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  1. I like the sound of what you are saying here ? Are you still around to discuss it ? Mike
  2. . A look at ancient Geological Charts show the current region Arabia , under the shallow areas of the Tethis Sea. Here trillions upon trillions of sea creatures were descending , MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO to the bottom of this shallow warm sea to ferment , decompose and to make much of our current stocks of OIL . Mike
  3. Within this particular definition , that you refer to . The one element of this definition that 'stands out ' as a possible impediment to philosophical thought is this statement in your presented definition ! Namely :- ....... " based on logical reasoning " . ....... This has a slight ' Causal '. Or ' Scientific ' , ring to it . Which could impose restrictions . With this particular facet I would raise a warning note . :- By judging an idea or path of thought on its ' Logic content ' , we may close down a possible region of research or philosophical understanding that lays beyond our current perception , which in fact harbours jewels of understanding previously undescovered. New and exciting ways of looking at the ' Nature of the Cosmos ' , which will or could release WONDERS BEYOND BELIEF .? Mike
  4. . BOOTS ..- I'm interested in your transition or your combination of ( science and art ) . I abandoned art in 6th form ( as then 1950/1960) you had to choose either science OR art ( not both ) . I choose science , purely as I was mesmerised by Electronics . Boy has electronics changed since then . . Now in retirement , I have revisited my second love ( observing , drawing and painting ) . I combine the OBSERVATION of how things are made or work with how they LOOK. FASCINATING. Having just observed the speeding of trains through trees , I am actually fathoming why trees LOOK , the way they do . Then attempting to paint them , in the light of this new found knowledge. I am noticing the main branching structure of trees . Usually 6 to 10/12 . Last picture below shows photo taken of branches , from within canopy , or inside the trees coverage . On the far outside of the tree the leaves appear mounted on fronds of leaves ( sort of bunches) . These can often be viewed from outside , as distinct bunches . Under each bunch light is greatly impeded and the leaves merge into dark shadow . Before the presence of the next bunch . This often gives the tree this BUNCHES look . See picture . Painting this is difficult to get right ! I am attempting to conquer this ' as we speak ' . See here :- the photo and painting are not of the same view , but the photo shows the bunching plums of leaves . The painting shows my attempt to show bunches with shadows BELOW each bunch . ( just a first attempt ) . .
  5. . Well some individuals could argue what they define constitutes nature ( eg 'this' ! , but not 'that ' ) ( which causes what ? ) ( what principle of reality applies here ? ) ( what logic , principles , values of reality , is used for such and such ? ) All these put down boundaries which ' Could ' restrict philosophical thought or discussion ? Limit research regions or areas of discussion ? And hense future possible descovery ? With philosophy surely we must sometimes , Think and discuss ' Outside the Box ' not all the time , but it is sometimes necessary . Not always , or we would never get anywhere . But sometimes it can allow for new development of new ideas , Is that not so ? If we did/do take a limited approach , we could ' ban ' for all time an area of philosophical understanding or later discovery ? Surely ? Mike
  6. . If we put a definition to PHILOSOPHY , Then we have given philosophy boundaries to which it may not be allowed to go ! or lines it may not cross! In so doing we have destroyed the very endeavour we have in PHILOSOPHY . Namely the sphere of human endeavour to think and discuss openly both the norms and the extremes of human thought and discussion FREELY and without SHACKLES . Surely PHILOSOPHY is the last bastion of human contemplation , exploration , discussion , and freedom ! Without fear of ..... Any comeback ? or Anything ? Mike
  7. TESLA was a scientist who had fond ideas of distributing Electricity Supplies high up in the sky . So maybe my idea of Long Wave redistribution of electricity supplies is not so out of harmony with previous thought ! Except in this case the supply of electric is , or rather could be already there , with huge solar energy collectors positioned , high above the earth. Mike
