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  1. Hello, Does any one know why people with down syndrome in the world show thesame (not exact) phenotype (such as underdeveloped teeth and foul-smelling urine ). many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi jcgrant31.

    is it OK if i add you as my friend, I am BSc student of genetics, genetics and bioinformatic are my favorite area too.

  3. Hi Jonathan, I use BioMart software (I use it in ensembl.org databases) to find SNPS in specific area in chromosome. you can restrict your area by "base pair" and "band" in chromosome. for example by accepting your band start at "q15.33" and the band end at "q15.32". It is useful software and I hope it can help you. GOOD LUCK
  4. Hi, My name is Ehsan and my sure name is Alirahimi.I am genetics university student and I am new member...
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