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  1. I am going out today . With my dog called ' Sweetie'. Across the river Ex . 

    I am trying to think of an Image I can draw and paint to Portray my :- 


    Theory of Everything . ..... Namely . 

    " That anything and everything can and will happen if :- 

    There is an initiative for it to happen , and 

    There is NO reason for it not to happen . " 


    By . Mike Smith 

    1. jimmydasaint


      I respect our belief, but I believe in reason and purpose behind events.  Vive la difference!

    2. jimmydasaint


      I respect YOUR belief - the "y" key is a bit sticky.

  2. Cheer Up Popcorn . Everybody loves you really . Mike

    1. Arnaud Antoine ANDRIEU

      Arnaud Antoine ANDRIEU

      umm ok!

      We are an crew.

    2. Popcorn Sutton

      Popcorn Sutton

      Lol you made it a status. Thanks Mike!

  3. We appear to be reaching new heights in our understanding of the Cosmos

    1. arc


      Mike! Get down off that chair before you get hurt! :)

    2. Mike Smith Cosmos

      Mike Smith Cosmos

      I think ,I just fell off!

  4. Hi ! I have been interested in what makes the universe "Tick" all my life. I am an engineer/ Physics teacher and am very enthusiastic for the development of recent ideas about the structure of the universe at both the astronomic and atomic/ plank level. I am in my Sixties, Male, retired and looking to enjoy the ride as we make progress in our understanding of the cosmos. I love new ...

    1. Mike Smith Cosmos

      Mike Smith Cosmos

      Cheer Up Popcorn . Everybody loves you really . Mike

  5. Great post about Chondrites. Need to read haf a dozen times, inwardly digest, and no doubt get back to you. Thanks much . Mike

  6. Ajb can you possibly throw any new transform at the Heisenberg uncertainty principle post

  7. Have a Go What are your thoughts

  8. Thanks for Listing , Great now I have a direction . Accept a bit Subjective

  9. Thanks for your efforts and the picture from the book. Together with Ophiolite reluctant listing I am 'motoring'.

  10. Just the person to give me the chemistry story of Pre Cambrian ROCKS

  11. I have something for you in Quantum Physics, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. mike

  12. Hi, I've just made a post about the importance of geology in the current world situation. The subject may interest you ?

  13. Excellent comments in topic of Geology. Still pondering on the ideas or statements that you posed. Mike

  14. When you have time for a dialogue again give me a call. We discussed "spin of electrons 2 a year or two ago. I am currently debating Geology in earth science section forum . My e mail is mikesmithcosmos@tiscali.co.uk regards mike

  15. Contemplating on your comments. Have been doing a bit of outside visiting the Royal Victoria & Albert Museum as well as local Devonian Site. Hope to have something sensible to say in response shortly. You are right in most respects except the one that I am dangerous ( or my ideas are dangerous ). Speak soon. Mike

  16. Go on tell me the answer. You are the chemistry expert

  17. Thanks John always enjoy your succinct comments and references

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