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  1. If the ice caps are mainly CO2 and H2O surely if mars warmed up and they melted it would cause a thicker atmosphere to form and therefore stabilise mars temperature more making it more inhabitable. That is presuming there is enough to change the atmosphere.
  2. They get it in brazil by fermenting sugar cane what does it have to do with burning jungle, most of the jungle is burned so cattle ranches can be put on it so the western world can get cheap (shitty) burgers.
  3. For the poll question i put 3-5 years as i believe some kind of ethanol based fuel will be avalible for cars in the US by that time, it is already avalible in brazil and other countries, however for the question he asks in his post the answer is never as the US will always use something else.
  4. It would stretch after a period like any skin cells do, also as they get older they will lose there elasticity, however i'm not sure if alot of sex would be enough to cause this to a great extent. I would think that child birth would be the main reason for it occuring.
  5. I can probally do about 30-40 in a minute if i was pushed, i prefer to do dumbells though lift about 700 KG per arm every morning, they are pretty light but they work from strenth rather than bulk muscle, i really need a heavier set, but it is getting round to buying them that is the problem and i haven't get anywhere to put them either.
  6. Psycho

    Water Fuel

    Someone should get a sample of it, depending on the price, if it notoriously expensive then wait for someone else to do it, but if it is cheap then someone might as well and then just do some tests on it to find its chemical bonding, because if the substance HHO does exist then it must be a new type of bond that is unknown so far.
  7. Indeed, that is what i was think when he made this topic, cartiridges were good at there time as they could hold enough data for the game and also were robust so if they were dropped or hit as kids do from time to time they would be find. But since the time they were used they have never been develop and upgraded and are out of date, also flash sticks hold alot more data on them and as you say can be protected just as well, it just most people would rather have something that is light and small rather than something that can take being hit with a hammer. I have a flash stick that is rubber coated, and can take quite a bit of a battering anything a normal day can throw at it, also it is water proof as i found out when i left it in one of my pockets when i washed them.
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