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  1. Euthanasia, or mercy killing should be legal as long as it is voluntary IMO. It's really not connected to other suicides that stem from mental issues such as depression. Euthanasia is simply the act of ending the life of an individual suffering from an incurable illness or condition such as inoperable cancer. I've had a few relatives die painfully and suffer a great deal. I think it should have been an option open to them to preserve their dignity if they wished to do so. It primarily faces opposition from religions that suggest "god" has control of life and death, and to take those matters into your own hands is to oppose god's will.
  2. You looking for something like Al Gore's movie?
  3. Rhino

    I'm a Latino

    Hey, I'm not one to judge....to each his own I say!
  4. Who in heck is Mike Murphy? Try again.
  5. This one has the potential of turning the field science into youth soccer where everyone gets a Nobel Prize for trying.
  6. It's nice to know there's a place I can go where something this goofy can get so ridiculously blown out of proportion. Well, I was asked.
  7. This is going to go down in history as one of the biggest scams of the new millennium. You have Al Gore as the Green Evangelist preaching "truths" about the environment basically calling us sinners. Then when he gets caught polluting does he change his environmental destroying ways? No, he throws money at the problem and waves around these 'carbon credits' so he can continue destroying the environment guilt free. You really want to impress me reduce your 'carbon footprint', and throw away your money on 'carbon credits'. The less money you have the fewer things you'll be able to buy and put in land fills, and otherwise pollute the environment. Who is regulating this whole 'carbon credit' business anyway? Who is going to ensure these countries are really following through. If they don't then what would happen? This sounds an awful lot like buying an acre on the moon, or naming your own star. Quick sign up now for your carbon credit card..... A new “carbon footprint” credit card on issue in Europe gives an insight into just where the battle against global warming at the consumer level might be heading. The card would be swiped when making purchases and credits used up according to the carbon footprint of purchases. Once a consumer’s allocation runs out, further credits would have to be purchased with the money going to emission reduction projects.
  8. No it doesn't. Cooking it just makes it safer for us to eat because it kills the parasites and bacteria the raw meat may contain. When a dog eats raw meat it can entertain parasites in it's body just as easily as we can. A dog will eat plants(grass) to make itself throw up.
  9. I have a 360,and I love it. I don't think there will be any thing like 'Flight Simulator X' for it though. After all it is a console. I have seen lots of steering wheels, but not anything that looks like flight controls. If that's what you'll be playing primarily then beef-up or get a new PC. From what I've read about the new FS it will cripple your run-of-the-mill gaming PC. I can confirm that you can't put a PC game in the 360 premium or not.
  10. Rhino

    Silly Game

    I don't think that's a good idea. Just once every couple of months and around holidays. Ummmm Andy Rooknee? Oh I see how it is now, at work you talk all big like "Yeah I wonder what happened with guy and his GF", but here it's all let's throw Rhino under the bus. Just remember he was busting on you for "Mr. Hand". ummmmm Johknee Carson? Am I getting points or what? for da nerds ummmmm here I guess that's every one R2 KNEE2 Obi Won Kanose-knee Gi Quan Genitals?
  11. Ummm dude unless you know for a fact this car hasn't been totalled before or in any kind of major accident...It's over 10 years old and right after you get it, it gets hit. Maybe you are the one with the curse, and not the car. I mean a Ford that's still kicking after 10 years can't be cursed. They usually don't make it that long on their own let alone without supernatural interferrence like a curse. If anything it was blessed and you buying ruined the blessing.
  12. Rhino