  8. I have been trying for some months to see how I can capture an image of an express train going through woodland coverage . We have a Penzance to London express thundering through the town where I live , quite regularly through each day . Just what you see with your eyes is not what you can photograph. I have cracked the phenomenon . Following is my first attempt to put the results to Canvas , by way of a painting . Note the front of the train ( the express engine) speeds past , your eye has no choice but to follow the Engine . In so doing the accompanying trees ' fuzz' near and adjacent to the front engine cab . You have NO CHOICE . Your eye automatically focuses on the Engine . Your eye cannot focus on two things at once , so the near trees ' Fuzz' . Very shortly the engine has gone out of sight into the dense trees. Next your eyes are drawn to the series of 8 carriages passing a gap in the trees . The windows are indistinguishable as they flash by , flickering too often , to focus on , as such your eyes have to focus on something near by . So they focus on the trees , surrounding the gap, where the carriages are flicking by . Hense , on this short period the trees are in focus , the windows FUZZ. . In summary : A ) near the engine the eye focuses on the speeding engine and flick sideways rapidly to automatically maintain focus on the Engine . The surrounding trees GO FUZZY. B) near the Windows the Windows GO FUZZY as they flick by . The surrounding trees , the eye brings into Focus ( not Fuzzy ) Took me three weeks and many , many observations to work it out . Fascinating . Mike
  9. . The trouble with going to the centre of mass of the earth , then you are talking about a long way down , some thousands of miles . The centre of mass of the kettle or plate is fairly short distance . That's why I wondered if the 'focus of gravitational action' ( pardon , if that's not a correct expression of gravitational action ) That the reaction or interaction , was in fact nearer to our devices ( plate, kettle or Eulers Disc) , seeing as we experience such precision. OTHERWISE - That's like having a child's see saw with a weight on one side of 200 trillion tons , positioned one thousandth of an inch from the pivot and a child on the other side of the see saw , weighing a few tens of pounds , stuck a million miles out from the pivot . Just to balance enough to bounce back . That's why I was wondering :- If there was not some local reaction with the gravitational field ( whatever that consists of ? ) ( rubber sheet?) . I think you are just as likely to have some good ideas as the next man ? Mike
  10. Yes . But does that reliability come beaming up through the turbulent magma , the rotating rocks and variety of minerals that compose the earth ,hense fairly varied or is it a local effect , having a neighbouring effect . In other words a football stadium full of spectators could send a message by a personal messenger to someone on the opposite side of the stadium . Or they could give the message to their immediate neighbour , who passes it on the the next neighbour , and on and on , until it reaches the other side of the stadium . In the case of the arrival of the effect of gravity from deep below in the earth to your kettle , which way did the effect of gravity come ? From immediatly below your kettle , or from some form of message from thousands of miles below ? Mike
  11. . Well I think you are right , in principle . But all see saws , we , from childhood onward, probably take for granted, as to what makes them work . We know it's gravity! But for it to be so exacting and balanced ! I can't see that it can hold that precision comming from way down ,so,so deep under the earth. ( with all its churning and spinning trillions of tons of molten magma) . I am imagining it somehow coming from a local component of gravity. In other words , any irregularities due to different rock type , density, distance ( thousands of miles ) are somehow blended to become a very reliable, homogeneous VALUE of FORCE . I call to mind Richard Finemans lectures on metronomes running in sympathy and fish in great underwater beautiful swarms . What controlled the fish on the outside to swim