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  1. This definitely helps . Doesn't it also point at the body as self governing system ? In a way the question - ' What happens when a thought takes place in the brain ? ' CANNOT be treated in isolation . ' Thought ' as yet is not something that can be objectively represented . It's the fallacy of language that makes it appear so .
  2. Few questions - 1. What actually becomes ' known ' in this environment of cognitive activity , is the visible change in behaviour ; which gets quantified through experiments devised by man again . In the situation , can't it be said that ' Statistical results are over emphasized ? ( Where is the objectivity in all this . ) 2. How can you deduce that the ' process produces behaviours independent of instinct ' ? Can one ever ' extricate ' behaviour from instinct ; which is but a tip of the iceberg , the bulk of which remains unseen ? 3. What aspect of ' Proactive behaviour ' is impossible to explain in terms of Stimulus and Response ?
  3. This is all that I wanted stressed . Thanks .
  4. Einstein also said - 'What is IMPENETRABLE to us really exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull senses can grasp only in their most primitive forms .' Trying to convince someone that their precious ' mystical experience ' is a result of neuropathology , may never work unless they are prone to scientific way of looking at things . One set of experiences predispose a person to embrace ' beliefs ' that may fail to elicit any interest or curiosity in someone else . May be an amicable ground is a prerequisite for any discussion to be fruitful .
  5. That was helpful . The fact that it was a complete success , with someone extremely susceptible to hypnosis ; Does this not point at a ' mystery zone ' which is still beyond the grasp of science ? Whatever caused this , had to do with the power of suggestion ! So perhaps a lot more is possible with the Psyche than we are aware of ..
  6. Einstein concluded - The only source of knowledge is experience . If a common experience is not shared by people , is it worth trying to dig more and more for some elusive bit of truth ?
  7. Cesarian under hypnosis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iftWAM1QljU
  8. The focus is not on hypnosis . Rather on the awareness of the limitations of Scientific knowledge .
  9. Hypnosis is not regarded as a science . Yet its use in surgery as anaesthesia has been recorded and verified . If the power of suggestion can visibly alter the human physiology and render a body part immune to pain , doesn't the idea of proven science leave much to be desired ?
  10. .. So in a way it is some kind of disorder , an imbalance , needs unfulfilled .. that results in an idea of self ; or rather a fabricated self .
  11. The ' Unknown ' can be a frightening prospect . To let yourself be governed by it .. even more ! The idea of personal identity is a fiction . Hume knew it centuries ago . .. humans have no actual conception of the self, only of a bundle of sensations associated with the self .
  12. By acknowledging their due place in our everyday behaviour ? Your description of instinctual behavioural patterns seems quite relevant - Nobody can . I guess there is a certain amount of energy expended in maintaining an acceptable stance when you function . In contrast , while you are alone you enjoy considerable liberty and can dispense with the idea of being in control .
  13. Agreed . But doesn't that reduce you to a mere puppet ! Nobody knows who or what is pulling the strings . May be my brain is being influenced by somebody or some activity that is beyond my awareness , and I am found violating a law . I will be punished regardless of the invisible factors . Now it's no point protesting because these are simply unknown to the world . But the awareness of the fact that you are not the doer , can result in a more tolerant attitude . The idea of free will should date back to the time when mind was supposed to be an entity other than the body , that could control the body . ' you are the maker of your destiny ' .. and stuff like that , which perhaps still holds sway . It was only when the mind-body duality sounded a dubious proposition , that things like free will ( that you have a choice , freedom .. to govern your actions ) appeared false . There is no such thing as the mind ; it is merely a concept . ( This is being openly discussed today ) While you can't say the same for the brain , which is out there as a physical reality . This discussion notwithstanding , one can't escape the social responsibility aspect . Can you ever teach children that they are uncontrollable ! This tempts me to use the word - forced . And deception - because the knowledge about lack of freewill can never be acted upon .
  14. It takes a load off your head to realize that you are not responsible for your actions . Even if the legal system believes otherwise . What is freewill exactly ? A forced deception , you can't live in a group without .
  15. if thought directs the chemistry of the brain ..!! Where's the evidence ? Neuroscience and Freewill are incompatible . http://www.youtube.c...h?v=MNMBiQz8YLA
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