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  1. Nothing, it would have a lightning rod like any other ship.
  2. Yes, microorganisms do, they move towards food sources, away from toxins, work cooperatively together, compete against other microorganisms, breakdown structures to gain nutrients, many thing that aren't comparable to star, starts and planet don't choose to pull at each other they have to. Though it is true they have different compositions, unlike with DNA it isn't used for anything, it has no "non-chemical" meaning, DNA is a code that means something and can be read to make something that has no chemical connection to it, it just happens to mean it, for example all amino acids are L-isomers however there is no reason when life started everything couldn't have been made with D-isomers, that just isn't how things ended up. In the case of a star the chemical effects that cause the solar activity and colour are predictable you can't just change these effects by deciding the code means something else, it is based on physics rather than an arbitrary meaning. The whole point is that really it is the same, it has the same function there are just variants of each gene which mean the same thing, where as in chemistry H2 always means hydrogen, it never mean helium, the gene for eye colour doesn't always mean blue, it can also mean brown.
  3. I asked where you got a source that says and I quote "state they are almost 100% identical". The first clearly states that the number is 99% which in genetic terms is no where near close to 100%. The second states (if you revert back to the original source rather than using a third hand version) and I quote "their genomes are more than 98.5% identical at protein coding loci.", which once again is no where near 100%, not to mention that it is only referring to the exonic sequences. So your original premise is incorrect, especially when you consider the fact that only 1-2% of human DNA codes for proteins.
  4. Can you provide a scientific source that states they are almost 100% identical then, using that phrasing. As it isn't true.
  5. Neuroscience is primarily the biochemistry and physiology of the brain, however this isn't currently understood well enough to categorically say how to improve memory, the way memories are formed has only been elucidated in the last 10 years and the process is still going on to find the relevant molecular pathways.
  6. In the case of unfilterable magnesium it is defined as magnesium ions or magnesium in complex with sugars or phosphate. Link
  7. I did it, seemed quite well written, only problems I found were that 1 or 2 questions were regionally based hence not having a clue what the answer was.
  8. GMO aren't really a good example as that is because someone has screwed them up and hasn't balanced pathways correctly, however even in these cases I would suppose that either they would be able to reach the point of replication and therefore consistently be able to do it or not be able to do it at all, but I am sure there are cases where redox imbalances only become critical at generation X. The idea of life is for it to be able to pass it genes to the next generation and still be fertile. I think the real answer to the question is if some things that are alive (ligers, tions) can't reproduce, reproduction isn't a necessary requirement for life.
  9. Well considering your original premise that "DNA sequences between Humans and Chimps are nearly identical 100%" isn't correct, that means it isn't true that it is just due to epigenetic. The reason there are larger differences in bird species is because they have been evolving from their common ancestor longer so more mutation has had a chance to occur.
  10. I have never heard of a microbe that can do that, they can enter stasis phases such as endospores where they don't really have any characteristics of anything alive and then reincarnate so to speak when conditions are more favourable. The problem is with stars being alive is that they don't really react to their surroundings, they effect their surroundings, but they have no response if say there was a black hole, they won't try and avoid it or go into it they will just do what gravity chooses. Secondly when living organisms reproduce they pass on their version of their information, where as a star just passes on elements that won't all go to one progeny or can't easily be distinguished from other similar elements. Unless I am wrong and you can tell which stars the elements came from that build another, but I rather doubt this as it is mainly hydrogen in a star and once it has been in one it comes out as helium.
  11. Eh, for one no one has "phosphorus" in there body, they have phosphate, secondly if it were the case the amount of phosphate in the urine would decrease with thought as it would be in use unless you are implying nuclear fusion occurs in the brain, thirdly phosphate is used in hundreds of cascades throughout the body and isn't specifically related to thought it is just how many proteins send signals to each other. There is of course a chemical cascades that lead to what we call thought and conciousness but they are so diverse and complex in number and branching that we don't understand or haven't isolated them yet. Primarily before we can workout how thoughts occur a far greater understanding of brain physiology is needed.
  12. No he wasn't, He was elected director of the lab at the Royal Institution of London. I personally think a greater story that should be learnt by many is to not talk about what they don't understand, filling the world with ignorance rather than bothering to read information by people far cleverer than them.
  13. I actually imagine this happens to most crackpots every time they learn a new theory as they never understood any of science anyway.
  14. Psycho

    Mutant Existing

    Down Syndrome isn't caused by mutation. Most mutations that occur are within introns within the DNA which have no coding function so aren't phenotypically expressed. In reality anyone with cancer could be described as a partial mutant and mutation occur throughout our whole lives however thankfully in most cases they are repaired or have no effect. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common sporadic genetic disorder this is due to mutations within the dystrophin gene causing weakening of the skeletal muscle.
  15. Down syndrome isn't caused by a genetic mutation. It is caused by incorrect segregation of chromosomes in meiosis.
  16. So if that is the case and it is based on newtons 3rd law, why is that the case? Surely there should be 2 50mph opposite reactions if they crash head on?
  17. I don't disagree, however the only effect temperature has is to increase the number of collisions due to increased movement of molecules which is equivalent to there being more of them in the same area (though not literally the same).
  18. That is what pressure is, a higher density, in terms of a gases anyway. You seem to be misunderstanding that the air on earth is all one linked system if there is low pressure somewhere the air moves from another place on earth to "fill" the gap, that is the cause of wind, air moving from a high pressure area to a low pressure area. High pressure can be formed by cooling of air causing it to shrink in size and pull more air from above to ground level, so there are variation in sea level air pressure.
  19. The only reason there is less atmosphere above higher elevations is because they are higher and therefore the air pressure is lower to start with at higher altitudes than at sea level. Primarily in air pressure terms if you go up a 3000m mountain the air pressure is the same as if you were in a plane at 3000m.
  20. It isn't pushing down on it that is why there is higher pressure, it is mixing in the same area. The reason there is higher pressure is because there is more of it at ground level than high up, the stronger the gravity the more that is pulled closer to the surface and the higher the pressure. The the case of light gases such as hydrogen and helium the gravitational force on earth isn't high enough so they just float off.
  21. Lets be fair now, not even the publishers were interested in publishing it and they will chuck out any old crap that will make a buck, he had to self-publish.
  22. If what you say is true then then the reason cross pollination is required is due to mixing of genes creating greater diversity and therefore greater resistance to disease, drought etc. If that is true then gametes from the clones of the tree will be viewed as coming from the same tree and won't pollinate, that is assuming the mechanism is genetically based, which it most likely is due to the way pollen spores form gametes. Personally I would think it would be better for you to clone 5-6 of trees preferable the ones with the best phenotypic qualities and grow them, to allow diversity and mixing of the best genes. What actually I find more interesting is how the pollen knows that it's its own, does anyone know if the genetic mechanism for this has been elucidated?
  23. This rather sounds like homework help. So I will ask why have you come to this conclusion considering the idea of opsonin is to target foreign material for destruction?
  24. How would the cell synthesis MHC2 if it didn't have a nucleus?
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