    Silly Game

    Well, we all can't have girlfriends that get drunk and have threesomes while we're out of town to keep us busy. How did that turn out anyways? ummmmm Leonard Kneemoy?
  13. I have a remote where the battery compartment is poorly designed. The batteries only move a fraction of an inch, but it's enough to break contact. You have to turn it over and tap it on on the couch to get them to move back in place. If you don't place it softly on the table the batteries will slip off of the contacts again.
  14. The whole irony in this is he his complaining about white people having racial profiling. I mean this guy who is black says whites should be exterminated. If he gets enough followers who believe what he says then white people will have to start wondering if the next black person they see is one that wants whites to be exterminated. He's a genius he can perpetuate the hate, and justify what he has said all in the same speech. The whole thing about this is I'm mixed race myself (1/2 white and 1/2 Taos Pueblo) so I guess I'll never get my retina scan. I can see why he's upset about that, but genocide? C'mon man it's probably not as cool as you think it is.
  15. Rhino

    Human Clonings

    I have a feeling it has to do with topics that would be better discussed in the P&R forum. You say "cloning" and people think you are playing god. You say "stem cells" and people think you are playing with aborted fetus material. Those are the fears placed in people's heads by certain "organizations".
  16. Rhino

    Human Clonings

    I don't know about how it is in the UK, but here in the US cloning and stem cells have a very similar stigma attached to them. Stem cell research played a big roll in mid term elections here. Both of them have to get through that before their full potential will ever be realised.
  17. MMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMM factors.........*drools* I just hope Harvard scientists aren't doing a study on Cinnamon Roll flavored Pop Tarts.
  18. Cool thanks for pointing that out to me I did not realize that was the case however, the skills in question, are still in question.
  19. Forum appointed "Physics Expert" you may be, but I'm seriously questioning your reading comprehension skills. Either that or you didn't really read my post before you replied to it. What I said had absolutely nothing to do with how I define what is right and wrong. By the way I'm opting out of all of your statements where you loosely use the term "we". It's obvious that "we" do not see things the same way. I am not so naive as to expect people in politics or the media to act decently towards one another unless it's in there own best interest to do so. I have never been disappointed in political behavior. I expect it to be vicious. If they give each other hugs, flowers, candy, and pat each other on the back for doing a great job how will I know who to vote for? I don't want Mister or Miss "Nice guy" in office. I want people who will fight for what they believe in, or what they want, or even what they are paid to believe in, in the form of campaign contributions. The best way to find this out is how badly they rake their opponent over the coals, and drag them through the mud. Then comes the best part when these people are in office and they have taken all of that money, and don't do anything they promised they said they would do. That gives their opponent ammo for the next election. Which is exactly what is going on with Claire McCaskill and her nursing home audit promises. I know what "lower the bar" means, but it does not apply here. The bar was lowered, buried and trampled on long before I was born when it comes to politics and people's behavior with in the realm.
  20. What world are you living in? How many people in the world of politics admit they are wrong? It certainly is not a common practice among politicians, or the media. I haven't seen one politcal campaign ad where a politician has admitted they were wrong. I haven't seen one in Clair McCaskill's or Jim Talent's campaign.
  21. This is a quote from Rush Limbaugh's transcript for October 24th from his web page. Swansont please keep in mind this is Rush Limbaugh actually saying this. Here is another from the same transcript I got the link to Lucky Man from Rush's web page. Rush is basing what he said after reading MJF's own words. Does that "Jibe"? The media isn't going to bother using these quotes from Rush because they sound rational, intellegent, and well thought out. They are going to use what is the most sensational. The media wants everyone else's perception of Rush Limbaugh to be of someone who just shoots his mouth.
  22. Maybe it would have "jibed" if you would have actually read the article. Here is a direct quote from the article. "This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting." - Rush Limbaugh said that! The quote I used in my previous post showed that MJF was well aware that he could use the mannerisms that appeared without his medication to get attention.
  23. I'm not comdeming or defending what Rush accused MJF of doing, but I'm sure Rush wouldn't have been so quick to say anything if he hadn't read MJF's memoir, 'Lucky Man'. Where MJF is aware of how he can be "on" and "off" depending on how he adjusts his medication. There is a lot more to read here.. Excerpt from Michael J. Fox's memoir, Lucky Man Rush only used MJF's words, and admittances against him. I don't think anyone in this forum can blame him for that.
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