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  1. Piet Mondrian now - even better. Got a bit obsessed with his work once - this was my iphone after I got a bit liberal with the sugru

    iphone mondrian

  2. great posts in "cant we all just get along"

  3. I had to check this out - the original in the UK was blue green and had FACT, whilst in the US it was brown and tan

  4. I bought my copy when it was new - I guess early 80's (it was definitely a pocket-money purchase). My brother got into real trouble buying me Joy Division / Closer the year before; I played it all the time (come to think of it I still play it pretty often) and drove my parents mad

  5. My copy of Movement definitely has it spelled FACT. - Is this a re-issue for CD?

  6. And the Bartender says: "We don't serve neutrinos here." A Neutrino walks into a Gran Sasso pub. :)

    1. Aristarchus in Exile

      Aristarchus in Exile

      Did the neutrino bounced off the pub or pass through it?

    2. imatfaal


      carried straight on without even interacting ;-)


    3. Aristarchus in Exile

      Aristarchus in Exile

      Too bad .. it should have at least stopped for a shot of something.

    1. imatfaal


      I know it will be shown to be experimental or data-analysis error - but what if it isnt....

  7. all the best to those of you on the USAC and Caribs

  8. Your message died mid sentence - the link used up all the letters :) Upon further reading I realised it was racist and anti-lebanese (many of who are christian). When anybody says we dont have that here (espcially if they are in UK like me) I check my memory to see if they are correct

  9. Apocalypse rescheduled for 21st October

  10. What do you mean the rapture didn't happen? I am posting from heaven...

  11. It's a beautiful day for the end of the world

  12. Oh No! Just found out that Angry Birds is available on Chrome

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Hi Khaled - what's the profile pic of, its just too small a resolution for me to make it out

  15. Is that Expert tag new? Or am I just unobservant? If new - congratulations

  16. John, Thinking of the all people in Queensland who are bracing for more dangerous weather. Hope all is well. Matthew

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