in perfect harmony, with all the other fish . " Some overarching controlling force ? ". NO , he says ! Each fish has a simple instinct to swim near but not too close to its neighbouring fish only . Add this effect happening across the whole swarm , and you get those amazing swarms . ITS NEIGHBOURING FISH IS WHAT INFLUENCES. THE SWARM . Is this what is happening with Eulers disk, my China plates, and your kettle . Could it be that the neighbouring surfaces and gravitational field is So ,So precise and homogeneous and orthogonal ( 90degrees in all three dimensions)? That the neighbouring idea is the controlling regulating, issue in the vaste ,unwieldy , force field of Gravity ( like the great swarm of fish ). Mike
  12. I am heartened that you had a similar amazement , as to the length of time the oscillation continues. A simple back and forth a couple or so times and one would dismiss it as normal settling . But these lengthy oscillation, certainly with me prompt me to think " something very 'Local' is going on . As the soarse of correction is almost certainly caused by GRAVITY , . but then one asks " such an exact balance or oscillation cannot surely be controlled from some great mass of earth rock , deep within the earth " cannot surely " , be affecting my plate or kettle from such vast distances ( say 1000,s of miles beneath the surface of the earth. ) . Surely what is going on must be far more ' Local! ' . We are surely seeing a disturbed ' LOCAL GRAVITATIONAL FIELD ' How do you see it ? Mike
  13. Now , TODAY , NEW BOMBING . In MIDDLE EAST and anti Nuclear missile test . Bombing occurred in Afganistan , city of Kabul . 80 killed 100's injured e
  14. . There is this coincidence of the location. The current hot spot being the location of the world where Civilisation started in the Middle East . Now , last night reported and circulated by the (Channel Four Documentary on Television . U.K ) . Mike
  15. Yes,! but things are very precarious at the moment , and people from many ' walks of life ' are very ' trigger happy ' , not to mention ' the Internet World Wide Web , is currently being tampered with ? All this points to a Highly Volatile situation , does it not ? Mike
  16. .. Quite so. But just as the start of civilisation in this general region ( as in fact was Polepo and Mosul in ancient times) was part of this early civilisation , before its historic sites were knocked in pieces recently . Civilisation, ,Later became far more widespread , even worldwide . So too now it will not take much for this current destruction to spread across Korea , China , America ,Russia .uk. If it gets out of hand , which 'God Help Us ' does not. But it has all the potential with the record of the First World War and the Second World War . Both these started in much a similar way to our current situation . So much as nobody wants it , these circumstances have a recent history of the last 100 years , of escalating into a Nuclear Holocaust . Korea - China - America - Russia , United Kingdom , United Nations , Etc ..... ' God Help Us ' Here is the coincidence we can do without , but who is going to stop it . The Almighty Himself ? Mike
  17. . I am not suggesting that only the Middle East remained the main civilisation . I am suggesting the archiology seems to support the idea that the Mesopotamian region became a ' Hub ' of the very early development of Civilisation as we came to know it . The other civilisations springing up by exploration out from that area. My coincidence proposed is that the threat of the ' possible end ' of civilisation has again been spawned in this ' self same region ' . What with the IRAN , IRAC , ISIS , This coincidental in location to ' the ' beginning ' of civilisation ' in the near same region of the world , as it now threatens to be the catalyst to ' the ' end ' of civilisation '. What shape that ' end ' turns out to be , remains to be seen ? Mike Note the pictorial illustration of civilisation starting on the left hand side , growing stage by stage up to the Anglo American civilisation illustrated at the top. This is no indication of other civilisations that have risen in consort with these , but as a rule the ones illustrated HIGHLIGHT the main civilisations over history ! Note the early seafaring nations, the Egyptian Pyramids, Greeks , Roman , Further Sea trading nations , . U.k,. American , to highlight a few !
