obama and they are probably as well, if the Hawaii Certificate of Birth, can be legally proved invalid in Arizona, which is a viable argument (Texas, doesn't accept their own such certificates in some cases), then they would have cause for the action. They could also use "extenuating circumstances" in being on the ballot for the only job in the US requirement being a Citizen BY BIRTH, which if effect is questioning ALL States authority to "not require" such proof, in this case. For instance here, States do require additional proof, for the running US Congress or State Office, where residency laws are applicable. Do I think these argument will hold muster, be validated in the Courts, NO because my own arguments are to weak for a State to use or said another way your correct, what's already accepted by tradition will generally win out.
  4. Frankly, I'm confused who is playing with whose mind here, but going back to my original thoughts on this issue, it's only becoming more a political issue, adding the "rebel" factor. They are now demanding aid in the form of money and equipment and the US/France/GB are toying with the idea of ground forces. Our (the US) policy has gone from removing Gaddafi, to no intention and now back to the ultimate goal of removal. I'm beginning to wonder just who is behind the American Government policy, since everything I'm seeing being done and by those doing it, are the exact things the same people opposed, going back into Reagan's tenure. CR; Collateral Damage (killing of civilians) or damaging unintended infrastructure, has always been a recognized problem and somebody needs to be on the ground setting up targets for lacer guidance, in the first place and those people (if they exist) must be accurate.
  5. Unemployment benefits are, or at least had been, determined by your last employer, who can contest the request. If uncontested the recipient will generally be given a green light. Some fraud can be stopped simply by verifying former employers, but rarely done. As for those states requiring, looking for work, none I'm aware of would deny benefits for any excuse, for not accepting a job or would they have cause to verify the attempt.
  6. swansont; I used the links provided earlier and this issue is not worth the time to verify each comment, but I'm sure 60 Minutes would be a good source, if you care to verify his comment. I'd bet those paid for services are in fact Medicaid....
  7. If 90% of PP funding comes from the Feral Government, then 40M would come from donors and lets assume without restriction. Then if only donor money is used, each abortion would have $120 to work with. Since that's 1,510 per day spread out across the country, I neither believe this is possible or do I believe 3% could substantiated.
  8. If this* comment is correct PP's 3%, is equal to 332,278 abortions and 90% of their funding comes from the Federal Government and that's not legal Hyde Amendment). The total US abortions should be about 1.2 M in 2010**, they have performed over 30% of them. I'm aware of many things they do, but I seriously doubt any of them represent these figures. Anyway Kyl's mixing of figures is extremely common by Politicians and I'd suggest the Media. If you like I could come up with three in Obama's opening 2012 campaign speech today, alone.... * http://commonsense-plubius.blogspot.com/2011/04/abort-planned-parenthood.html ** http://www.christianliferesources.com/?/library/view.php&articleid=1042
  9. Jon Kyl 68, first entered Congress as a Representative of Arizona in 1987, then in 1995 as their Junior Senator.
  10. "the war is lost" (Reid), "we have to pass the bill, to see what's in it" (Polosi) and thousands of comments embellished to produce a political point are common practice in politics. Off your topic, I think: Why Kyl or the Republican party are so opposed to abortion is a little strange, since those that seek out free abortions are generally liberal minded, my cynical view. Wasn't there a NYC survey saying near 60% of black pregnancies, end in abortions. Personally, since the issue has been properly settle by law, since poor folks don't generally want added responsibilities and abortions are Medical Procedure, I see no reason why Government doesn't assist, though maybe it would be best to leave that to the States. On the issue, I often wonder what would be today, if those whatever millions that didn't make it to birth, would have meant to society and I'm not being cynical here. There are a whole lot of non Whites out there making a big differance and it's not all that bad....
  11. john5746; Rather than further arguing the point, most all the DOW, S&P 500 and the vast majority of other public Companies in the US, the UK and Europe for legal reasons, farm out anything that might be hazardous to the environment. Although the reasons are to prevent suits against them by hundreds of environmentalist groups, Government Agencies or to pacify their Insurance Carriers, "Waste Management" and other Corporations devoted in part or total, have made this method simply cost/effective. I'm sure "Farmer Joe" in his quest to make a few more dollars, opposed to spending, might let a little more drainage flow into some creek or river, but in my opinion those that cater for profit from the publics consumer are more interested in a Good Image, than what profits would be saved.
  12. My apologies, if I misread the link, but I kind of wonder why 19% in 2031, would be a problem, unless of course it has something to do with Government Control....
  13. swansont; Dose the following link hold any weight with you. Personally when I shop or use to, I'd pick out the best prices for my purpose of what's available, but some people do buy American and IMO, Federal Government should never promote foreign products, I don't care for what reason. I'll add this little opinion, in that neither GE or any other American based Corporation would find being permitted to labor cost, cost/productive.
  14. I suppose this is my day to facetiously reply, but what's your problem? People like me have been arguing with Canadians for years, their FREE HC is not free and someday your going to run out of those that have been paying the bills. Unfortunately, those Canadians that come to the US, for a host of reasons for many HC problems, will have no place to go, well maybe Cuba. Your article say's HC cost in 2009 was 19% of GDP (well above the US) and will increase 6.4% each year for 20 years (think that's an extremely low estimate) and your probably looking at an annual 50% of GDP cost by 2031, which of course is not possible to sustain. The solution is really simple, privatize HC and let market forces dictate cost, not a Government Bureaucracy wanting only to maintain their own jobs. As for old people being the cause, sure that must be considered, but do most Canadians really spend their retirement in Canada. I've known quite a few that lived in Florida, Arizona or California and I don't think they run back to Canada for their annual check up. I'm not really up to date on your welfare system, but from a couple illegal immigrant reports, I understand they feel it as generous or more so, than the US system and that could be adjusted. Other than killing those old people off (death panels), there's not much else you could do....IMO.
  15. John C; It's not using the bulb that's objectionable, but being told we have NO CHOICE. The bulbs have been available for years and whether it's saving anything is highly questionable... rigney; Your forgetting we have TOO MANY PEOPLE working in the US and had to close those three GE Factories down (making 60W bulbs) and they (GE) can produce all our new bulbs in China (all imported). Then remember we have to support Lawyers, which will get the cases, when people start claiming sickness from broken bulbs....it will happen.
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