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  1. Anyway... I want to make a significant experience with you. Could someone give me the name of a city somewhere in the world? Please..
  2. So keep your Akeldama (quagmire) ; And see what's next.
  3. With a Sphaleron. A sphaleron, is a static (time-independent) solution to the electroweak field equations of the Standard Model of particle physics. In fact, a sphaleron may convert baryons to anti-leptons and anti-baryons to leptons, and hence a quark may be converted to 2 anti-quarks and an anti-lepton, and an anti-quark may be converted to 2 quarks and a lepton. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphaleron With the CP violation. The combination of C-symmetry (charge conjugation symmetry) and P-symmetry (parity symmetry). CP-symmetry states that the laws of physics should be the same if a particle is interchanged with its antiparticle (C symmetry), and then its spatial coordinates are inverted ("mirror" or P symmetry). http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CP_violation But the most important thing I claim between the CP-violation and my principle, is that: physically speaking, and therefore quantum speaking, the super Symmetry and perfect flatness of the material is totally impossible.
  4. Someone usurped my Name ar this two link --> http://yppe.fr/company/1050435 and http://yppe.fr/company/671850 Somebody can help me? Thanks

  5. HowTo Build our World with only One Particle? It's Yet Done here --> http://hpics.li/1bb4c44

  6. Erratum. I worte above: "symmetry and monodynamic = single dynamic vector....." It's "asymmetry", and not "symmetry". PS: My way to explain the ATP synthase, and with my simpel "dot-product.jpg" at this link below: --> ATP synthase http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/76393-is-there-a-feynman-diagram-which-includes-all-particles-in-one-electron-quark-pion-kaon/page-3#entry755429 In computer programming , the matrix use this path: origine0-->CPU_clock-->pointA-->CPU_clock-->origine0-->CPU_clock-->pointB-->CPU_clock-->origine0-->CPU_
  7. Of course and simply with the same principe shown below (symmetry and monodynamic = single dynamic vector into variable density ordered at very high frequency), I can explain the first foundation of the biological structure. Enzymatic and neurological cybernetics. --> Reconstruction and maintenance of living structures (anabolism) --> Enzymatic reaction and organic synthesis (need two systems [earth and sun]) In conclusion biology has the power to structure the particles.
  8. http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/956104arnaudantoineandrieu.png Split, This model work like this: http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/956104arnaudantoineandrieu.png
  9. I never knew ! What ? Can you give me just one example ? I Am curious to see what you want mean Mikea 1. .?... 2. ..?
  10. “As much as the Earth is round, is as much as the Straight line can prolong it.”

  11. Yes, this is good news. But I confess to not always follow you. I not understand why you told me that you're happy. The correct translation is: "At present time, it is very difficult to mathematically interpret a relative link between the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Mechanics I describe here, therefore attempts to introduce it from smallest to largest. The purpose of this request is, to better respond by mathematical means innovate, of the existence of some reality consistency between the observed phenomena and the only mechanism that might be." Mike, If I open this thread, it's for graphs and math. The problem is that I have already written in all France. But nobody has ever understood what I meant. Just like here. Nobody ever knew. Yet everyone can understand now in the second. It is very simple. Just type in a search engine: "Feynman diagrams obsolete" Here is my idea. . .
  12. A l’heur actuel, il est très difficile de pouvoir interpréter mathématiquement un lien relatif entre l’infiniment grand et l’infiniment petit. La mécanique que je décris, tente donc d’instaurer cette dernière du plus petit au plus grand. Le but de cette requête étant de mieux pouvoir répondre par des moyens mathématiques innovent, de l’existence d’une “certaine” cohérence entre la réalitée des phénomènes observés, et l’unique mécanique qui pourrait les constituer. I have a problèmes with my computer I try latter to thé traduction
  13. I should take my very first post I made here -> http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/70425-quanta/ It simply explains what I try to explain. The sum of all step position of the ray propagation must be taken into each rond sequence account (QA QB). The graph below simply depicts the total time spent of the linear step ray propagation, into the non-linear sequence from the source bound by the Q vector position. What the probability was, Becomes now certainty.
  14. Good morning. I expressed myself badly with Ef = (tp r²) + (tp √r). What I wrote mean nothing. The full expression is: ΩΛ = ơ8Ωb * Aeh/t² I wanted to associate the vector QA QB or (√QA)+(-QB²) to Aeh My diagram below easily show how I separate physical time x-y-z, to the rest.. I also have a slightly modified universal unifier below: .
  15. Finally and to term, The following model is able to draw a matrix of an atom and with the diagrams of the Fresnel by example. http://wp.me/p3mH1d-4t cotg-α = ∞ = collapse path = E collapse path = instantaneous time (matter to antimatter)
  16. Je crois que pour un bon prix Nobel de physique, il faut commencer par de la trigonométrie de première année ; Non ? ---> http://http://wp.me/P3mH1d-7
  17. Good Morning. I republished the graph Asymmetry-Monodynamic of June as the link above was wrong. http://arnaudantoineandrieu.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/fermionic_model_arnaudantoineandrieu.png Back to serious things. The idea is that with my graph above I just republish, Is: that I can make Feynman Digramms obsolete. To support and proof of June I still have this link is-there-a-feynman-diagram-which-includes-all-particles-in-one-electron-quark-pion-kaon/ The problem is that nobody has ever understood anything. People do not answer me mails, and as soon as I send a tweet, I always zero visiting my blog. I think it'll be easier for me to go directly into universitée of France, and finally find true physical people so that they can analyze my revolutionary geometry. Nobel 2014.
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