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  1. Anyway... I want to make a significant experience with you. Could someone give me the name of a city somewhere in the world? Please..
  2. So keep your Akeldama (quagmire) ; And see what's next.
  3. With a Sphaleron. A sphaleron, is a static (time-independent) solution to the electroweak field equations of the Standard Model of particle physics. In fact, a sphaleron may convert baryons to anti-leptons and anti-baryons to leptons, and hence a quark may be converted to 2 anti-quarks and an anti-lepton, and an anti-quark may be converted to 2 quarks and a lepton. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphaleron With the CP violation. The combination of C-symmetry (charge conjugation symmetry) and P-symmetry (parity symmetry). CP-symmetry states that the laws of physics should be the same if a particle is interchanged with its antiparticle (C symmetry), and then its spatial coordinates are inverted ("mirror" or P symmetry). http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CP_violation But the most important thing I claim between the CP-violation and my principle, is that: physically speaking, and therefore quantum speaking, the super Symmetry and perfect flatness of the material is totally impossible.
  4. Someone usurped my Name ar this two link --> http://yppe.fr/company/1050435 and http://yppe.fr/company/671850 Somebody can help me? Thanks

  5. HowTo Build our World with only One Particle? It's Yet Done here --> http://hpics.li/1bb4c44

  6. Erratum. I worte above: "symmetry and monodynamic = single dynamic vector....." It's "asymmetry", and not "symmetry". PS: My way to explain the ATP synthase, and with my simpel "dot-product.jpg" at this link below: --> ATP synthase http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/76393-is-there-a-feynman-diagram-which-includes-all-particles-in-one-electron-quark-pion-kaon/page-3#entry755429 In computer programming , the matrix use this path: origine0-->CPU_clock-->pointA-->CPU_clock-->origine0-->CPU_clock-->pointB-->CPU_clock-->origine0-->CPU_
  7. Of course and simply with the same principe shown below (symmetry and monodynamic = single dynamic vector into variable density ordered at very high frequency), I can explain the first foundation of the biological structure. Enzymatic and neurological cybernetics. --> Reconstruction and maintenance of living structures (anabolism) --> Enzymatic reaction and organic synthesis (need two systems [earth and sun]) In conclusion biology has the power to structure the particles.
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