  18. I was only using the illustration of a ' Plastic Bag ' as exactly that ( an illustration of containment ) . In the big wide universe , Containment appears to use other mechanisms to achieve containment . Namely Forces amongst other things . The atom contains the electrons in orbit by the electric forces . The earth contains the atmosphere and everything else by gravitational forces . The sun contains the planets by Gravity . As does much else in the galaxy, other galaxies and the universe as a whole . Other forces may take part in containment of the universe like Dark Energy and Dark Matter ( yet to be proven ) . We could look deeper into the particles themselves and find magnetic forces, gravitons, weak forces , and strong forces all having some influential role in containment of particles themselves from the quark arena . All in all the universe itself in one HUGE containment exercise surely ? If this is a correct principle ' CONTAINMENT ' ? Perhaps there should be ' a science of containment ' ? Mike
  19. Our refuse nowerdays is full of plastic bags, and plastic containers of a whole range of shapes . Is this indicative that we have touched a very fundamental principle of nature ? Is CONTAINING a scientific principle that is indespensible for :- ......... LIFE ....THE UNIVERSE ..... and .....EVERYTHING . . ? ....... Mike
  20. . True, global warming is an issue . But the stock piling of weapons of mass destruction amongst many nations of the world , in an effort to feel secure , is a delicate balance. Any escalation of a lack of trust , could soon tip the world powers into an horrific cataclysm , the like of which has not been seen before , ' of human Origen ' . The current views from around the world are bad enough . But a ' free for all ' would be trulely ... ..beyond imagination ! Another coincidence is :- that this is comming when the world's population , is getting to full capacity . Mike
  21. .The world appears to be at the end of a several thousand year expansion of Humankind on Earth from a start in the SAME Area of the world . CIVILISATION having originated its growth and expansion from this self same area of the world those thousands of years ago . Hense the Coincidence ! What this means to individuals , is how individuals consider these matters . Mike
  22. . - . 59 MISSILE STRIKES ON SYRIA . - Today . Are we seeing the early stages of World War 3 ? Or have we already been in the Early stages of World War 3 since this whole Middle East conflict started some time ago ? And is this part of the Coincidences , being the theme of this thread ? Mike
  23. .Today I was walking , with a respected engineering colleague , over the downs of SW England . We whiled the time discussing this very point , even as we later retired to a coffee shop to continue the theme . That was : - Seasoned mechanical engineers and other disciplines , often become so confident in their discipline that :- They notice almost intuitively when something ' imperceptible ' is not quite ' RIGHT' . No amount of calculations are required for that moment . Something is not quite right . And, adjustment either Large or Small , is enough to put thing harmoniously RIGHT. His example was one ,of walking onto a foundation site for a structure , he could sense when something was not ' RIGHT ' , with the initial excavation ( even before any diagnostic testing of foundation earthworks ) The same things , I have experienced happen during Painting ( Art ) . Something just does not look RIGHT . A minor adjustment ( say the length of a horses head can make all the difference . A change , and things look RIGHT . This happened with the painting below Which horses head looks just RIGHT ( I 'feel ' or ' sense ' , the 2nd or 6th one , from the left hand side ) Mike Ps . So I have heard that the individual human brain , supersedes any computer on earth both in style of operation and capacity . In Douglas Adams famous story of Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy , the massive computer worked away for years on the question " what is the meaning of life and the Universe and everything ? " at the end of a long long time , came up with the answer " 42" or " 43 " ? ( Can't remember which ? " )
  24. Perspective , Has both artistic , scientific-mathmatical , and poetic /philosophical aspects. Which make our capacity to see and interpret almost vital for existence . This painting I am in the process of finishing , illustrates this. It is an imaginative ,collage, abstract of the area around Constantinople , where Europe can be crossed into Asia over the bridge. Perspective can be seen having some perculiar effects from the people in the foreground either looking across the water ( having deminishing size as the eye ventures to the horizon across the water , decreasing in size to a ' vanishing point ' Yet below them , on the waterside , moored , is a steamer , where the image invokes a ' false horizon ' with its own ' vanishing point ' , somewhere inside the exit from the steamer, at the top of the exit ' gang plank' . Here the size of the people is again reducing in size to near nothingness as the eye ' looks down ' to the near yet distant exiting passengers . Interesting how this mathmatical , scientific , yet artistic, ' aspect of perspective ' , makes our current ( ' experience' of existence) , possible ?. Even though , that itself is NOT how reality actually IS ! As , in reality everything , near and far , are their FULL. Actual size ! ? Mike
  25. As I indicate above " about here in your explanation I start to become unstuck " ...?
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